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Top 3751-3800 ASP scripts

Scripts are listed after popularity.       To display the scripts in alphabetical order please click here

3751)   WonderBanner
wonder banner use an access database.It is a Banner program for advertisers.

3752)   Fighting email abuse
This ASP tutorial gives effective instructions about how to handle the email abusing process. Widely useful for the ASP developers to generate email abuse preventing system.

3753)   Free Chat script
Free Chat script is a tutorial that guides users to create a chat system on their ASP supported websites. Users can easily follow the provided sample code to create their own chat system.

3754)   Coding ADO.NET Data Access Solutions
Some ADO.NET sessions focus on the object model and .NET Framework classes and not on specific data access tasks that ADO.NET can solve.Focus on getting connected in an ASP and Windows application, how to setup and run ad hoc queries as well as parameter-driven stored procedures.

3755)   The Forgotten Art of Email Address Validation
To mainatain the database without any bogus email addresses and how to check the fake email addresses when they come into ASP form are taught with detailed description through this online ASP learning article.

3756)   Majodio.HTTP
Majodio HTTP is an ASP component which is used to send and retrieve data under HTTP control pages. It uses several HTTP requests and responses for communication.

3757)   Write and Read A Cookie
This is an useful article for the ASP programmers to create cookies and how to enable the cookies to write the information directly into the visitors computer.

3758) - Mailing List Manager - Mailing List Manager can be used by the webmasters to send bulk emails to their subscribers. This script is very simple and easy to use.

3759)   Advantage CMS
Advantage CMS is a ASP based content management system that helps users to create and maintain contents on their websites. This program comes with many enhanced features.

3760)   Quadstep - SiteFormula
SiteFormula is a ASP based online content management software that helps users to create and maintain content on their websites. This program uses WYSIWYG HTML Editor to edit contents.

3761)   iCart Online Store (shopping cart) solution
iCart is the ultimate e-commerce solution to build, manage, and promote a successful online store. Scaleable, Fast, and 100% Customizable, iCart is not your average “shopping cart”.

3762)   JavaScript Primer
ASP programmers can learn the usage and benefits of JavaScript to create live website pages and this tutorial provides several information about scripting language - JavaScript.

3763)   Go Sign Me Up
Go Sign Me Up is a program that helps the users to create a signup form for visitors registration. This program stores the users passwords in a secured database.

3764)   Slogger
Slogger is an application for anyone who wishes to display documents, eg stories, articles etc, on the web through an easy to use system. It is not intended to be used as a daily journal.

3765)   New XLS Component
New XLS Component is an ASP based program that enables dynamic creation of XLS from ASP record set object.

3766)   Listing Session and Application Variables
It is cleary taught in this ASP tutorial how to retrieve the strings, arrays and number variables from ASP application and Session object's collection using loop struture.

3767)   IIS Server Outage Reporter
IIS Server Outage Reporter is a server program which allows the users to know their servers outages. This program can log the duration and frequency of outages.

3768)   ASP File Finder
By reading this article you will come to know how to effectively use your own web browser to search and find files on your webserver or on your local system without using the MS Find Files program.

3769) is a website where visitors can find several downloadable codes and products based on ASP.

3770)   ScriptQ
ScriptQ is a program that helps web developers by executing their jobs on VB scripts and javascripts. It allows programmers to perform a perfect job by finishing customer required specification.

3771)   Visual Basic Client Versus ASP Client
Visual Basic Client Versus ASP Client is a tutorial which is derived from 15 seconds discussion list. In this tutorial users can find merits and demerits of ASP and VB applications.

3772)   The low-down on #includes
This is an useful article that contains information about the SSI directives of the Active Server Pages. If you want to group all the common functions into a file then you can use SSI include directive.

3773)   Property Site Manager - ASP Real Estate CMS
Property Site Manager is a ASP based content management software that can be used to create and maintain property listing on the websites. This program can be used by real estate agents and property companies.

3774)   SiteDynamic CMS
SiteDynamic CMS is a ready to run website based on an easy to use, fully admin and 100% customizable, ASP content management system architecture using FSO (file system objects) to generate page and content.

3775)   USPS Realtime time shipping calculator
Enable your online store to calculate USPS shipping rates in realtime with this easy-to-use code supplement.

3776)   EBA FTP Sync
This tool allows users to synchronize files and folder under FTP control. This utility can be used in any application and also it requires no custom command.

3777)   IResponse Interface
A detailed information on Response object in ASP can be acquired from this online ASP resource and it explains the uses of IResponse Interface to enable ASP components with methods and properties of Response Object.

3778)   GetRows VBScript Class - Part III: Paging the results
In this online tutorial the author explains about the class expansion to accept the recordset's pagination. The author describes more about each and every step of carrying out this process.

3779)   AliveChat PRO
This is ASP based chat application that can be integrated on any website. This application will be helpful for the companies those who need a powerful support center.

3780)   Show All Server Variables
An useful online tutorial for ASP programmers to learn the ways to retrieve the server variables through ASP functions.

3781)   Web based HTML Email Merge
Web based HTML Email Merge is a component that can be used by the customers to send and receive personalised HTML emails from their database using their webmasters web browsers easily.

ANSMTP SMTP COMPONENT is a simple SMTP component that can be used by the webmasters to create and send HTML mails from their web servers based on SMTP.

3783)   Learn VBScript
VBscript coders can extend their coding to ASP scripts by learning this web based ASP tutorial which provides simplest examples for easier understanding.

3784)   Add Records using an SQL statement
This tutorial explains you about how to add the records into the database table with out using Recordset object.

3785)   PowerTCP Mail Tool
PowerTCP Mail Tool is an efficient component that offers the building blocks that can be used by the webmasters to create a neat email application.

3786)   Display Part of Field
This online tutorial shows the developers about displaying part of data from a field. The author explains this concept of displaying few data on a web page with an example.

3787)   myLittleAdmin
myLittleAdmin etablishes itself as the best web-based database administration tool for ASP developers. myLittleAdmin allows you to manage almost all object.

3788)   Project Soft
This is a ASP based software to manage projects and deliver complex solutions within the stipulated time. This program can handle projects of any type and kind.

3789)   Ultimate Banner Ads
Ultimate Banner Ads is an ASP based program that helps webmasters to enhance their site with banners and images for ads. This script is fully customizable and easy to use.

3790)   MyLittle Calendar
This script is used for creating a calendar on ASP based web pages. Visitors can set the calendar to display in their own languages. Another version of myCalendar comes with date picker facility.

3791)   HTTP transfer component
This tool is used to transfer data to and from remote servers with full security. Users can get the last redirected URL and also it controls huge number of redirects.

3792)   Creating a File Explorer
The author of this article has explained you to create and manage file explorer using the built-in function of FileObjectSystem of ASP and the method of navigating through the files using ASP classes.

3793)   The Response Object
This easy to learn ASP tutorial teaches all properties of Response Object in ASP with clear description and provides syntax to implement this properties in web applications.

3794)   DB3NF
You can use this software to create and manage ASP based online applications with a fixed schema database structure through object oriented approach.

3795)   EZ update
In this simple article the author has illustrated about the method of editing and updating the contents of your ASP web pages through VBscript.

3796)   Now() function
This is a tutorial which gets back the present system time to the page. The description is also given in this tutorial with an example.

3797)   ASP Code Breaker's Script Encoder
This is an useful tool for all webmasters in encoding their ASP scripts as a means to restrict webclients and webhosts from modifying your actual script source codes.

3798)   PictureIt!
A simple image gallery that doesn't need a database or upload component

3799)   Creating Custom ASP.NET Controls in VS.NET
This pack contains: a document that describes the techniques users can employ to author and consume custom Web controls for ASP.NET Web applications using Visual Studio.NET; a presentation about Server and User Controls in ASP.NET and source code.

3800)   CInt Function
This online scripting tutorial will be more useful for the novice web programmers in ASP through which they can learn the simplest way to convert an expression to an integer.

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