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Top 3701-3750 ASP scripts

Scripts are listed after popularity.       To display the scripts in alphabetical order please click here

3701)   ZBit PhotoSite
A tool that helps users to create a website with their digital photos to form albums and categories. Users can perform actions like crop, flip, rotate and resize the images on their websites.

3702)   Good Morning, Good Afternoon, Good Evening
This is a tutorial that shows the functions of getting back the sequence of proper greetings. The procedure of this tutorial is explained with an example.

3703)   ASP Overview
This is an article which shows the overview of some features of ASP. It describes the usage of ASP, detailed description about the types of built-in object model, etc.

3704)   Displaying a Date
Displaying a Date is a tutorial that helps the users to display the full date on their websites. This tutorial is simple and easy to use.

3705)   IP2Location
This program is used for finding the location of the site visitors, visitors ISP, IP address, geographical location etc., It helps them to maintain their website with full security.

3706)   Close up on .NET
This article gives brief introduction of .NET. It describes about the introduction of language like COM, COM+, etc., which is more helpful for the users.

3707)   ASP Tutorial
This is an article which gives information regarding ASP for the beginners. Visitors can gain knowledge about ASP from this article.

3708)   Siteographer web publishing
Siteographer web publishing is a content management program that helps business users to create and maintain contents on their websites without any technical knowledge. This is suitable for both small and medium size business websites.

3709)   Letting users search for information
This tutorial is helpful for the database developers which helps them to refer about how to create searching tool on their database to search and retrieve required information from database.

3710)   Cdate Function
This is a tutorial that tells how to convert any valid date and time to a standard short date format. This is explained with an example.

3711)   The correct utility of recordcount attribute
Through this article the author shows the correct utility of recordcount attribute. The author comes with a solution to overcome the problem that arise in ADO recordcount attribute.

3712)   Build a Forum Using ADO.NET
It is an tutorial which will be helpful for the ASP.NET beginners to learn about constructing web forum using ASP.NET and ADO.NET. Here author discusses about the methods to execute the above said process.

3713)   Registering a Component on the Web Server
It is a simple tutorial which is meant for registering your newly created component in the web server. Users can make use of the procedure to save their components in the web server.

3714)   Self Run User Management System
Self Run User Management System is a program which is suitable for the users who need a easy to set up login system which runs with itself. The admin can alter the settings such as title, logo, etc.

3715)   Iteration through asp objects
Learners who need to implement database features in their ASP programming can develop their knowledge in ASP objects and can learn the usage of REQUEST object to work with database records.

3716)   Web File Browser
Web File Browser is a php program which gives web-access to files and directories, show folders and files. This script is available in ASP and PHP versions. It is simple and easy to use.

3717)   RainbowJ - IT marketplace: best projects, best developers
Do you need to develop software or website? Consider to outsource your project!Thousands of established companies and freelancers from whole world are waiting! You will get many quotes for first 1-2 days! Then choose winner and get it done for very low price.

3718)   aspWebMail
Web based email client designed to function like a standard desktop email client.

3719)   Active Socket Object
This is an useful socket which connects your system with TCP/IP port on any server for communication to send and retrieve data from any remote server.

3720)   Display Binary Image Data From a Database on a Web Page
This tutorial clearly describes you about how to get the images from the database and displays it on the web pages. This tutorial explains the response.binaryobject method of ASP.

3721)   DRT-AFFstar
DRT-AFFstar is designed to allow you to easily setup and maintain an affiliate program on your personal or company website. The program works to your advantage by allowing you to get non-rotating ad exposures on up to thousands of websites in exchange for putting rotating code on your site.

3722)   Download multiple files in one http request
The author of this article has given a simple ASP class that would allow webmasters to download files from their website through a single HTTP request.

3723)   Day Planner
This is a script which explains about the planning of a day in the calendar. This is a simple utility for the users to use with ease.

3724)   Importing XML into a RecordSet
The main objective of this online article is about importing XML into a Recordset. The author explains about bringing in an XML file into a Recordset and to execute it.

3725)   Sloppycode easy ASP reference
Sloppycode easy ASP reference is an easy to use ASP built-in object reference which displays all the 7 ASP objects. All the objects are described clearly in this tutorial with examples.

3726)   Fashion Forms
Fashion Forms is a powerful and easy to integrate online editor designed especially for HTML forms. You can insert links, boxes and images in the forms.

3727)   Login Database By Smo
This Active Server Page Application is written in the VBScript programming language and allows you to maintain a members database on your web site and secure selected pages.

3728)   Polling Booth Manager
This is an online polls Questions management program and is developed with ASP that helps users to allow their site visitors to respond any polls questions and to answer them.

3729)   ASP on UNIX
ASP on UNIX is an article that elaborately discusses about the methods to implement ASP on Unix platform.

3730)   UNIX or NT? Perl or ASP?
UNIX or NT? Perl or ASP? clearly discusses about the merits and demerits of the platforms Windows NT and Unix in launching websites. Author also discusses the differences between the performance of ASP scripts and components and PERL in relation to those two platforms in building websites.

3731)   ASPUploader
Pure ASP script (20KB, no components) to upload files via web browsers to websites. Key features: huge upload size (2GB), low memory usage (64KB), fast upload (1MB/Sec), progress bar (in HTML), free and unlimited trial (fully functional forever).

3732)   ASP Request Object
This tutorial comes with several easier means of examples which lets you understand about the ASP Request Object and it's benefits.

3733)   ASP.NET: Introducing ASP.NET
Learn how to develop the next generation of Web applications with ASP.NET and Visual Studio .NET.

3734)   WebTWAIN II
WebTWAIN II is a powerful ASP component using which webmasters would be able to implenment scanning ability to their webpages so that they can scan images from their browser.

3735)   WorldPay Internet Payments Invoice System
WorldPay Internet Payments Invoice System is a program with which administrators can facilitate their customers by providing email links to allow them pay the invoice payment.

3736)   BrowserHawk
BrowserHawk is a program which allows the users to generate browser friendly web pages. This program allows the users to provide browser informations to the site visitors.

3737)   vioClicks
Vioclicks is a web traffic analyser that allows webmasters to view their sites traffic report like, site stats, unique visitors, referer stats, top search engines, phrases etc.,

3738)   FunkyASP FAQ System
Add a fully featured FAQ System to your website. Handles categories and sub categories. Have questions and answers.

3739)   Creating Folders with the File System Object
By reading this article you will come to know how to use the file system object fucntion to create new folders for your website with the physical path to the root directory.

3740)   Sending Email to Multiple Recipients
Those who want to obtain the functions used to send mail to multiple email addresses can study this tutorial and will learn everything within few sections.

3741)   Using the browser's StatusBar to display custom messages
This is a tutorial that covers on placing custom messages on the status bar of the browsers. This is an easy to understand tutorial.

3742)   Vote or User Poll Script Writer (With a db and IP Capture)
Vote or User Poll Script Writer (With a db and IP Capture) is an online tutorial that can be utilized by the ASP users to create and conduct polls on their websites.

3743)   ScriptMate User Manager
User Manager gives your website an excellent platform to register and manage members and secure your ASP pages. You do not have to be an experienced developer. User Manager can be easily installed and then managed from its browser based administration section to give you complete control.

3744)   ASP Chat
ASP Chat is an interactive VBScript/ASP chat script that works almost the same as a Java Applet one.

3745)   SiteBeater Message Boards
SiteBeater Message Boards is a program which allows the users to post messages and threads in the message boards. The users can have unlimited number of message boards for posting process.

3746)   Adminimizer
Adminizer is a web site editor inside your browser window. It makes web site content admin easy. It allows users to work in a familiar word-like interface to manage their web content.

3747)   Cookies FAQ
It is an ASP FAQ in cookies in which author answers for some important questions that have been asked by the programmers about the cookies. Users can get enhanced information about cookies from this FAQ.

3748)   QueryString
The methods to retrieve client information using querystring utility is taught with an easier example in this tutorial.

3749)   Displaying Parent and Child Database Relationships through an ASP Page
The main core of this article is about displaying data with the help of HTML and ASP. The author displays data in the format of parent and child database relationship.

3750)   Accessing and validating forms using Javascript
This online ASP tutorial educates you about how to access and validate forms via Javascript in a simpler manner. Step by step procedure lets you learn this process quickly and easily.

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