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Top 351-400 ASP scripts

Scripts are listed after popularity.       To display the scripts in alphabetical order please click here

351)   Encoding and decoding strings using the ROT13 method
This is a simple article that explains users in encoding and decoding a line of text using the ROT13 method. This is a very simple encoding method and does not encrypts the text and so cannot be used to encode sensitive informations like passwords etc.

352)   Counting the Occurances of a Letter in a String
This little ASP article enables you to clearly understand the process of finding the total occurance of a particular character in a text statement.

353)   Power Banner ASP
Power Banner ASP is an Ad Management ASP for your Web-site. It includes extremely powerful ad selecting methodology that delivers ads based on weights, impressions, and dates that can be set.

354)   SearchPro
This is an ASP based search engine that can be integrated into users website for searching datas in the ASP pages.

355)   MLM Script
MLM script in ASP with 10 level referrals , supports all kinds of payment options like Paypal,Stormpay,E-gold . Good Admin Section to maintain everything.

356)   AspGrid
It is an ASP based server control component which provides grid interface with the database and has just three lines of codes. This component provides the full data bounded grid control for the database.

357)   Add email account to a windows 2003 pop3 service using script
Let's you add an user email account to windows 2003 pop3 service using script. The script is written in VBA 6 (You can use it in Visual basic 6, Excel, Access, ...), you can modify it for VB Script or VB.Net. Manage accounts locally or remotelly.

358)   Web File Manager for Active Directory
Powerful web based file manager for IIS web servers. It's been designed to use secure NTLM authentication and it can automatically authorize users based on their security group membership. It provides an intelligent web interface and allows users remotely access their personal or common folders.

359)   NSLookup without additional server components
This tutorial provides a code snippet which is capable of performing an IPlookup without using any third party server components.

360)   Jun Qin Studio Guestbook
Jun Qin Studio Guestbook is an online asp based guestbook.

361)   DataBase Editor
DataBase Editor is an ASP based script that allows you to manage your website database from the browser. Demo available.

362)   VisuBox
VisuBox is a application that lets your visitors to chat while surfing in your site. Absolutely free, no database, no writing file, no global.asa. Just upload and include in your page.

363)   ASPPicture
ASPPicture is a program based on ASP which can be used by the webmasters to display diagrams regarding to any data using database. It can be easily used by the users.

364)   Trace your referrer
This smaller online ASP article will be more useful for novice programmers in ASP to track the statistics with referrer details in ASP pages.

365)   UDPClient
UDP is an useful protocol used for communication systems through internet. This protocol is a part of TCP and IP. It has error correction facility which validates error before it sends to another system.

366)   ActiveNews
ActiveNews is an ASP based content management program that can be used to create different types of news related contents such as, press releases, announcements etc and manage them on the websites.

367)   Jal Calendar
This script allows webmasters to display their website with calendar. It is built in ASP program. It navigates web users to a specific day in the year accurately.

368)   UPS Realtime shipping calculator
Enable your online store to calculate USPS shipping rates in realtime with this easy-to-use code supplement. This is a smart ASP code snippet that you can easily plugin into your checkout page.

369)   The FileSystemObject: Folder Object
A descriptive explanation is provided in this online tutorial about ASP Folder Object of FileSystemObject which will be more useful to implement the folder based tasks within ASP scripts.

370)   Clox Webmaster
This script is used for displaying international time settings on the website. It shows different time sectors of different places like, Los Angeles, New York, London, Mumbai and Sydney on the website. Clocks are displayed in a row form. Users can change the style of the clock easily.

371)   Countdown Script
This is a script that explains the method of counting the hours, minutes, etc., inbetween the specified time.

372)   Simple E-Mail Validation
This smaller and powerful ASP script checks the email addresses by checking it's normal format on the web forms. Widely useful for web based systems to receive email addresses through web forms.

373)   ASP Time
This is an ASP component used to display stop clock on ASP pages. It has several functions and easy to operate it. This tool can be used in any application to watch duration of work.

374)   SpitOutBox
SpitOutBox is a program based on ASP using which webmasters can build and manage a guestbook for their site visitors. This program allows visitors to enter numerous entries.

375)   Infomentum ActiveFile .NET 2.4.1
ActiveFile is a component that provides a robust set of methods for manipulating files and directories. ActiveFile's support for both file uploading and downloading lets developers of ASP and ASP.NET applications have an integrated solution to the problem of exchanging data files

376)   Ultralite Chat
Ultralite Chat is an ASP chat program that requires no database with pass word protection to maintain private rooms and provides other general chat features.

377)   FileSystemObject: CreateTextFile and OpenTextFile
Functionalities and benefits of CreateTextFile and OpenTextFile methods of File Object are demonstrated in detail on this tutorial in an easier understandable way.

378)   iNavigate
iNavigate is an ASP program, by using which webmasters can build navigation menu on their websites. It has several enhanced features for the webmasters to create an easy to use menu on their websites.

379)   Perfect Dealership
Perfect Dealership lets you build an online auto dealer system with flexible maintenance features. Supports ASP based platforms. Images can be uploaded for vehicles display and via admin panel, products can be managed easily.

380)   Read and write windows INI files in VBS
You can read and write standard formatted windows INI configuration files with this set of functions (GetINIString / WriteINIString VBS functions).

381)   Dynamic Content - Flash and ASP
Dynamic Content - Flash and ASP is an online tutorial in which the author explains about creating dynamic image gallery by the use of FileSystemObject of ASP and new MovieClipLoader of Flash.

382)   Creating a Database-Driven Login Page
It is a tutorial in which author provides various codes about login and tracking process which can be installed in the users website.

383)   StrCat.Catter - An Efficient String Concatenation Component
This ASP tutorial eliminates the disadvantages with VBScript's concatenation process and provides you the StrCat.Catter component to join two text strings in ASP programs.

384)   csImageFile
This ASP component resizes, joins & edits images. Supports JPG, BMP, PNG, PCX & WBMP files and can export to non-LZW GIF. Save to file or stream images to the browser.

385)   A Text-Based Search Engine
This ASP tutorial concentrates on text based search engine through which users can learn about how to create a search engine in their website to help the visitors to search for a particular file with the help of file system objects.

386)   Creating a simple ad rotating system using ASP
Creating a simple ad rotating system using ASP is a tutorial that discusses about creating and rotating ad banners by using Ad rotator component on ASP supported websites.

387)   Animated Fade In Fade Out Menu (ASP)
Animated Fade In/Fade Out Menu (ASP) is a program using which webmasters can build menus with a fade effect to help their visitors navigate on their websites. It is an easy to use program.

388)   BP Blog
This is an easy to use blog program and is developed with ASP that can be used by the site visitors to post their views and ideas on the site.

389)   ASP Datagrid
This script is based on ASP which is used to create a database table with full of customization facility. It enables users to edit, sort, update and search data from the database table.

390)   WebTab
WebTab is a program which webmasters can use as a tool to create the web interface on their websites. They can facilitate the created web page to suit the visitors needs using this program.

391)   Visitor Count (Non - Global.asa)
You can watch the amount of visitors coming to your website with this real time counter.

392)   BoardServer
It is an ASP based online messaging board that can be integrated into users website, maintain existing customer relationship, expand potential base, manage customer feedback and response.

393)   ASPBite FAQ
With the help of this ASP based FAQ manager you can provide as many information about your site, service, scripts, etc as you want to keep your visitors informed basically. Ability to integrate with existing web design.

394)   DynuEncrypt
DynuEncrypt is a program which permit the users to encrypt and decrypt data or messages with password on their webpages. This program utilizes cipher DES technology for encryption.

395)   AdvZip
This is an ASP based component with compression solution. It offer zip and unzip facility to files and folder, retrieving files from the unzip, decompressing the compressed files, content from the zip files can be sorted.

396)   Discussion Group
Discussion Group is an ASP based program that has facilities of newsgroups and message boards in html environment. This program needs no special softwares to run and could function on a normal browser.

397)   ActiveX ByteArray object for ASP
Object to work with safearray binary data (bytearray) and string data in VBScript/ASP. Lets you read and write binary data from disk, convert the binary to a string/hexstring, Base64, codepage/charset (including Unicode/utf-8) and punycode/idn conversion

398)   dgCalendar
dgCalendar allows to custom calander with very simple steps. You can specify or select the calander period. Also able to customize the look and feel by selecting the required display parameters.

399)   ASP Count Active Users Script
This tutorial is basically for the web developers which gives them several tips about how to find active users on their website and count them. This article has given code snippets for the users.

400)   FSO - The FileSystem Object
Five inbuilt objects and all methods of FileSystem Object is clearly demonstrated on this online ASP tutorial which would be useful for the learners in ASP language.

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