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Top 301-350 ASP scripts

Scripts are listed after popularity.       To display the scripts in alphabetical order please click here

301)   DirList
DirList is a script that has been written using ASP and can be used for listing the files and directories. This system is very simple and can be easily used by anyone.

302)   Simple Search
With Simple Search when you enter in the DSN, the script will list all tables and views in the database, select a table or view and you can then search on the fields contained in the database.

303)   How to Ping Using ASP
This is an article that deals with pinging the IP address and thereby to obtain the results of the ping with the help of ASP.

304)   An ASP Tutorial to create your own Database driven Search Engine
In this ASP tutorial author discusses about generating a database driven search engine for your website. This article will be helpful for the webdevelopers and the webmasters.

305)   Mastering getrows
It is an article which deals with array manipulation with the help of getrow function. In this article author describes about the two loops which controls the two dimensional arrays.

306)   hogstorp guestbook
hogstorp guestbook is a program which permits the users to post comments and their posted date and IP will be updated along with the comments.

307)   Calendar
This is a tutorial using which ASP users can learn how to create an online calendar on their websites. Here users can find sample codes for better understanding.

308)   ASPMaker
ASPMaker is an automation tool that can generate a full set of ASP (Active Server Pages) quickly from a Microsoft Access Database or any ODBC Data Source.

309)   WeekDayDiff Function
This is a tutorial which shows the days variations inbetween two dates. This tutorial is explained with an example.

310)   ECFM - Easy-content File Manager
Easy-content File Manager is an online file manager that has been written using ASP and can be used by the webmasters to improve their websites. This application does not require any special requirements and can be run on any IIS server.

311)   Login Using Cookies
This is an article which will be helpful for those users whose sites are very busy. This artilce offers code by which users can construct login system through cookies.

312)   Alternating Table Color
This is an article which deals with constructing table with alternating colors with the help of ASP applications. Through this users can modify the background colour of the table cells.

313)   Asp_Upload
With this Server Behavior You can upload files, trough a simple web form to Your site. This extension don't need components to upload files. With Progress Bar Only for asp

314)   ECommerce Max Online Stores
ECommerce Max introduces readymade online stores in which the web administrator can sell any material or products online very easily.

315)   ASP FAQS : Arrays
With this ASP article, ASP developers can gain more information about strings and arrays which lets them develop their string manipulation modules in ASP applications.

316)   A simple Jmail ASP Form
Here, how the JMail component works together with ASP form to send an email from the host server is taught with a little program and you can access it online.

317)   Session Object
More details on Session Object in ASP can be gained through this online tutorial which tabulates all of it's contents like methods, properties etc., with an easier understandable description.

318)   Create an IIF statement in VBScript
With the help of this online article progammers can differentiate the facilities offered in ASP and VB. This tutorial explains the IIF capability of VB that helps break down the boolean logic very simply.

319)   Complete ASP Functions Index
Complete ASP Functions Index is an useful article which provides you all the built in functions that are available in ASP. It clearly explains all the functions with examples. This is much useful for the novice ASP programmers.

320)   Replace Function
The benefits of 'replace' function to manipulate string data can be learnt through this learning article with simplest examples and explanation.

321)   ASP Format Month, Day and Year
This is a tutorial which shows the current date and time on the webpage reading from the server.

322)   Smart Guest Book 2.0 - Flash and ASP Guest-book
This Guest-Book has interactive, animated & multiple entry display interface choices, complete administration panel, active bad word filter and is easy to install & customize. Uses SQL Server or Access database. Free Download Version available. Special Offer Save $18 - get 2 animated interfaces free

323)   Smart Knowledgebase
Through this ASP enabled module you can build a full-featured knowldege base for giving solutions to your customers requirements. Supports email system and comment system.

324)   Buy & sell (dynamic market)
Buy & sell (dynamic market) is a tutorial that provides administrators a program that can be used for allowing their visitors to buy and sell products via their websites.

325)   ISO and Verbose Date formats
This is a tutorial which shows the functions of day, year and month. These functions are used to get back the ISO date format.

326)   Lanap BotDetect for ASP - website security solution designed to prevent automated registrations
Server side CAPTCHA COM component that prevents automated registrations on your website. Fully customizable, 7 different algorithms, custom size and image format. Free trial, source code included, royalty free!

327)   Forms - Radio Buttons
This is a tutorial which describes about the functions of radio buttons. Some of the examples are explained in detail.

328)   Simple ASPMail Form
This articles describes the use of ASPMail function with form creation to send emails to the email address of your choice. Given sample program lets you understand the steps clearly.

329)   Find an Element In an Array
The element in an array can be found using looping structure, the process is shown with a sample snippet in this online ASP tutorial.

330)   Vertical Scrolling Text Banner (HTML)
Vertical Scrolling Text Banner (HTML) is a program that scrolls a text passage from bottom to top. This can be used as a handy tool for news publishing.

331)   Simple ASP Calender by John Pramik
This is a simple Calendar program written in pure asp. This allows user to navigate through all the events of any month or year. The default selection is current day's

332)   SWD Guest Book Pro
SWD Guest Book Pro is a program which allows the users to add comments on the guestbook and can view their comments on the websites.

333)   Delete Files Online
Delete Files Online is a simple ASP code snippet containing efficient codes for deleting your files. This is an useful example for the FileSystem object of ASP.

334)   ASP Newsletter Manager Plus.Attach
ASP Newsletter Manager Plus.Attach is an ASP bulk mailing solution with attachment support.

335)   Pipey's Flash Chat
Pipey's Flash Chat is a web-based chat system based on Macromedia Flash and Active Server Pages (ASP) technologies. It overcomes the problems of many HTML-based chats by using interactive Flash movies as the user-interface.

336)   ASP Message Board - Database Q & A
ASP Message Board - Database Q & A is a discussion board that can be utilized by the members to gather more information about database issues by sharing with each other.

337)   DynamicLink
DynamicLink is a program that comes with the ability to manage the referral links to user’s website. This program is built on ASP and can be easily used by the users.

338)   Instant Guest Book - without a database
Instant Guest Book - without a database is an article that allows webmasters to build and manage guestbooks on their existing websites. The provided script is based on ASP.

339)   PowerASP Guestbook
PowerASP Guestbook is a guestbook program where the users can post messages about various topics with their email address and names.

340)   FEDEX, USPS, UPS - all rates simultaneously!
Combinable FEDEX, USPS, UPS is a program template that you can configure to return all shipping rates, already sorted ascendingly by shipping cost, that you can present as a "form-select" pulldown menu or a RADIO BUTTON selection from FEDEX, USPS Domestic. UPS - ALL AT THE SAME TIME!

341)   Disable the Back Button Hack
This tutorial has provided a code snippet to help the web developers for disabling the back button on their web page.

342)   AspAware Gallery
AspAware Gallery is a program built on ASP using which webmasters can construct and manage a full featured image gallery with several functionalities.

343)   Generate ASP Custom Database Script
Generate Custom ASP Access, PhpMYSQL databases scripts, Perl CGI CSV (flat text files). Access Chat, Matrimonial Advertisements, Classified Advertisements, Greeting Cards, Submit to Search Engines, Reciprocal Link exchange.

344)   Flash with ASP
This tutorial contains information about the Macromedia Flash and Active Server Pages. Flash is used to design interactive web pages and create movies. ASP is used as the server side programming tool.

345)   Sending Emails in ASP using CDO
This tutorial would be useful for those who want to learn about ASP based email systems. The inbuilt FAQ system also clarify your common doubts in sending emails using ASP.

346)   DUclassified
Updated: user's ability to upload images (optional) and delete ads. Built with UltraDev 4 and Access 97.

It is an image gallery utility using which a large number of pictures can be displayed. Users can add photos through a password protected area.

348)   ZBit ASP Chat
ZBit chat is one form of chat integrated from ASP code. This system has many enhanced features like- no third party components is required etc.

349)   ASP Bootcamp : What is ASP?
This is an article which gives information regarding ASP. It gives the functions and working with platforms, difficulty in using the VBScript, etc.

350)   Simple Security with ASP
It is a tutoiral which concentrates on securing the users website in an effective method. This article offers information about securing website by updataing the users login pages, storing visitors password, username and accessibility information in the database.

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