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Top 3901-3950 ASP scripts

Scripts are listed after popularity.       To display the scripts in alphabetical order please click here

3901)   HTMLTemplate - Windows Script Component
This is a tool for generating Windows scripting component which has full functionalties of HTML templates through which you can generate several ASP codes and applications.

3902)   AppDev Training
AppDev is a technical training company that provides full practical as well as concept understanding training. It offers all the microsoft certificates courses such as MCSD, MCDBA, MCSE, MCSA, MCAD.

3903)   eBanner
eBanner is a banner advertisement system.which allows to add unlimited advertisers and unlimited banner ads to the website using the eBanner system.

3904)   NetVIOS Upload Component
NetVIOS Upload Component is a component that allows the webmasters to upload the files from their users' system to their web servers. This component is efficient and simple to use.

3905)   CacheRight for IIS
This is a network component which performs to retrieve images, pdfs and video files from cache memory instead of accessing directly from the server. This tool is basically for the users who repeatedly visit the same page and view the same contents again and again.

3906)   SQL Management
This is a database tool written in ASP. It is used to store data and to retrieve or remove data according to the users preference. It requires no DLL and it is simple to use.

3907)   gee! Photo Gallery Manager
Organize your images online with gee! Photo Gallery Manager. Create galleries of photos with captions. Photos and images are presented in a variety of layouts such as slideshows and lists.

3908)   Random Password Function
Random Password Function is an article in which author offers certain function to generate password randomly in users website itself.

3909)   Migrating from PHP to ASP.NET
Learn about migrating from PHP to ASP.NET. Learn about the features, functionality and architecture of both systems.

3910)   Server-Side Scripting Shootout
Server-Side Scripting Shootout is a reference that guides webmasters to know about how to create web based applications by using databases with facility to respond to user input. This program provides references by comparing the pros and cons of different server side languages with ASP.

3911)   Working with Drives and Folder
This ASP script will be a handy tool for the webmasters to access web server drives like floppy, CD drive for collecting information about the disk drives and it's folders.

3912)   Creating an Array
This online array chapter will be very useful for those who want to get an introduction on arrays through ASP. Several ways to build an array are taught in detail.

3913)   GO Chat
This is an ASP-based chat program that does not use any database or FSO. Features private messages, images, automatic refresh and more.

3914)   Using GetDate Function in an SQL Statement
This article guides the users to retrieve date and time of SQL server using GetDate Function in SQL statement. It offers sample code snippets for the users.

3915)   PerlScript for ASP
PerlScript for ASP is a reference guide that explains about how to work PERL with Active Server Pages. This will be essential for the PERL users to have an ASP environment.

3916)   Browser Capabilities Component
It is a tutorial which deals with browser capability component which generates browser type objects which detects the details of visitors web browsers.

3917)   Graphic Hit Counter display (ASP)
This script is basically built by using ASP codes. It is used for tracking the website traffic and displays report as numerical value on the website.

3918)   Deleting records in a database table
This effective tutorial clearly explains you about how to delete the records from the Access datbase table. Deletion can be performed based on any criteria.

3919)   Application StaticObjects Collection
ASP learners can utilize this online tutorial to gain more information on ASP Application Object and can learn in detail about StaticObjects - one of the Collection of Application Object.

3920)   ASPTicTacToe
ASP Tic Tac Toe is the game done in ASP. The source program of the game is given in this site which helps the designers to implement this tool in thier webpage to entertain the visitors. This game is very easy to play.

3921)   IP Tracker
IP Tracker is a program which allows the users to track the number of visitors viewing their websites. This program helps to detect malicious users causing problems to the websites.

3922)'s Advanced Cart
An useful ASP shopping cart for selling products online. You can implement this script on your existing website with HTML forms in a single ASP file.

3923)   Grab Stock Lite
Grab Stock Lite is an ActiveX DLL which can retrieve the stock prices right from the market and also symbols, change, last trade and more.

3924)   Response.Flush
clear details are taught in this tutorial about Flush method of ASP Response Object to display the buffered content on web pages.

3925)   devtools
This is an ASP based online database tool which can be integrated into any website to access databases from the active server pages.

3926)   Enterprise Instant Messenger
This web based chat application enables you to offer live support service to your customers through more securty and effective admin features. Formatting messages, grouping users, IP filtering are some of the salient features.

3927)   WebEdit Pro
WebEdit Pro is a browser-based website management system with file management and editing capabilities. It enables any user without much technical knowledge to create, edit and update their website through a browser.

3928)   Tax Table Library SDK
Tax Table Library SDK is the engine behind the Paycheck City calculators. Ideally suitable for developers of payroll software.

3929)   Smart Survey 1.0
Create unlimited cool Flash Surveys on your site & get valuable feedback from visitors in a minute. Purchase this surefire tool to get valuable information from your customers in a minute.

3930)   Member Management System
Member Management System is a user management program which permit the users to maintain the registered members of their website. This program protects members from spammers.

3931)   The Last-Modified Header in ASP
This is a tutorial which shows the method of using the last-modified header in ASP for saving network bandwidth.

3932)   Starter Kit II
Starter Kit II is a program which allows the users to generate membership website of their own. This program has many enhanced features that helps users to create and secure their files.

3933)   ASPWatcher
ASPWatcher is a program, which lets users to perform and to display the status of the IIS servers. Users can make it possible by allowing a single copy of ASP watcher to run on each and every server.

3934)   ActivXperts Socket (Winsock) Component
ActivSocket allows you an easy-to-use scripting interface for TCP/IP communications. With ActivSocket, you can very easily create or extend applications with network functionality.

3935)   IP Works SSL V5 ASP Edition
IP Works SSL V5 ASP Edition is a program which allows the users to create internet or intranet applications with several components. This program includes components like IMAPS, SOAPS, SMTPS, HTMLMailerS etc.

3936)   Website Feedback Mailer
This tutorial deals with the security of email addresses and provides the ways to protect emails from being misused by others by prompting you to create a form application in ASP to receive feedback from your users.

3937)   Send Binary Data from ASP
Sending documents and files through web browsers at client side is described in detail and this article provides the code to transmit binary data through ASP.

3938)   TSP Help Desk
TSP Help Desk is a program which comes with the ability to help webmaters in creating help desk solutions. It is a secured application that has several enhanced features.

3939)   Welcome to WebF1 Chat
It is an ASP chat application with various chat options for chatting with other ASP programmers. This tool is very easy to handle.

3940)   XcPhotoAlbum
XcPhotoAlbum a very customizable and flexible way to add photo albums to your web site. Makes it a snap to add and update photos on your site. Share your photos with friends and family. Showcase your products in action.

3941)   HR Assist
HR Assist allows your company to manage and match candidates to jobs as well as manage job listings .

3942)   Avoid ADOVBS.INC
This tutorial deals with ADOVBS.INC which has to be eliminated from the ASP pages inorder to avoid breaking of ASP pages. Here are few codes that can be added into the ASP pages that have to be added on each ASP page to increase the performance of that particular page.

3943)   ASP Shopping Cart
ASP Shopping Cart is a tutorial that provides e-commerce solution for the ASP users. They can build and run a full-featured ecommerce business with the help of this article.

3944)   Calcolare differenze tra le date
This is a tutorial which shows the method to calculate difference between two dates. It also explains about the functions of Datediff.

3945)   SMS and Pager Component
By installing this software on a modem connected system you can implement both SMS and pager messaging services on your online applications.

3946)   Chat Bot
This is a little database driven ASP chat bot that simulates a conversation with a sales assistant, etc.

3947)   Emal Pranker
Uses CDONTS and ASP to set up a application on your web site which allows visitors to sign up, log in and send prank emails to their friends.

3948)   IISGate
IISGate is a program which allows the users to access and mange their websites. The users can perform validation process through window and cookie based authentication.

3949)   Infomentum ASPLightning
ASPLightning is a packaging and deployment tool that protects the intellectual property of ASP (Active Server Pages) application developers and boost the performance of their applications.

3950)   Keeping VB Components Compatible
This is an easy to understand ASP tutorial in which the author discusses about the process of selecting a suitable compatibility setting to work along with ActiveX component.

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