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Top 3951-4000 ASP scripts

Scripts are listed after popularity.       To display the scripts in alphabetical order please click here

3951)   Compulsive News Ultimate (CNU5)
This is a news management solution and is written in ASP that helps webmasters to manage news contents on their websites. This program comes with many enhanced features.

3952)   Getting Rid of the Apostrophe
Webmasters and developers who deal with MS SQL database for storing information can get more useful solutions from this ASP article to solve their problems with apostrophe.

3953)   Unformat Script
This tool is helpful for the programmers to secure their script by not allowing others to read. It also prevents others from copying their scripts.

3954)   Troubleshooting ASP.NET Applications on IIS 6.0
Get detailed information on how to debug .NET applications on IIS 6.0

3955)   ContentMan
ContentMan is a web content management tool. It enables website owners to easily update the text on their website. All textual updates can be done through the internet through a simple web browser.

3956)   DB_Upgrade
MS Access databases can be upgraded and compared then and there with the help of this tool. Users can compare different version databases and also update clients information.

3957)   A Look at ASP 3.0
Those who need to learn the new aspects in IIS 5.0 / ASP 3.0, can utilize this online tutorial for fast and easier understanding.

3958)   CollabWeb web content management
CollabWeb web content management is a ASP based content management software with which users can create, maintain and publish contents on their websites. Users need not have any HTML knowledge to use this program.

3959)   Website Membership & Password Protected Pages
This Application allows you to improve your website by gathering user information on a Microsoft Access Database. With Website Membership & Password Protected Pages you can also create a membership level system for your website. The search option for Username and Email is also available.

3960)   Sending HTML with CDO
Email related ASP tutorial that describes the uses of CDO component with sending HTML files in emails with brief explanation. It has a sample program that gives the syntax properly.

3961)   List of Server Variables
This variables in ASP article defines few of the server variables that can be used on website applications and provides required source code for free.

3962)   Showing data from a database
The main topic discussed in this online tutorial is about showing data from a database. The author explains with an example in this article.

3963)   Remote Scripting With JavaScript and ASP - Introduction
This tutorial explains about setting up remote scripting. This tutorial clearly says that remote scripting requires IIS on Windows 98, NT, XP or 2000.

3964)   FWA interactive help
FWA interactive help is a program which allows programmers to let their visitors to collect specific information from their file contents.

3965)   Google as Engine For Your Site
This is an article in which author discusses about how to make google as a search engine for your website with the help of string that the author offers for you in this article.

3966)   How do I page through a recordset?
This online article narrates about paging through a resultset while designing web pages. The author discusses about rows per page issue and comes with more solutions. This article is a suitable article for the learners to eradicate the issues in paging through a recordset.

3967)   MMK Cart
MMK Cart is a program with which website administrators can have an enhanced shopping cart system on their ASP based websites. This program comes with several features including shipping calculation.

3968)   PowerTCP Server Tool
PowerTCP Server Tool is a server program which allows the users to generate a custom server with security for any applications with TCP, FTP and DNS protocols.

3969)   Using Server.MapPath
Through this online ASP tutorial, you will learn the simple steps to obtain a physical path from a virtual path clearly and easily using Server.MapPath.

3970)   Viewing records one page at a time with ASP
The main core of this online tutorial is to show how to navigate and view records one page at a time in ASP. Using page properties of the recordset object, the author explains this with an example.

3971)   Rchart
Rchart is a familiar chart which is so simple to use and more effective product. It helps the visitors to save time when creating the chart. The chart Applet downloaded fastly in the client side.

3972)   Accessing the System Registry using MS SQL Server - PART 1
This tutorial teaches users how to access system registry with the help of MS SQL server. The author clearly explains by providing appropriate examples.

3973)   gee! Coupon Manager
Create and display internet coupons on your website. Promote sale items dynamically with Coupon Manager. Visitors only see the current coupons; all expired coupons are automatically removed.

3974)   aspWebCalendar
aspWebCalendar is an easy to use and customize .asp (Active Server Pages) script that allows you to easily create an online events calendar that supports multiple users.

3975)   Using Access in ASP.NET - Fetching the Results
Learn how to do Fetching the Results using Access in ASP.NET. This website offers a tutorial.

3976)   Primal Blue- Stats Pro
This is a web traffic analyser tool which is helpful for the webmasters to track their website traffic regularly and to view their sites track report in statistical mode. It tracks who is currently online, unique visitors of the website and many information about the site visitors.

3977)   Client Side Scripting Techniques for Intranets with VBScript
In this article, it is intended to differentiate the usage between JScript and VBScript in building intranet applications that suggests you to use either of them for better performance instead of using both.

3978)   ASP Dictionary Object
The usage of dictionary object is listed in this ASP article that educates you about how to access methods and properties of this object to manipulate data through several examples.

3979)   aspSmartSecurity
Through your ASP pages, aspSmartSecurity permits you to manage NT permissions on files and folders very easily. AccessMask String for easy use, Ready-to-use samples, and more.

3980)   CactuShop
CactuShop is a simple e-commerce software that offers custom solution for all online sellers and merchants to setup shopping cart system on their website.

3981)   Searching articles for hand-picked keywords
This tutorial guides the users to perform easy searching using keywords that are stored into the database. This suggest the users to search the whole document with ease.

3982)   Downloading files to the browser with ADODB.Stream
This is an online article that explains the method of retrieving file attributes from the files and applicability of ADODB.Stream in sending files to customer browsers.

3983)   Session_OnEnd
This ASP article provides clear details about Session_OnEnd event and tells how to include JScript and VBScript to perform some process when the session is abandoned or timed out.

3984)   Tag consulting - What is ASP.Net
This article gives information regarding ASP.NET. Its functions, advantages, etc., are also described in this article.

3985)   Using ASP and Office Automation to execute an Access Macro
This is a very simple online tutorial about implementing Office Automation and ASP to run a Macro in Access.

3986)   Infomentum ActiveProfile
Use ActiveProfile to easily personalize your Active Server Pages application without relying on browser cookies. You can set program and user group defaults for your application, or let users set their own options. ActiveProfile provides a multiuser solution to the problem of adding customization capabilities to Web-enabled applications

3987)   JScript Variables
Coders in JScript can go through this online tutorial to learn how to use variables and it's usages, rules in declaring variables and datatype conversion process are demonstrated with simple means of examples.

3988)   Online tracking System
This is a website tracker script used for counting total number of visitors ever visited your site, their system resolution and system configuration and more.

3989)   PenPal
This program has been powered using ASP language which can be used with web based community system. Visitors on your website can provide their personal details with their own message and pictures and can set them to be visible to others.

3990)   SAWeb
SAWeb is Simply Accounting Web Account Lookup Interface. It permits you to display account data and information for Simply Accounting v8.0 which is on your site.

3991)   eFAQ Manager
With the help of this ASP script FAQ generation and maintenance can be done on the fly. Supports SQL / Access server, new query posting, ranking FAQ, natural language with queries, quicker searching capacity and still a lot more.

3992)   Learning to Love WSDL: Web Services Real-World Scenario
Learn about the contracts that XML Web services describe between systems using standard XML technologies (XML, XSD, WSDL, and SOAP), and dig into exactly how XML Web services are implemented in ASP.NET.

3993)   ETI Chat
It is an ASP based chat application which allows the users to chat with their subordinates with the help of a web browser interface. This program support multiple users simultaneously.

3994)   advanced membership system
Signup users,confirm by email,user status,high security,sort users, update,delete,add users.block User login by IP.

3995)   Sending Email with ASP
A simple but an effective way to learn how to send emails using ASP is explained from the basic with detailed explanation that allows you to learn it online.

3996)   Upload file using IE+ADO without user interaction - VBS
This tutorial will explain how to upload your website files using IE and ADO. You will also come to know how to read the contents of binary files from the disk.

3997)   Select Random Row Using Stored Procedure
This tutorial helps the users to retrieve random row with records from database using stored procedure and also it demonstrates how it works for retrieving data.

3998)   Using ASPMail to Send Form Contents
Learning how to send all values in the form to an email address using the server object ASPMail is explained simply with the help of a little program.

3999)   dbQwikSITE
It is an ASP based database program that helps the user to generate web pages with the content of the users database. It suppots PHP, ASP and easy to integrate into other applications.

4000)   Web-based Content Editor
Web-based Content Editor is a powerful content authoring and editing tool It is entirely browser based. It allows you to create online HTML editing application for real time publishing. It allows you to create, edit and maintain online content using just a browser.

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