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Top 4201-4250 ASP scripts

Scripts are listed after popularity.       To display the scripts in alphabetical order please click here

4201)   HTML Syntax Highlighter and Basic HTML Editor
Whenever you open a file or while typing a code this powerful ASP application is capable of highlighting the syntax of ASP, HTML comments in a rich text box.

4202)   AuthentiX ISP
AuthentiX ISP support multiple customers each with their own community of users. It allows you to set up your webhost customers as administrators and permit your customers to set up premium web content areas.

4203)   Ocean12 Mailing List Manager Pro
Completely Web-based, easy to install, ASP mailing list manager.

4204)   Creating a List Server with ASP
This online study material instructs every step to create a HTML list server using SMTP server and ASP interface in a way to understand clearly and easily.

4205)   Customers Care
Customers Care is an Advanced customer management system and a Powerful Marketing tool. It allows you to manage/track your users/customers in a very flexible way.

4206)   The Wonders of the File System Object
A clear explanation about File System Object can be learnt from this online ASP tutorial and can learn the simplest methods to store and manipulate files and it's content through ASP pages.

4207)   ASPProtect
ASPProtect is an Active Server Pages (ASP) password protection system. Features: Web based admin to manage users and their access, Web Based Area for users where they can update their account info as well as change their passwords.

4208)   FlexPoint Publisher
This is an online content management software in ASP that helps users to add, delete or edit different types of contents such as, news, articles etc on their websites.

4209)   Hello WAP world!
This tutorial shows how to display text over the screen of WAP devices using WML language.

4210)   Simple Password Protection
Simple Password Protection is a very simple script to protect your web pages

4211)   Generic Time Format
This is a simple tutorial explaining users to create a date and time display program on their websites. This program functions very similar to Microsoft's date and time program.

4212)   Race4Jobs
This is the place for the job seekers, consultants and employers to communicate with each other online. Its an ASP based online community and it is easy to setup.

4213)   iBillPM
iBillPM is a program which offer password management support on the users iBill account from e-city solutions. This program provide email support for the users.

4214)   Application Object
An useful online learning module that teaches about Application Object with clear explanation and lists the collections, methods and events of this object.

4215)   Functions and Subprocedures
The similarities between Functions and Subprocedures are illustrated in this tutorial which lets you get familiar on those terms and helps you to write your code more effectively.

4216)   i-File - Online Document Management System
i-File is an efficient online document management solution that can be used by the organizations to manage their documents in an efficient manner.

4217)   Date Break Down
This tutorial shows the method to break down the format date time into days. This is a simple tutorial for the users.

4218)   Browsing Windows NT groups with ASP and ADSI
This easy to understand article discusses about listing Windows NT groups which are under a particular computer or a particular group by using ADSI.

4219)   Disk Space Usage
Disk Space Usage is an online article that helps you to script your own codings in ASP for monitoring the total space occupied by your web application on the server.

4220)   DrTaskScheduler
This is a COM library and is developed with ASP that can be used to add, edit or delete scheduled tasks. This program comes with many enhanced features.

4221)   pinEdit - Browser Based WYSIWYG Editor
pinEdit is an online WYSIWYG HTML Editor and is developed with ASP that can be used to create and edit texts on the websites. This program comes with many enhanced features.

4222)   WMI - Memory, Disk Space, Stop and Start Services
The author of this article has given instructions on how to use the "WMI" in manipulating system attributes and services. You can learn how to start and stop your individual services using ASP codes.

4223)   Combo-box RDS Like connection
Combo-box RDS Like Connection is a database tool which is built in ASP. It uses combo-box which contains several control keys that allows users to customize the data.

4224)   Combining XML Documents using XSLT - a collection of 5 approaches
This tutorial covers on combining several XML documents into one XML document with the help of XSLT. This article comes with five sample code snippets.

4225)   Job Career Package
Job Career Package is a suitable ASP based module for recruitment resources, placement concerns and unemployees. People who seek jobs can post their CVs which can be kept more securely. Inbuilt templates can be used to administer members.

4226)   Codejay - Code Generator Tool For Asp, Coldfusion,, Php
Multi functional code generator.Choose among ASP, PHP, COLDFUSION, ASP.NET.

4227)   Clientzoo Contact Manager
Powerful Management of your current and potential contacts, unlimited users and contacts, preformatted letters, internal messages, advanced statistics and much more..

4228)   Grouping information in the query results
The main theme of this online article is to show the webmasters how to merge records into groups. The author describes about the function GROUP BY clause in SQL.

4229)   To extract only N record from one table
This online article is about extracting N record from one table. The author explains about the query behind this task of finding out certain number of records.

4230)   XSoundMan
XSoundMan is a template for music bands that helps users to manage music related datas like, news, discography, events, past and present shows etc. This program can be easily customized through an FTP.

4231)   SQL In Simple English
This tutorials instructs the users about SQL completely in a simple english and it gives demonstration for each keys that used in SQL statements.

4232)   Active Server Pages: Under the Hood
Overall details to work with ASP environment can be gained from this online tutorial which describes the every aspect needed to implement ASP projects and applications.

4233)   File Traxer
This is an online tutorial which is used to know about generating online counter on the website by webmasters. It guides them in a step by step mode.

4234)   Stored Procedure to Archive Data from a Live DB Table
This article gives instruction about storing older records in an archive to isolate those older records from new one.

4235)   Simple Site Search
Simple Site Search permits users to conduct a keyword term or phrase search on your site. This is an ASP-based fully customizable copy and paste script.

This is a tutorial where only a part of the date is choosen. This tutorial shows some examples and it is more useful for the users.

4237)   ASP Web Counter - Introduction
ASP Web Counter - Introduction is a tutorial that elaborates about creating a proffessional and invisible website hit counter which displays numbers as normal text.

4238)   3 performance tips for JavaScript
It is a web based article which deals with increasing the performance of java script by using the three tips given by the author.

4239)   UltraTemplate
UltraTemplate is a class that enables you to seperate your PHP or ASP code from your HTML content.

4240)   web-sn FileAce - an Online File Manager
web-sn FileAce - an Online File Manager is a tool with excellent capabilities and has been written using ASP codes. This system can be easily integrated with user manager and editace.

4241)   SQL Queries and the Single Quotation Symbol Problem
This online article explains about the single quotation symbol problem with the SQL Queries and how to handle them while programming.

4242)   MSCExec for Windows
MSCExec allows you to call OS command or launch an application right from your script. You can set parameters for the call and check results.

4243)   A Web Developers Perspective - "from ASP to JSP"
A Web Developers Perspective - "from ASP to JSP" is a reference that diferentiates the two technologies ASP and JSP.

4244)   HardCore Web Content Editor
HardCore Web Content Editor is a program that allows website administrators to perform content management by providing effective WYSIWYG editor.

4245)   Real Assistant
Real Assistant lets the ASP site webmasters to build a live support page for their customers and to enable their visitors to chat with their friends which lets them come to your site again and again so that your website traffic can be increased as well as your online sales.

4246)   Comparing two sets of data
You can find an easier method to compare two sets of arrays in ASP by studying this online ASP article which comes with example code snippet to provide the required functions.

4247)   AutoImageEffects
On the fly you can perform every image manipulating tasks like resizing, brightening, blurring, sharpening etc., for the images on ASP and ASP.NET based websites.

4248)   Your First Database
It is an ASP.NET reference tool through which users can get guidance to generate relational database application. This tool provides all the tips to generates various functions to develop various relational database management system in the users website.

4249)   Db Calendar
A calendar with private or public modes that maintains itself. It will delete events that are three months old on its own. The database will never get oversized. It generates all of its values based on today's date, forever. If more than two events are listed on a single day, it displays "more

4250)   A2K Commerce
A2K Commerce offers an easy and affordable way to build an on-line store solution for the business.

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