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Top 3401-3450 ASP scripts

Scripts are listed after popularity.       To display the scripts in alphabetical order please click here

3401)   Want to Search with ASP and SQL?
This tutorial steers the users to create asp based searching tool on their website. It searches and fetches the result from database to display on the screen.

3402)   MyCounter
MyCounter is an ASP script used for tracking the website traffic and shows periodical traffic report on the screen. It counts total number of visitors visited your site and number of hits made by them.

3403)   ecSED
ecSED is a content management solution and is developed with ASP that can be used to add, edit or delete contents dynamically on static webpages. This is an useful and handy tool for webdevelopers and users.

3404)   Determining Image Properties through ASP
Determining Image Properties through ASP is an useful tutorial for the users. You can get the various properties of the gif, jpg, png and bmp image files easily.

3405)   Develop Scriptless Web Apps Using Visual Basic
Develop Scriptless Web Apps Using Visual Basic is a tutorial that elaborately discusses about the problems that are occured in developing applications using ASP and VB script. This tutorial guides users to develop web applications using VB without any problem.

3406)   FreeRetailer
FreeRetailer is an online program written in ASP that helps webmasters and e-commerce professionals to set up their own shopping cart with active product pages.

3407)   HTTP Commander
HTTP Commander is a web based file manager through which you can create files and folders. This utility is written in ASP.NET and it looks like windows explorer. You can search the files easily using this tool and it import and export files upto 1GB in size.

3408)   To verify one email with Regular Expression
This is a tutorial that clearly explains how to verify one email with Regular Expression. This article validates users email addresses.

3409)   eQuercus Pro
eQuercus Pro is a site and content management system. HTML knowledge is not required, multiple languages, WYSIWYG editor and more.

3410)   Math functions
Math functions is a tutorial that deals on mathematical functions such as sin of numbers, square of numbers, absolute values of numbers etc.,

3411)   Album Mx Professional Made with Dreamweaver
Album MX Pro is a online Photo Gallery where any number of users can register, create & share there own Gallery immediately. Users have total control of the Album features except some Admin Priviledges. Users can further pass an ID to family and friends to show the Album.

3412)   khttp
khttp component allows your webpage to get content from other websites. It is written in Microsoft Visual C++ using WinInet and MFC.

3413)   Dynamic Include Files
The working principles of dynamic include files are eloborately explained on this scripting tutorial that gives an alternate way to access include function to read and write file contents.

3414)   Active Server Pages (ASP) Installation Tutorial
Learners in ASP as well as programmers can utilize this online ASP tutorial to learn the ASP and database from the basics upto advance level and will be able to build their applcations in ASP.

3415)   MyJournalASP
MyJournalASP is a software meant to provide and easy to install, low maintenance alternative to database driven weblogs. It is built in ASP. It is user friendly with lots of features.

3416)   PDshopPro Standard
PDshopPro Standard is a simple and effecive online shopping cart software that allows you to create and run e-stores in an organized format supporting unlimited product categories.

3417)   Alivesites Poll
Alivesites Poll is a program which can be used by the website administrators to create polls for conducting surveys. This program facilitates administrators to create and manage any number of polls.

3418)   ASP Driven DHTML Slider Menus Revisited! -- One Year Later
This tutorial deals with new version of creating an ASP driven DHTML slider menu by using ASP applications. Here author offers modified codes of previous article that he already presented one year before.

3419)   Active Server Pages' Request.Form and Request.QueryString Return Objects
This online ASP guide lets you learn in detail about the problems of Request.Form and Request.QueryString's returned values with proper information.

3420)   Work with binary files in VBS - read and write local and remote files
This is a simple tutorial from which you would be able to learn the procedures involved in reading and writing binary files through the FileSystemObject of ASP.

3421)   Using Template Files to Create Dynamic ASP Pages
By reading this article you will come to understand the procedures for creating dynamic webpages for websites using templates.

3422)   Site Express
This is an useful tool for the webmasters to enable their web customers to build their own professional looking website quickly. It offers several features and it provides friendly environment for the users.

3423)   Understanding Include Statements
An online assistance can be gained through this ASP tutorial to understand the basic aspects of Include Statements with simple means of examples.

3424)   How To Work with a Text File in an ASP Page
Through this article you can learn how to employ the FileSystenObject of ASP function effectively in dealing with text files of your web server.

3425)   Secure Login
Secure Login is an article in which author gives detailed description about how to protect the users ASP pages and website with the help of authors code.

3426)   Pagination to columns for large query
This online tutorial discusses about the pagination to columns for large query. The author explains this concept with an example through this article.

3427)   Personalisation: Other Strategies
This article shows the ways for personalising ASP web pages for the user. There are number of ways to personalise with the user.

3428)   ASP Directory Listing
ASP Directory Listing is a simple demostration on how to use ASP codes in listing all files and folders from your website directories and subdirectories.

3429)   WebLogin PRO
WebLogin PRO is a professional single login system with Computer Activation Key. This system provides secure login, stop hackers, stop misuse of your accounts, protect your whole website and password posters.

3430)   Making a window open up automatically
This is an article that contributes to webmasters on inviting their first time visiting visitors using a popup window. In this program updation can be easily done by changing the name of the cookie.

3431)   Keynote Red Alert
This tool is helpful for the system administrators to monitor the function of transactions and multiple web sites. It offers several enhanced features and it monitors and gives report of the server.

3432)   AspJpeg
Users can generate thumbnails for images to use it in their image galleries. This program works on the basis of industrial standard image resizing algorithms.

It is a real estate listing software. It allows updating of photos to the websites, mapping feature for directions, access or SQL database support, easy to use administrative area, free updates, and more.

3434)   Weblog ASP
This is an ASP based websites traffic analyser program used for displaying the websites regular traffic report to the web administrator. It tracks and gives entire information about the site visitors.

3435)   Ideal bulletin board
Ideal bulletin board is a message board program where the users can post messages on various topics and the messages can be viewed by other users by browsing the board. This program allows multiple forums.

3436)   Application
The existing methods in Application object is described with detailed explanation on this ASP tutorial that provides syntax for them to integrate them with ASP components.

3437)   Daily Cartoon
Daily Cartoon is a fresh and funny new Randy Glasbergen cartoons. wecan send this cartoons to our friends and relatives through Emails.

3438)   PowerASP Data Command Wizard
PowerASP Data Command Wizard is an user friendly utility which helps you to generate the code for your database connection string using wizard. You can copy the generated code on you applications.

3439)   Multi Dictionary
This is an ASP based hi-speed dictionary object with multi threaded facility. It provides various keys to work with VBS, VBA, ASP, WHS. This component has several attractive features.

3440)   Active Server Pages Frequently Asked Questions
This is a FAQ program which gives the answers for the frequently asked questions regarding ASP. It shows that how to use the file DSNs along with SQL Server.

3441)   Counter that returns ScreenInfo
The main core of this online tutorial deals with the counter that returns with screen information. The author describes about the process of retrieving the screen resolution with an example.

3442)   Extracting a record in accidental way
This online tutorial shows how to extract a record. The author explains few examples of extracting a record in VBScript.

3443)   OpenX component
This is an ASP based database tool with software interface which helps in accessing data from database and also to collect information from internet and intranet.

3444)   Complying with IT's Security Requirements for Web Applications
This is an article which deals with creation of IT's security requirements for the users web application. Here author discusses about security check list items and application behaviour of checklist items.

3445)   Introduction to ASP
This is an article which gives introduction to Active Server Pages. This article shows the definition, usage, and more regarding ASP.

3446)   An Easy Way To Delete A Record
This is an ASP tutorial that shows an easy way to delete the records from the database table. This tutorial generates SQL query which helps you to delete the records from the database table.

3447)   DUclassmate
DUclassmate, an ASP coded program that contributes it's features with almuni association such as schools, college, etc., Students can feed their desired details through web based interface and can modify whenever necessary.

3448)   Show Directory Contents Using ASP
You can learn to script ASP codes for viewing the entire directory structure of web application with the physical path through FileSystemObject function.

3449)   PicturePod
This ASP script utilizes XML, using the MSXML3 parser to allow you to generate multiple pop-up image viewers for your website using just one ASP page.

3450)   Recursive Shopping Cart ASP
Recursive Shopping Cart ASP is a program, administrators can use this tool for their ecommerce businesses to create a shopping cart system.

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