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Top 3851-3900 ASP scripts

Scripts are listed after popularity.       To display the scripts in alphabetical order please click here

3851)   VBScript-to-JavaScript Functions
VBScript-to-JavaScript Functions is the reference that discusses about the execution of VB script functions into javascript for supporting entire client side programming.

3852)   SQLProcess - A Powerful SQL Statement Generator
This online tutorial mainly deals with SQL Process. The author explains the real benefit of SQL process through which coding can be done very easily. The webmasters can learn how to add and edit records in any individual table with this function.

3853)   ASP FAQS : Databases, Queries
This is a simple online article giving answer for a frequently asked question about the Database and Queries.

3854)   DNS Look-Up Component
This component is used for generating a DNS lookup on ASP pages. It allows users to use both forward and reverse method to resolve IP address and Domain names.

3855)   Team Remote ASP Debugger
Team Remote ASP Debugger helps your member team to modify your ASP project pages dynamically from any location. It has been integrated with debugging tools of VBscript and javascript to ease the debugging tasks.

3856)   Complete ASP Chat Application
Complete ASP Chat Application is an article that provides guidance to create chat applications for the ASP users to have an online chat system on their websites.

3857)   SQLHelp
An ASP based software is SQL help program which helps the user by documenting the stored files in the users database by SQL batch files. This tool document the functionalties of type and direction, result set of the output, transactional nature, procreesed files and more.

3858)   Simple Visitor Counter
From this tutorial the webmasters can get help to generate a simple visitor counter on their website. It helps them to count total number of visitors visited their website.

3859)   Sharing Cookies Across Domains
It is an ASP based article in which author deals with how to use the cookies to retrieve information of multiple visitors from various domains and sub domains. Here author offers various examples that can be utilized by the programmers.

3860)   Easy Application State Securely
It is an ASP article in which author describes about securing the applications with the help of maintaining the ASP application state in the presence of session objects.

3861)   Choosing a Random Record from a Recordset
Selecting one particular row from a table of HTML links is the main theme discussed in this online tutorial. The author discusses about the implementation of five step method to execute this job of section.

3862)   Authentication and Security Mechanisms in ASP.NET Web Applications
This document discusses some of the security mechanisms and configuration options available to administrators to help secure your ASP.NET applications and reinforce the integrity of the Web server.

3863)   ASP Inline Calendar
Now this software helps the web administrators to set the calendar events very easily. Through this the webmasters can track the events and modify the events registered by the clients.

3864)   PrimalScript
This is an ASP based scripting and coding application that performs various tasks like, editing, file management, help resources, running external programs etc.

3865)   MSCBlob for Windows
MSCBlob (Binary Large Object) is an auxiliary component for data blocks storing and transmitting. It could contain a raw data and represent it as a binary or string. There are 3 alternative string representations: as-is, Base64 and Hex.

3866)   i-Gallery
An online interactive photo gallery with easy navigation of thumbnails in the page. And has a secured features like upload / delete images, create / delete folders, add description and several others.

3867)   Customized on the fly stylesheets
It is an article which decribes about the methods involved in generating stylesheet in their website with the help of codes that the author offers for the users.

3868)   Write file easy with ASP
Novice software devlopers working on ASP can learn from this tutorial, to create and maintain text files in ASP using the ASP function FileSystemObject.

3869)   Webtracker
Webtracker is a user management program which permit the users to receive clear information about the number of hits on their websites on daily basis.

3870)   NetAuctionHelp's Auction Software
NetAuctionHelp's Auction Software is an online auction software written in ASP enabling sellers and merchants to putforth their products on the net.

3871)   How To Retrieve XML Data in ASP with the XML OLE-DB Simple Provider
This online tutorial narrates about setting up an ASP client to project the uses of the OLEDB Simple provider for XML to execute hierarchical XML data. The author further explains about the guidelines to set up and test an ASP page. The source code is given.

3872)   Advanced ASP and ASP Components Discussion
Advanced ASP and ASP Components Discussion is an online communication forum that permits ASP users to share their views on various issues of ASP ans ASP components.

3873)   SalesAhoy
This software is built in ASP used for generating a web based online CRM with graphical representation with full customization support. It can be used in small and medium level organizations.

3874)   FunkyASP Link Tracker
FunkyASP Link Tracker is a link tracking program in ASP. Users can track banner clicks, visitors and more.

3875)   La funzione DatePart
This is a tutorial which shows the method of functioning with date using datepart native VB script function. This tutorial is useful for the users to know more about datepart function.

3876)   Working with Drives, Folders and Files in ASP
By reading this article you would be able to script ASP codes for yourself to navigate through different drives and folders of your web application and to read those files.

3877)   HTMLGraph
It is an ASP based software through which bar graph can be drawn on the webpages. User can easily upload this script in their website. By using this tool the user can display data with colourfull bar graphs.

3878)   Creating a SQL Query Test Page
Users can refer this database tutorial to create a SQL query test page to get correct information from SQL server database.

3879)   Textbook Shopping Cart
The user adds textbooks through the item table by adding entries into the appropriate fields.

3880)   Des Resolve
This tool allows users to determine the IP address of other system through ASP applications. It is included with help files and trouble shooting facility and automated ActiveX DLL control.

3881)   Wise ASP - JScript Basics
This tutorial will be suitable for the ASP coders to learn in detail about the basics of JScript and can learn how to access JScript together with ASP technology.

3882)   Gchats Virtual Chat
Using this ASP driven sotware you can create a virtual messanger on your dynamic website. Some of the inbuilt features are: public and private messaging, searching of users, dynamic room creation, ignore users etc.,

3883)   Using GetRows To Get All Records From Table
The main objective of this online tutorial is to teach the webmasters how to get all the database records from the table and how to save them in an array. The author explains this concept with an example.

3884)   Stargate ASP
Stargate ASP offers many different ASP softwares including, Active Planner, Novell Groupwise, amd more.

3885)   Hotmail Style Help System
Hotmail Style Help System is a tutorial that elaborately discusses about building a help system for web applications which resembles hotmail style help system. The author guides administrators to achieve two features one is related to problems and another one is informative and useful.

3886)   inexSurveyor
Add web-based polls to your web site or intranet. Create unlimited number of polls with no programming in just minutes. Use a web browser to create and manage surveys. Every survey can have unlimited questions and possible answers. Uses SQL database.

3887)   The OmniChex Product Suite
The OmniChex Product Suite is a script built on ASP, by using this users can organize the information of their company or personal websites with the help of web browser, WAP enabled mobile device or mobile phone.

3888)   Infinitemonkeys Messageboard
Infinitemonkeys Messageboard is an online discussion board where programmers can talk about programming languages such ASP and Javascript.

3889)   The Request Object
Collecting client information can be done easily with the help of ASP Request Object. To implement this process, this article lists the required methods and properties with clear explanation.

3890)   Dynamic Content Tree Creation
This tutorial intents to give a simple and explanatory note on how to create a tree view structure for your website pages through VBscript.

3891)   StreamlineDB - Gold
StreamlineDB - Gold is a powerful ASP code generating script that can generate and fabricate web based forms to manage the whole contents of the database.

3892)   XReport
XReport is a program that enables users to generate online HTML reports. This program facilitates users to create grouped results, simple reports and cross tab reports.

3893)   Buz Warmkessel - Introduction to Active Server Pages
This is an article which gives information about ASP. This article shows its advantage, description about HTML and more.

3894)   Session.Abandon
This article describes how to end a session running currently using Abandon method and tells how the created objects in that session are destroyed from server.

3895)   N2D ContactsDB Pro
This is a database tool which is basically built in ASP program and it is completely web based administration. This tool is used to keep the records related to contact information.

3896)   Galleryit Pro
A software for you to creat gallery to show person,products,pets,stamps,etc.

3897)   Creating an Opt-In Email List with Active Server Pages
Generating a web based application to send opt-in email to the users is described in this online ASP article and also teaches about sending text / HTML email.

3898)   PasswordProtect
PasswordProtect secures all or parts of your Web site. You can manage unlimited Web pages and users without programming knowledge, round the clock and in real-time.

3899)   Display stock market information
This is a tutorial that details on creating a program to display stock market information for the site visitors. This is an easy to understand tutorial.

3900)   EasyMail Advanced API
EasyMail Advanced API is a tool of great help to ASP or .NET developers. Programmers can use this API for integrating email systems into their programs.

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