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Top 4151-4200 ASP scripts

Scripts are listed after popularity.       To display the scripts in alphabetical order please click here

4151)   An Overview in Creating A DSN-Less Connection to A Database
This article deals mainly with the creation of a DSN Less connection to connect an Access database using the SQL Server Driver. The author explains about the entire process of this concept.

4152)   wodImapServer
wodImapServer is a server side ActiveX component that can be used by the webmasters for the implementation of IMAP protocols. This is a very simple and easy to use component.

4153)   ASP Random Code Generator
Creation of random codes using string functions can be learnt through this ASP article which will be widely useful in order numbers, random password modules.

4154)   JavaScript Statements
JavaScript Statements is a quick reference guide in which programmers can find several javascript statements for their reference.

4155)   State Vs Performance in ASP
This is a web based article that deals with session state which eats up the performance of ASP applications and about how to disable the session object inorder to increase the performance of ASP pages.

4156)   MailBee WebMail WAP
MailBee WebMail WAP is a set of ASP scripts that organize email WAP-interface.

4157)   Visual Operator
Visual Operator is available with several chat functions and features which can be run with ASP supported websites. Widely useful to build an web based live customer support script, and help desk module on web based systems.

4158)   WMFEncoder
This is an ASP based program used to encode and stream both live and offline audio and video files. This is a simple and easy to use program for media streaming.

4159)   Looping: For Next
This is a tutorial which shows the functions of "for next loop". This is an useful tutorial for the users.

4160)   xPermission
xPermission is a MTS aware component that gives you swift and easy access to information about, and creation of Windows NT user groups and accounts.

4161)   Click&Email
Click&Email is an advanced and very easy and flexible to use ASP script for mailing Newsletters and managing Subscribers. This system supports unlimited Newsletter groups which can belong to other websites or making a distinction, e.g. clients, suppliers, etc.

4162)   GASPY
GASPY is a code editor and is written in ASP that helps users to create and modify different types of scripts such as Java, HTML and ASP. This program includes with enhanced features.

4163)   WEB-ED
WEB-ED is a multi functional editor bundled with VBS variable color-coding techniques enabling admin to edit their programs and online applications through simple and intuitive interface.

4164)   More accurate text counter
This site is helpful for the web developers for their hit counter development. This counter is so accurate that it counts only once in a session.

4165)   Building Web Applications Using Active Server Components
This is a tutorial that details on creating web applications using active server components. Even a layman can understand the authors concept since it is clearly explained.

4166)   ASP Easy Calendar
Easy to install calander script written in ASP. Able to view and maintain signle and multiple events.

4167)   Password and Jabberwocky Generator
Password and Jabberwocky Generator is a program which permit the users to create layouts and documents without the determined content and create passwords to any length and phonetic.

4168)   Nuts Poll
Nuts Poll is a script enabled with ASP which helps webmasters in building surveys. Users can utilize this database driven application to generate more number of polls on their websites.

4169)   CodeAve's ASP Session Counter
This tutorial really contributes with web developers for their session hit counter generation. Code snippets for reference has been given in this article hence the web developers can easily make their own session hit counter in a quicker manner.

4170)   CertX ActiveX
CertX ActiveX is a program that can be used by the users to keep their data in a secured manner. This program performs both encryption and decryption functionalities.

4171)   Create A .dll File with Visual Basic and ASP
This tutorial will be a better reference and guidance for the users to generate .dll file with the combination of Visual Basic and ASP. This will be of much use for the users to build components.

4172)   Sending binary data with ASP
This online educational module instructs the methods of sending a binary file through an ASP page. To implement this, this tutorial suggests an existing ADO object.

4173)   FAIRDoc
FAIRDoc is an ASP based development solution that can be used to analyze sub routines and functions for both VBscript and javascript and generate reports.

4174)   ProjectApp
ProjectApp is an ASP based script which is built with a set of management tools and projects for organising and promoting team communication. This groupware solution can be easily customized.

4175)   Linking to external pages
This site guides the web developers about how to create a link to redirect visitors to any external page. It gives basic instruction to the users in an easy way to use it on their web pages.

4176)   Site Meter
This is an online counter tool which is helpful for the webmasters to build their website with web counter that performs to count the number of visitors entering daily and how much time are they spending on every web page.

4177)   Operator Summary
A wide information on JScript Operators can be learnt quickly from this tutorial which lists all logical, arithmetic, bitwise, and assignment operators in JScript with detailed decription along with their symbols.

4178)   effengud's PayMate
effengud's PayMate is a credit card processing software that can process paypal credit cards by communicating with paypal processing system.

4179)   Using ASP and javascript together
Using ASP and javascript together is a tutorial that discusses about how to add javascript code with page new information of asp.file. This tutorial uses banner rotating system and text hit counter for sample codes.

4180)   Dictionary (Words Vocabulary) Script
Dictionary (Words Vocabulary) Script is a program built on ASP which can be used by the webmasters to build an online dictionary with a list of words on their websites.

4181)   ServWatch - Server Monitoring Software
This script is used for monitoring the servers remotely to assure whether the site is in action or not. If the server is unreachable it will deliver an email message to the user.

4182)   FileUpSE
FileUpSE is an efficient component that can be used by the webmasters to manage their uploads on their web servers efficiently. This component is simple and fast.

4183)   The Website Utility
The Website Utility is a program built on ASP that enables webmasters to facilitate their visitors to have an efficient searching functionality on their websites. This will be useful for navigation purpose.

4184)   Visitor Tracker
Webmasters can refer this page to learn about creating a visitor tracker on their ASP based websites to gather information about currently online visitors.

4185)   Regular Expressions Quickstart
Regular Expressions Quickstart is a tutorial that elaborately discusses about the regular expressions and provides functions that have the ability to function like regular expressions.

4186)   Magicshell Component
Magicshell is a powerful utility through which you can run any programs easily. This utility executes all the files that runs on command prompt. This component can be easily installed and maintained in your system.

4187)   DSN, DSNless connections
In this online article the author explains about both DSN Connection and DSN Less Connections to link an Access database. Test scripts given in this article helps the learners to know about each procedure.

4188)   Corrient CRM Suite
Corrient CRM suite is facilitated with special fields to create a custom screen layout for customer relationship management. It has user defined field that guides users in step by step process.

4189)   How to Display File ACLs on Your Web Page without Active Directory
With the help of this ASP tutorial, you will learn the ways to display File ACLs (Access Control Lists) using ASP and File System Object without using Active Directory.

4190)   Response.Cookies
This online ASP tutorial educates users about cookies and explains their actions and functionalities. Various actions of cookies are explained with code snippets.

4191)   An Overview in Utilizing ASP to Provide Database Access Through Web Browsers
This tutorial provides several hints and details about usage of database Access through web browsers. It also briefly explains about database management online.

4192)   Built-In ASP Objects
From this ASP tutorial, you will learn clearly about all intrinsic objects in ASP and can learn their usage, collections and methods.

4193)   Active Server Pages: What are Active Server Pages?
This is an article that discusses about ASP. This article describes about the appearence of server-side pages, active server pages, etc.

4194)   Project Tracking Database & Customer Web Interface
Project Tracking Database & Customer Web Interface is a program built on ASP which can be utilized by users who are involved in developing a project.

4195)   csIniFile
This ASP component reads and writes Windows style INI files. It provides a comprehensive set of functions making INI files a powerful way to store application settings.

4196)   CodeAve's Hit Counter(With Image)
This is a friendly tutorial section for the webmasters from where they can get a sample codes for making a hit counter on their website.

4197)   NetVIOS Editbox
NetVIOS Editbox is a powerful HTML editor bundled with DLL COM architecture to enable webmasters to edit HTML codes with an edit box interface.

4198)   MAX WebPortal
MaxWebPortal is an ASP online community system providing more features which helps the users.

4199)   Paging recordsets from access database
This tool is helpful for the users who want to display all their records on their web pages. Access database is used to store paging recordsets.

4200)   Remote Editor Module
Remote Editor Module is an onlne file manipulation program in ASP designed to help webmasters to modify text files from any remote system.

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