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Top 4051-4100 ASP scripts

Scripts are listed after popularity.       To display the scripts in alphabetical order please click here

4051)   ASP Objects Quick Reference
This is an effective ASP reference guide that describes all the ASP objects with working examples of code clearly. This reference guide is simple and easy to use.

4052)   Web based HTML Email Merge
Web based HTML Email Merge is a component that can be used by the customers to send and receive personalised HTML emails from their database using their webmasters web browsers easily.

4053)   Web Stats Manager
This tool is used for analysing the website traffic. It offers four different options like, mailing options, suppression options, limiting options and generation option and each section has different features.

4054)   ViewStateMagic
ViewStateMagic is a program which serves users by managing the values of the elements according to the server requests.

4055)   Using DateDiff function in SQL Statement
This article gives definition about the usage of DateDiff function in SQL statement to calculate difference between two date.

4056)   WebScraper
This component is used to send and receive data and HTTP headers using HTTP protocol. It has HTTPS support to secure web pages. It stores retrieved data into a file.

4057)   ASP Tree Calendar
This script is used for displaying a tree like calendar on the website which makes it easy for the site visitors to pick their required month, date, day and year quickly.

4058)   Multi-dimensional arrays
This web based ASP article describes and provides functions on Multi-dimensional array creation which lets you develop your knowledge in arrays.

4059)   ePhoto Gallery
This is a photo gallery in which thousands of images can be stored. Registered member can retreive, share and add their photos in the gallery.

4060)   Digt Personalization Kit
Personalization Kit is a COM based IIS User Authentication system. It provides high performance user authentication, password protection and member system for ISP/WPP, website owners, web developers and server administrators.

4061)   HTTP Architecture for ASP.NET
ASP.NET is built on a core set of classes and interfaces that abstract the HTTP protocol.

4062)   Exchange Commerce Manager
Exchange Commerce Manager is a powerful software capable of creating and managing customizable store fronts with attractive design layouts through browser base GUI.

4063)   DUamazon
DUamazon is an ASP-based storefront for Amazon Associates. Place DUamazon onto to your Web site and start earning big money from sending your users to Amazon stores.

4064)   CartGenie Pro Edition
This shopping cart software is capable of handling unlimited number of products on the cart with volume discounts. This software uses SQL database for storing the product details and is integrated with a powerful, search engine.

4065)   Picture Gallery Pro
Picture Gallery Pro is a powerful application designed with Active X components that can generate thumbnails and icons for all your images and pictures of your gallery.

4066)   Writing a Stored Procedure
This article directs the users for writing a stored procedure by their own by referring the instructions provided in this tutorial.

4067)   Advanced ASP Template Parser
This is a ASP based template editor and content parser that helps users to add contents on their websites from external websites. This program supports remote, local and database records for templates.

4068)   Open Site Editor
Open Site Editor is an open source ASP based content management solution that can be used to maintain and update contents on the websites. This is an easy to use program.

4069)   XMLMenus
XMLMenus is an easy to use menu building software compatible with any browser types. You can create menus and sub-menus for your application with efficient XML codes.

4070)   SQL: Custom WHERE in SPROC
This online tutorial explains about how to generate a SQL stored procedure which allows to point an arbitrary number of parameters. The author higlights the usage of Custom WHERE Clause in SQL.

4071)   CoverYourASP - Advertising
CoverYourASP - Advertising is a tutorial that clearly explains about how to create banners on ASP supported websites to perform ad management.

4072)   AWS HTML Producer 4.0
AWS HTML Producer is an enterprise-level HTML processing solution that not only provides advanced HTML template parsing features, but also extracts virtually any data from any web site!

4073)   User Details Tool (ASP)
Want to show your visitor's information about their browser? Or grab their I.P. address? Use this ASP code generator to create an ASP script to do it.

4074)   Using ASP to Connect to an Access Database
Active Server Pages is useful to communicate with any ODBC compatible database which is proved in this online tutorial. The author explains the art of linking to an access database.

4075)   ASP Stock Ticker
ASP Stock Ticker is a program built on ASP that allows wqebmasters to build a real time stock quote displayer on websites.

4076)   An Email Validation Routine
It is able to check the validation of an email address through this ASP program. More useful for the developers in ASP programming to create web based email applications.

4077)   Dynamic Drop Down Box To List Years
This simple tutorial helps to generate a script that automatically fills the consecutive years after the users initial input. In this tutorial you can see the example code for creating the dropdown box that displays the list of years.

4078)   Page-level Event Methods
It is an article which describes about page level events method which helps to register a component whenever it is created by the web server.

4079)   Detecting if JavaScript is enabled
It would be a suitable tutorial for those who want to verify if their users browser support javascript or not and provides tips to give alternate ways if javascript is not available.

4080)   Building Web-Based Database Applications Using RDS and ASP
Building Web-Based Database Applications Using RDS and ASP is a tutorial that guides users to create web based database applications using the combination of ASP and RDS by providing detailed explanation and sample codes.

4081)   Display Server Variables
The functions used to get server variable values are listed in this web based ASP article which is widely useful for programmers in ASP language.

4082)   ASPPhotoResizer
ASP component to resize JPEG images. Images can be saved to disk or streamed to the browser. Functionality includes rotate, crop and flip, adjust compression and DPI, convert to greyscale. Converts images from CMYK format. Free trial.

4083)   How To Log Events from Active Server Pages
One can learn about logging events from Active Server Pages with the help of COM components or Windows script host's shell object by using this article.

4084)   Application Contents Collection
The ASP Application Object's collection, Application.Contents is illustrated with proper explanation on this tutorial which lets you utilize them within your ASP scripts.

4085)   Spirit
Spirit is an ASP based program that can be used to make site management simpler. This program offers integrated tools to achieve your tasks and to save time by reducing common tasks.

4086)   ZipEnable
ZipEnable is a program that helps users to enhance the compression functionality of the Internet Information Server 6.0. This program allows users to manage HTTP compression on IIS 6.0 with ease.

4087)   ocxMail
Flicks Software's OCXMail ASP component allows you to send mail using the standard SMTP protocol from any program that can use ActiveX/OLE components.

4088)   ASP 3.0 Collections
ASP 3.0 Collections is a quick reference source for the collections that are availabe with the built-in ASP objects. It explains all the collections with syntax and examples.

4089)   Scheduled Email Reports
Scheduled Email Reports is a tutorial that details on creating schedular which can be used for email reporting. This provided program will function with the help of XML file.

4090)   Using Scripting Languages
With this ASP article, you can learn in detail about the scripting languages and it provides solutions to set and manipulate the primary Scripting Languages to access server side scripts. Solutions to handle objects within all languages is available.

4091)   iCMS Content Management
iCMS Content Management is a CMS program and is developed with ASP that can be used to create, add, delete or edit contents on websites from a browser based interface.

4092)   Stp Database Administrator
This database administrator tool is used to manage MS Access database online. Users are allowed to customize the database structure and properties of database.

4093)   SquareJelly
SquareJelly is a content management solution and is developed with ASP that can be used to build and manage contents on the websites. This program is suitable for both enterprise and small business websites.

4094)   ActiveLogger
ActiveLogger is a program which allows the users to log details from their ASP applications. This program is helpful for the system administrators.

4095)   Clog the Spam Machine
From this online ASP lesson, you will be able to protect your email addresses from email spammers, grabbers etc., effectively by creating similar fake email addresses.

4096)   Gchats WebDir
Full featured web directory application for your website. Fully controllable by system administrator. Updatable structure by site owners , sign up , add scripts , update scripts and search ability.

4097)   Web Banners
This ASP based banner rotation system is now available for *free*! Features include: Random banner rotation, ability to track impressions and click-thru's, web based password protected administration area to delete/modify/add advertisers, client area to view statistics, and more!

4098)   MailBee WebMail Lite
WebMail Lite is a FREE set of ASP scripts that organize email web-interface. WebMail Lite allows users to receive, view, manage, compose and send email through web-interface (using POP3 and SMTP protocols).

4099)   CyberOffice Shopping Cart
CyberOffice Shopping Cart is an active database driven online shopping cart software with flexible storefront page layout enabling admin to sell products online.

4100)   ASP Tutorial Lesson 1: "Hello World"
Creating files in ASP and viewing them via internet browser can be learnt easily from this ASP tutorial with the help of examples.

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