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Top 4101-4150 ASP scripts

Scripts are listed after popularity.       To display the scripts in alphabetical order please click here

4101)   Batch update records
This article demonstrate you for updating recordsets in ASP. It allows the users to update multiple records from database from a single web form.

4102)   AiS Watermark Pictures Protect
AiS Watermark Pictures is a type of protector to protect the images. Images can be watermarked with AiS Watermark Pictures Protect image editor.

4103)   Using GetString to Populate a Table
This online tutorial is all about populating a table in ASP. The author describes this concept with an example.

4104)   Recording Page Hits with Microsoft's Page Counter Object
This tutorial gives an introduction of how to record page hits with Microsoft's page counter object. Sample code has been provided for quick understanding.

4105)   Sakki's ASP Chat
This is an easy to setup ASP chat script that uses application variables to store the chat. It allows you to shows list of guests online

4106)   Database-Driven WWW Help System
This article tells about the integration of a help system into the web applications. The author explains about using Apache WWW server which acts as a referer URL with the sample code.

4107)   SmashCast
SmashCast is an online digital photo communication. The smash web studio will load your digital photos and music and produce it to the world wide web in a quick period of time.

4108)   Alivesites Site Search
Alivesites Site Search is a program that facilitates webmasters to include searching functionality to their websites. This program performs searching over documents, links, text and images.

4109)   DateAdd Function
This is a tutorial that shows the function of DateAdd Function and this tutorial is more useful for the beginners.

4110)   DynuCreditCard
DynuCreditCard is an useful ASP program designed to provide easy means of validating customer's credit cards. This software supports all credit cards available in the market.

4111)   aw3 Banner Ad
aw3 Banner Ad is an ad management tool used to facilitate web page with rotating banner ads. It has customization facility to add, edit and remove banners. Users can use their own images on the banners.

4112)   XStandard - XHTML WYSIWYG Editor
XHTML WYSIWYG Editor is an ASP based program using which administrators can perform content management on their websites. It uses CSS to let the users to customize the look and feel of their websites.

4113)   The Server Object: New in ASP 3.0
Three new methods in Server Object - Execute, GetLastError, Transfer are elaborately described in this ASP tutorial using which you can write advanced ASP scripts.

4114)   Validate a UserID and Password against multiple tables in your database
It is an online authenticatioon application which can be integrated into users website for validating the visitors username and the password from mulitiple tables of the users database.

4115)   Session Contents Collection
A clear demonstration is available online in this tutorial on 'Session Contents Collection' of ASP Session Object which would be of great use for the ASP developers.

4116)   IIS 5 and HTTP
IIS 5 and HTTP is a tutorial in which the author explains about HyperText Transfer Protocol and illustrates the occurence of real time request through HTTP.

4117)   Installing IIS on the Windows XP Pro Operating system
This is a tutorial in which users can find information about installing IIS on the computers by using Windows XP professional CD-ROM. Here the author explains the procedures step by step for a better understanding.

4118)   Inserting records into a database table
This simple online article helps the developers to know about the process of inserting data into the table in an Access database. The author explains this concept of inserting records with an example.

4119)   SQL Reserved Words
It is a reference article which helps the users by reminding them about the reserved words which should not be used in naming the database fields.

4120)   Choosing a scripting language for ASP
Choosing a scripting language for ASP is an useful article which provides some tips to select the script language for your ASP applications. This tool explains the features of Javascript and VB script languages.

4121)   Response Object
A clear description about all properties, methods and collections of ASP Response Object can be learnt easily through this online ASP learning resource.

4122)   Connections And Server Database Permissions
Connections And Server Database Permissions is a tutorial that discusses about the SYSTEM DSN and DSN-LESS and permission setting on servers.

4123)   Upper And Lower Case Data
After reading this article the beginners can clearly understand the implementation of upper and lower case data. The author implies about this concept with an example.

4124)   Form Mail
This script is used for generating an online email form on the website to keep contact with site visitors regularly by receiving feed back from them.

4125)   OneWorldStore
OneWorldStore is a shopping cart system that comes with the ability to allow website administrators to construct and manage an online store with ease.

4126)   ServerMask
ServerMask is a program that has the ability to prevent intruders from collecting information about servers by masking HTTP header data. This will be useful for IIS 4.0, 5.0 and 6.0.

4127)   NZ Simple Photo Catalog
NZ Simple Photo Catalog is a source code that can be installed in the users website to create a photo gallery. This tool lists all the photos and their description from a specified directory and the user can view any selected photo.

4128)   Examining a text string with ASP and DHTML
The process of checking a text string contains valid characters that can be perfectly done with the help of string functions which can be learnt with example coding provided in this ASP tutorial.

4129) Discussion Forums Discussion Forums is an online communication through which members can clear their doubts related to database issues by posting them.

4130)   Why ASP ?
This is an article which shows the usage of ASP. This article is easily understandable and an useful article for the novice programmers.

4131)   PowerTCP WebServer Tool
PowerTCP WebServer Tool is a simple utility that can enable any application with web-based access. It can accept HTTP and HTTPS connections.

4132)   CoverYourASP - Download and install CoverYourASP!
CoverYourASP - Download and install CoverYourASP! tells users how to download all the tutorials and scripts from CoverYourASP for later reference.

4133)   Team Manager
Team Manager is a script built on ASP specially for small teams to share the files and tasks about their projects with other members. They can also find an event scheduling calendar in this application.

4134)   OCXHttp
This is an HTTP component used to send and receive data from other web pages. It accepts both images and documents from any applications. User can get return codes for inspection.

4135)   VP-ASP Shopping Carts
VP-ASP Shopping Carts provides more varieties of shopping carts with good features. The cost is more affordable along with discount.

4136)   CacheRight
CacheRight is a program that can be utilized by the website administrators to create and manage powerful cache control policies for IIS web servers.

4137)   Simulate an MS Access Datasheet in ASP
This tutorial gives instruction to the developers for simulating an MS Access datasheet on ASP. It helps the users to add and update data records in the database.

4138)   Three methods of opening an ADO Recordset
The webmasters can learn about three important methods to open an ADO recordset and query details from the database through this online tutorial. The sample source code is available along with the article.

4139)   Rarely Used Logical Operators in VBScript
This is VBScript tutorial that elucidates the logical operators in VBScript. These operators are explained with examples. This tutorial is simple and easy to use.

4140)   Complete ASP Data Driven Web Site
Complete ASP Data Driven Web Site is an article that comes with components, database connections, chat, member section etc., Users can use this to either learn or to empower their websites.

4141)   Style Tags Resource Center
This article helps the webdevelopers to get an idea about the generation of hyperlink in different styles, mouse over style tip and how to change the background color of a web page.

4142)   Detecting the user's screen size
This tutorial clearly explains about detecting clients screen size to allow the website content and layout to suit for all screen size.

4143)   Subroutine and Functions
Several given easier means of examples in this scripting article let you understand on what functions and subroutines are in a faster and easier manner.

4144)   Deciphering Microsoft's .Net puzzle
This article describes about the puzzles of ASP.NET. This article describes about the structure of .NET and more which is more useful for the visitors.

4145)   Bar Chart
Bar Chart is a simple code that allows you to create graphical display of a list of numbers. The numbers need to be in an array.

4146)   ASPCal
AspCal is a calendar application for Microsoft IIS -based web servers that run Active Server Pages. AspCal is intended for workgroup use, that is for any group of people who work together and need to be aware of the others' whereabouts and to be able to schedule meetings, etc.

4147)   Get the Autonumber
In this online tutorial the author describes about the importance of searching the record identification number in a table to which a record is appended. The author discusses about the built-in method to carry on this task successfully.

4148)   Script Debugger IDE
Script Debugger IDE is an ASP application that enables programmers and software developers to create and test their scripting codes on any hosted application.

4149)   Independent Commerce’s eCommerce Package
This is a simple e-commerce software that can be easily integrated on any active websites to offer shopping cart utilities for all site visitors.

4150)   PSnews
PSnews is a content management software and is written in ASP that helps webmasters to add, delete or edit news on their websites. This program comes with many enhanced features.

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