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Top 3651-3700 ASP scripts

Scripts are listed after popularity.       To display the scripts in alphabetical order please click here

3651)   Calculating Date Differences with DateDiff
This is a tutorial which shows the calculation of month, days, etc., between the two specified dates. This is easy for the users to use.

3652)   Retrieving Remote Image Properties in ASP
This simple tutorial helps you to get the properites of the images that are remotely hosted. You simply specify the url of the image. This will automatically display the properities of the images. This is an useful tutorial for the users.

3653)   COMobjects.NET Deep Tree
COMobjects.NET Deep Tree script implements dynamic treeview. The page doesn't need reload because it does not require roundtrip. It loads only necessary expanded nodes. It permits you to create treeview with 1000s of nodes.

3654)   ASP Application Object
A demonstrative explanation can be gained from this ASP tutorial which will be more useful for the ASP programmers to learn how to access application variables and data throughout their ASP applications.

3655)   Wiz-AD
Wiz-AD is a web based banner management solution. This is an easy fast, scalable, reliable and flexible ad serving and management solution.

3656)   WebDeskPro
WebDeskPro is an ASP based program that can be utilized with a single help desk operator and any number of engineers. This program can be used on intranet environments and web servers.

3657)   PureASP upload
PureASP upload is an easy and simple script that has been written using ASP and can be used for uploading the files to the web server through the users web browsers.

3658)   Infocore X1
Powerfull CMS with support for RSS, multiple user-levels, multiple calendars, multiple categories, XML import/export, WYSIWYG-editor, great image-handling, realtime template-editing, innovative API, URL-rewriting, language independent UI and much more.

3659)   Wise Element's Asp Wizard
Asp Wizard is a development environment and is an ASP tool that can be used to generate ASP files. This is an easy to use program.

3660)   A Beginner's Guide to Data Access Using ADO and ASP
Executing an SQL command within an Active Server page and displaying the result in an HTML table is the main content discussed through this online tutorial.

3661)   ADO Recordset Paging in ASP
This online tutorial explains the task of implementing record paging in ASP. The author explains the entire procedures of inducing record paging with the help of ADO.

3662)   Consuming web service with ASP
This is a very simple tutorial that explains to the readers how to use webservices on ASP. Sample code is accompanied for better understanding.

ADXSTUDIO is developed with ASP that offers website generating tool kit which can be used to create and maintain different types of applications such as intranet, portal etc.

3664)   HanengCharts
HanengCharts is an ASP based program that enables webmasters to add graphical charts to their webpages. This utility doesnt need any server side or client side plugins to display the charts.

3665)   ASP Workshops
This is an useful online as well as onsite ASP.NET training program. It is very useful for the .NET programmers to create dynamic websites.

3666)   Jobbase
Jobbase is an application for job posting by job seekers, employers and recruitment agencies. It is a user friendly application with a lot of features. It adapts to your current website by adding a search board on the existing page.

3667)   SQL: Language of the Database People
This is a simple online tutorial through which the beginners could learn about the universal language of databases SQL. This article comes with few simple SQL statements and its functions.

3668)   ASP at a glance
This ASP tutorial guides you to develop your scripting through ASP and provides more information about ASP objects, functions and statements in an easier way.

3669)   Application_OnEnd
Those who need to learn the events of Application Objects can go through this online ASP tutoial which clearly describes the Application_OnEnd event with it's syntax.

3670)   Poll and Survey System
Poll and Survey System is a script built on ASP, in which users can have more number of polls to suit their needs in creating their surveys. This program guides the visitors to vote only once.

3671)   Building a Calendar with ASP
This is a tutorial which shows how to create calendar for a month step-by-step. This is a simple tutorial for the beginners.

3672)   ShotGraph.GifAnimator
ShotGraph.GifAnimator is a program which can be used by the users to generate gif animations on their websites. Users can also use this component for making changes on existing gif animation.

3673)   View all records in a database table
To view the entire data of a table within a database is possible and proved by this simple online tutorial. The author explains this concept with an example.

3674)   Looping Logic Part 1 : For...Next Statements
This is a tutorial which shows the functions of "for next statements" and it is explained step-by-step.

3675)   Keyvan1 ImageGallery
A complete ImageGallery that does not require upload components.

3676)   KolorPicker
KolorPicker is an Server Control for adding visual color selection to your web site or web application in just a few lines of code.

3677)   Remove Duplicate Records from Database
This is an useful article guides you to keep unique records on your database table by deleting the duplicate records.

3678)   Detecting the browser name and version
This tutorial covers on detecting browser type and version to manage different types of client browsers. This article illustrates this process by detecting earlier AOL web browsers.

3679)   aspSmartZip
This is an ASP based online web component that can be integrated into the server through which the files can be retrieved from the server and also files can be uploaded on the fly.

3680)   Slice Enterprise Survey System
Slice Enterprise Survey System is a powerful ASP based script, by using this as a tool webmasters can have their own survey program on their websites. It comes with an easy to use interface for the benefit of the users.

3681)   How to Ping Using ASP
This is an article that deals with pinging the IP address and thereby to obtain the results with the help of ASP.

3682)   X Standard's Image Size Component
X Standard's Image Size Component is an useful ASP program that evaluates the exact dimension of an image. This image utility supports almost all image formats.

3683)   HTML Meta Tag Generator
HTML Meta Tag Generator is an ASP component that allows you to create HTML mega tags for all you web pages.

3684)   Email Validation made simple with Hexillion
This tutorial lets you generate an easier way to check for the validity of email addresses. Provides solutions in three ways using ASP and explains everything with their functioning syntax.

3685)   DateDiff() Function
This is a tutorial which shows to find out time that has gone by between two dates. It can find from seconds to years.

3686)   Classic ASP Design Tips
This scripting techniques tutorial is more suitable for the ASP developers to build and design their ASP applications effctively and easily with the help of provided tips.

3687)   AspBrowser
AspBrowser is a program built on ASP with which users can manage the files which are present in the remote servers.

3688)   Quick and easy way to view your database table and data
Users can refer this tutorial and they can facilitate their website with data records accessing facility from database. Sample snippet is given in this tutorial.

3689)   Miraplacid Scripting Components Gzip
It is an ASDP based compression component with the standard Gzip compression engine for compressing and decompressing the files.

3690)   Script Debugger IDE
This is ActiveX scripting development platform to create server and client script debugger. This program helps users to develop custom solutions for applications and also can debug remote web servers.

3691)   Firework Instant Website
This is an ASP based online portal system which offers various applications like templates, search engine, source code for database and many more for developing websites.

3692)   Admin Creator
This is an ASP based code generating tool that creates CMS which can be used to create and update contents on the websites and this program reduces time while generating CMS.

3693)   Array How to Part 1
An array based ASP tutorial that illustrates about array initialization and assiging values to array with their functions.

3694)   ASP file uploader
ASP file uploader is a pogram that helps users in uploading files via browsers and thereby storing them on database BLOB field or disk. This program is based on ASP.

3695)   Delete Record
This tutorial shows clearly how to delete the records using the recordset object. This tutorial explains it with an example code to the users.

3696)   CLOX WebMaster - Live World Clocks Version 2.0
Keep visitors coming back to your site with live newsroom-style time clocks in analog or digital format to your web pages. ASP script, no messing with client-side Java or Active-X components. You choose the timezones. Installation takes about 10 minutes. Free personal clox software is provided too.

3697)   Stop page caching
This online article comes with the ability to allow users to stop their visitors from caching the ASP web page content.

3698)   ActiveMessenger
ActiveMessenger is an easy to use email component that can be used by the webmasters to improve their mail applications. Using the properties and methods offered by this component, messages can be sent directly from the ASP applications.

3699)   FIX: ASP Incorrectly Delivers SSL Data in 32 Kilobyte Segments
It is an article which deals with accessing the ASP pages with the help of secure socket layer inorder to avoid the input or output error. Here author offers information about reducing the SSL segment size for sending the content of ASP.

3700)   Inserting Images ( binary data ) into Database
This is an online file manipulation article in ASP briefing about the step by step procedures for uploading all types of files like zip, image files etc., onto a database.

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