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Top 3501-3550 ASP scripts

Scripts are listed after popularity.       To display the scripts in alphabetical order please click here

3501)   ASP.NET Tools Overview - Part 1
This article gives more information about ASP.NET. It describes its functions, features, etc., and are more useful for the novice beginners.

3502)   ADO Stored Procedures
This tutorial helps user by demonstrating them about accessing the stored procedure from the database with the help of ADO. Here the author discusses about the simple method with simple four line code to execute the above said process.

3503)   MadDogs Portal
An asp portal based website with intergraded forums (webwizforums). The admin and moderators of the forum can post news, downloads, and all members/visitors can submit links to the links directory. Now includes a Site Poll that is fully admined and a guestbook with full admin. This website is ready to go, all you have to do is download it and upload it to your site. This script comes with full support on installing it and any quesitons regarding it. Once you get the portal you can login to a members section where you can download skins.

3504)   Ways to get Alphabetical Paging for your ASP scripts
In this online tutorial the author shows two methods to receive alphabetical order paging. The author suggests the second method as the easier way to receive in alphabetical order.

3505)   ActiveLogFile performance
This tutorial concentrates on performance and logging problem in ASP application. Here author offers various soultions for increasing the performance of the ASP pages and few tips about logging problem.

3506)   Weborum
Weborum is an online communication forum in where webmasters can discuss topics related to ASP, CSS, HTML, javascript, photoshop, PHP, graphics, etc.,

3507)   Active Image
Active Image is a powerful ASP program that enables you to create and manage JPEG, PNG, GIF, BMP images. Using this component you can draw even geometrical shapes and primitives.

3508)   Optional SQL Stored Procedure Parameters
This tutorial demonstrates about the optional SQL stored procedure parameters with example to the users. It explains each step in a simple way.

3509)   VBScript Language Reference - Properties
All the in-built properties in VBscript are demonstrated in this tutorial and how to implement along with object to perform required process is described in detail.

3510)   How to display records from top 4 database systems using plain ASP?
Sometimes, we would have chance to convert our existing database or create a new database. Some decisions IT professionals need to make are scary.

3511)   ASP Syntax
This tutorial educates you on how to integrate scripting languages like VBScript, JScript along with ASP language throgh simple means of code snippets.

3512)   SiteSage Lite Edition - Web Content Management
SiteSage Lite Edition is a ASP based content management program that helps users to create and maintain contents on their websites. This is suitable for both personal and business web sites.

3513)   Custom Paging in ASP
The main core of this online article is to show the webmasters how to customize the paging in ASP. The author describes the concept of giving links to other pages from the home page.

3514)   Zaks.Trace
Zaks.Trace is a component which helps you to send all error messages to the NT's debug funcitonality from your windows based applications. The NT's debug function examine all these error messages.

3515)   How to retrieve the TRUE IP address in ASP
This is an article that teaches users about collecting true IP address of the visitors system. Here the author suggests users to use Server Variables to perform this process.

3516)   Applications and application variables
Like session variables, application variables also can be manipulated in site applications through ASP and is easily learnt through this ASP educational source.

3517)   FunkyASP Glossary
Easy way to explain the terminology used on your website.

3518)   EZ-Web CalPop
This script is used for displaying a calendar on the website. Website visitors can query the date easily from the calendar. They have to fill the text field with date, month and year and then it will show a calendar for the given information in a text field.

3519)   Custom Formatted Database Tables
Through this simple online tutorial the author explains about how to display results in newspaper style columns. The entire process of this experimentation is given along with its code.

3520)   Putting Arrays to Work
An useful tip to call an array item to be used with ASP based web applications can be gained from this smaller ASP article.

3521)   Active Server Pages: Objects At Your Service
A clear description for object is provided in this ASP article that directs you how to integrate object in ASP programming to build web based framework applications to be used repeatedly.

3522)   SoftArtisans ExcelWriter
SoftArtisans ExcelWriter provides an excel writer for ASP.NET applications which can generate excel spreadsheets.

3523)   Calculating distance between cities
This tutorial guides ASP users to have a geographical processor on their websites to allow their site visitors to calculate the distance between cities and nearest locations.

3524)   Introduction into databases
This online tutorial deals all about the databases used in ASP. The author explains each and every aspect of databases. The main types discussed are SQL Server database and Access database.

3525)   State Vs Performance in ASP
This is a web based article that deals with session state which eats up the performance of ASP applications and about how to disable the session object inorder to increase the performance of ASP pages.

3526)   JScript Data Types
Five Data types in JScript to store values comes with proper definition to let you understand them easily and enables you to use them in your own applications.

3527)   Visual Basic Scripting Edition - Functions
All available functions in VBScript language are listed alphabetically in this online tutorial which will be more useful for the beginning level coders in ASP and VBScript programming.

3528)   ASP pure file Upload with progress bar
Easy to use, hi-performance pure asp include - multiple files upload script with HTML progress bar indicator. ASP upload to server disk, database or email attachment, upload with image preview and email notification, secure (https) file upload

3529)   Add some class to your VBScript code
This tutorial helps you to learn easily how to create classes in VBScript in your own to perform some effective processes within the ASP applications.

3530)   MS SQLServer Query Analyser
It is an ASP based query analyser for Microsoft SQL Server. This script can be used for manipulating data on Microsoft SQL Server.

3531)   PULPchat:
Webmasters who need to support their users and visitors online can implement this ASP software PULPchat to build an online community system. Comes with several advanced features that lets an efficient chat system.

3532)   Testing for EOF (End Of File)
This is a very simple online tutorial in which the learners could learn about handling EOF function. The author explains this concept with an example.

3533)   The Application Object
The usages of ASP Application Object is demonstrated in this online tutorial which also lists the methods and events of this object with their syntax.

3534)   To buffer or not to buffer
In this ASP tutorial, it is discussed in detail about working with buffer properety of ASP Response Object both in IIS 4.0 and IIS 5.0.

3535)   Discussion Web
It is an ASP application, with GUI interface. It provides remote database administration with the ability to delete and edit individual messages.

3536)   Content Linking Component
This is an easy to learn tutorial in which the author tells about content linking components which produces next link objects to manage the URLs in the website.

3537)   Session_OnStart
How to run a script when a new session is created on the server can be learnt online through this ASP tutorial. And is more useful to set session variables before the users start to work with other pages.

3538)   File reader, compacter and distributor
File reader, compacter and distributor is a program that has the ability to compact an ascii file into a second VB script which is generated by itself after reading that file.

3539)   Server.ScriptTimeout
This tutorial educates you on how to fix the maximum time to a script to run using Server.ScriptTimeout function and provides simple examples.

3540)   Handling Arrays Between ASP and COM
Transferring data between ASP and VB components can be implemented with the help of array functions which is explained in detail through this online tutorial.

3541)   Reuse ADO recordsets
This online tutorial narrates the reusage of ADO recordsets. At the end of this article the developers could know how to reuse a recordset object, which is explained in this article.

3542)   SalesCart Pro
A virtual shopping cart design tool for the FrontPage Professional.

3543)   A-CART Pro
A-CART Pro is an effective e-commerce software designed to help webmasters to create and maintain web based e-stores with advanced inventory management techniques.

3544)   VBS Database
It is an open source VBscript object that helps users to create a database table to publish their data quickly. It uses multiple databases to store data. It supports CSS and it is easy to use.

3545)   FTP’ing Files with ASP
From this article you can learn the basics of file transfer operations in ASP. By reading this article you would be able to upload both the image and zip files online through the FTP.

3546)   STL WebMail Server
With STL WEBMAIL you can read and send your e-mails through web pages, palm pcs and other wireless devices.

3547)   Dynamic Image Dimensions
This is an useful tutorial that helps users in getting the dimensions of the images. You can view the height and width of the images easily with the help of this tutorial.

3548)   Down and Dirty Browser Uploading with a VB ASP Component
This is an article in ASP teaching you about the server-side ActiveX ASP components and their usage in uploading files. You can learn how to send HTM files and to receive ASP files online along with the method of saving the file data.

3549)   MonthName() Function
This is a tutorial which shows the name of the month instead of its number. It displays the full name or the short name of the month.

3550)   The Dictionary object
With the help of an easier ASP program, this tutorial eductes you about the working principles of Dictionary Object using which you will come to know about the terms Item and Key of this object along with it's usage.

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