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Top 3451-3500 ASP scripts

Scripts are listed after popularity.       To display the scripts in alphabetical order please click here

3451)   MegaVote
Using the MSXML3 parse and ASP, MegaVote allows you to create voting forms with multiple categories on your website.

3452)   Setting up a system DSN
This simple article tells the developers about setting up a system DSN. The author explains the entire procedure to set up a system DSN on the machine.

3453)   Apex SQL Log
It is an ASP based auditing software which analyse the content of the data in the database and allows structural changes in the database and also helps in auditing the changes in the database.

3454)   Simple ASP Paging Technique
The main core of this online tutorial is about the simple paging techinque in ASP. The main highlight of this article is about how to show records from the database into several pages.

3455)   Client-side Environment for ASP Pages
Client-side Environment for ASP Pages is an useful tutorial for the webmasters to execute ASP pages which works both in online and in offline mode.

3456)   ASPapp
ASPapp is a portal and a content management system which provides solution for internet and intranet applications, e-commerce and user management. It is a must tool for the webmasters to make web applications from the scratch.

3457)   Count Records
This tutorial demonstrates users about how to count the number of records in the recordset object. This tutorial does not use the count() funtion to count the number of records.

3458)   Login page to your website using ASP
This is an article in ASP in which author provides guideline for the users to generate a simple login page in their users website with the help of the source code he offers.

3459)   Using Server Variables
This article lists the usage of Server Variables to retrieve data from server side using ASP server Object and provides syntax for all processess done via Request.ServerVariables.

3460)   Year() Function
This is a script which displays the year number. This script shows the present system year and it is an easy way to display the year number.

3461)   Response.Charset
A complete overview on Response.Charset is provided on this ASP tutorial that lets you understand the process of adding character set along with URL headers.

3462)   Common Applications of Regular Expressions
Common Applications of Regular Expressions is a tutorial that elaborates about the function of regular expressions in favour of ASP programmers. This will be essential for the programmers who have little familarity with regular expressions.

3463)   ASP Shopping Cart
ASP Shopping Cart is a program that can be used by the administrators to build a simple shopping cart system on their websites for their e-commerce businesses.

3464)   So What's an Active Server Page?
This is an easy and simple article which shows information regarding ASP. It describes the function and working of ASP, advantages of using ASP, and more.

3465)   Logging Traffic using ASP vs. Log File Analysis
This is a site for the webmasters which guides them to create a traffic logging system on their website. Advantages and disadvantages is given in this article for reference.

3466)   Compact and Repair
This online tutorial explains about two main functions named as Compact and Repair Function in database Access from ASP code. The author describes these two functions with examples.

3467)   Sending EMail from ASP Scripts Using CDO
This efficient online ASP tutor provides the solutions for sending emails through ASP using CDO component.

3468)   ASP Obfuscator
This is a powerful software with which webmasters would be able to protect ASP codes. This program prevents unauthorised users to access ASP scripts for editing the codes.

3469)   About Stored Procedures
This mentor gives basic instructions and functionalities of stored procedure technique by which the users can insert, update and delete data from database.

3470)   Statisticus :: Article - 2eNetWorX
This is an article which gives introduction and guides the webmasters to create their own site statistics on their website.

3471)   retrieve a record identity from a SQL Server auto-incremented field on INSERT
It is an article in which users can learn more about how to retrieve the ID number of the newly inserted records in the SQL server. User can get the returned value in the browser to maintain relation between records.

3472)   Complete Web page PATH
Using Response object's servervariables() method, it is possible to find the path of the running page which is explained in detail in this ASP tutorial.

3473)   Open MDB files on remote computer in ASP
This online tutorial is more helpful for the developers to open MDB files on a remote computer. The author suggests a solution to overcome an issue while using ODBC connection to link a file on a remote machine.

3474)   Bookit Pro
Bookit Pro is a book store script written in the programming language, ASP. This script allows you to manage book store with Amazon™ associate program.

3475)   ASP Web hosting
This is an article which refers to the web hosting companies. It describes about the meaning of ASP, its function, ASP web host, etc.

3476)   Accessing a POP3 Email Account through an ASP Page
A teaching material that deals with email system and educates you about how POP3 email account can be used with ASP for receiving mails and describes the limitations with CDONTS component.

3477)   ASPointer
ASPointer enables users to easily access and update XML, HTML, XHTML, ASP and similarly-structured files directly on the server. There is no need to load them into a browser or other client application. It can be used either with Microsoft ASP or as a stand-alone ActiveX DLL component.

3478)   Script Debugger IDE
Script Debugger IDE is a development platform for building custom business solutions. It includes a powerful script and form editors and debugging tools. Script Debugger IDE supports full client and server script debugging.

3479)   CodeAve's Impression Counter (Without a DB)
This article is used for making an online counter which tracks and counts number of impressions made by the visitor on any particular content on a page. It does not use database. Users can create a counter on their website by referring this article.

3480)   Pintexx
Pintexx introduces more web components and development systems to generate more productions and also to bringout the quality based web applications.

3481)   MySQL ASP Content Management
MySQL ASP Content Management is written in ASP and is a Mysql version of content management software with which you would be able to create and maintain contents on your websites.

3482)   Paging: Use ADO, getrows, or a Stored Procedure?
The main core of this online tutorial is about programming within a stored procedure. Through this article the author proves that using stored procedure for paging is the best to deal with huge volume of data.

3483)   Using the ADO Stream Object to Determine Properties of any type of file
It is an tutorial in which author explains about defining the properties for any type of files using ADO stream object. The programmers can learn about the source code which executes the above said process.

3484)   Affiliate Program for StoreFront
This is an Affiliate Program is a powerful tool for Web stores to make the partners to view the sales anytime.

3485)   Introduction to ASP.NET
This article gives detailed information about ASP.NET. It discusses about some new features and more.

3486)   Active Users Counter
Active Users Counter is an online counter which is used for tracking the website. This tool helps webmasters to view report of their sites number of active users.

3487)   The ObjectContext Object
This online ASP tutorial provides detailed explanation about ObjectContext ASP object. Very useful to learn how the data transaction is executed through ASP pages.

3488)   ASP FAQS : Email
This online ASP resource is more beneficial for ASP learners to clear their doubts and to solve their problems with sending emails in ASP. Many related articles and FAQ system guides you properly.

3489)   System of management customers for ignited to protected areas (1a part)
It is a article in which the author discusses about a method involved in generating management system in the users website.

3490)   UPublisher
This is an online news content management software that helps admin to manage, approve, review articles contents on their websites. This is a completely automated program.

3491)   Ping and Traceroute ActiveX Control
Ping and Traceroute ActiveX Control is an ActiveX control which allows programmers to execute ping and traceroute operations and easily retrieve results and statistics.

3492)   Simple Advertising System
Simple Advertising System allows you to set up an advertising system on your Web site. With ability to record click-thrus and monitor the popularity of ads while recording data about the user. Also includes an administration area to generate reports.

3493)   How to Get Identity of New Record
This simple article shows how to identify the new record number at the time of adding a new record. The author explains this with an example.

3494)   ATAF-CON
It is an ASP based software that transforms the design of the database, copying the content from access and its result can be stored in the MySQL server. It has four functionalities through which the above said process can be done.

3495) The Gateway for free Global Products and Information
Download Shopping cart Software and Tutorials free today.

3496)   How to register or unregister an ActiveX DLL remotely using plain ASP?
It is an article which deals with registering and unregistering the component in a remote server using ActiveX DLL component in an ASP pages. Here author explains the above said procedure with the help of sample code.

3497)   NeXTensio
HTML form builder - For a developer or project manager building mid-sized web projects that wants to manage database information using HTML forms, NeXTensio is the solution that brings productivity to the process.

3498)   Creating a Dynamic Reports using ASP and Excel
The author of this article has related on the techniques involved in creating dynamic online reports by generating excel files from the database.

3499)   Online WYSIWYG Text Editor
It is an editor that allows you to edit your documents online in a friendly interface. It is fast loading, built in javascript and ASP.

3500)   File Access Component
More details on FileSystemObject is provided on this ASP online tutorial which lets you learn the easier file manipulation tasks using this object's properties and methods.

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