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Top 4301-4350 ASP scripts

Scripts are listed after popularity.       To display the scripts in alphabetical order please click here

4301)   Created Instructions- ALTER and DROP
This online tutorial tells about the created instructions like ALTER and DROP. These instructions helps to generate a table, update a table and cancel one table.

4302)   Create HTML Pages from Access Db by Group
In this tutorial author explains about the creation of HTML pages dynamically. This tutorial displays all the records from the access database table and as well as add all the records to the text file.

4303)   Learn .NET
This article gives a complete view on ASP.NET. This article also describes about the usage of XML, common language runtime, security, etc.

4304)   FileSystem Object
Several file operations can be done using FileSystem Object and this tutorial describes it's objects to perform file manipulation through ASP pages.

4305)   Display Single Month Calendar
This is a script which displays monthly calendar. There is a button that can display previous and next month calendars.

4306)   See em Click
See em click is ASp based ad management application. which allows ad reporting software for Windows platform.

4307)   Tools Component
This article deals with tool component which generates tool objects which provide sophisticated functionalities that can be added in the users website.

4308)   FinNews & FinPoll
FinNews & FinPoll is based on ASP, by using this program users can create polls and also can display latest news on their web pages. It is easy to use and customize this script.

4309)   When To Use Active Server Pages
When To Use Active Server Pages is an useful article that gives you some tips about when and where ASP be used. You can use ASP in case of data base connectivy and querying applications.

4310)   CommonADO
This is an ASP application through which users can create Common ADO objects classes which is written in Visual basic through which users can build several complicated COM objects.

4311)   DatePart() Function
This is a tutorial which shows how to obtain only a portion of the date using the datepart function. This is described with an example.

4312)   Auto SQL
Automatic Generation Of SQL Statements. No more long coding and debugging of SQL Statements. Auto SQL does it for you with its automatic SQL generation engine.

4313)   Creating Transactional Web Pages
This tutorial demonstrates and guides the users to create their own transactional web pages.

4314)   cASPer.BinaryString
This is an ASP based component that controls the code of the web application and processing with binary files and data.

This is an ASP based all-in-one web solution program. It integrates a content management and interaction management solution, web development module. This is a powerful and efficient online system.

4316)   Executing All or None queries : ASP Transactions
The usage of Database transactions in ASP is the main topic discussed through this online tutorial. This ASP transaction is explained in detail by the author with samples.

4317)   Infomentum ActiveCreditCard
The ActiveCreditCard component allows your business to accept credit card payments using a secure Internet-based service to perform real-time credit card validation and payment processing directly from your web site or web application. Our component offers you a choice of 7 different processing services to support all major credit cards including Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover/Novus, Diner's Club, Carte Blanche, enRoute, JCB debit and purchase cards. Our support for 5 different transaction types along with an integrated shopping cart offers the complete functionality you need to add credit card processing to your web site or application today

4318)   Lozinski's Popcorn Trail Scripts
Lozinski's Popcorn Trail Scripts provides solution for the ASP users to let them display popcorn trail on their websites.

4319)   ASP FAQ
ASP FAQ is a FAQ section from which ASP users can gather more information related to ASP topics by asking their critical or basic questions. This online community comes with the ability to allow the users to find whether their questions are answered or not through its filtering functionality.

4320)   Client-Side Validation of HTML Form Data Using VB Script
The data which are available on ASP and HTML forms can be validated using the VBscript on the client side to detect the incorrect data in the fields.

4321)   NetCharts Server
NetCharts Server is a web based chart. From this chart server we can develop interactive graphs and charts. This charts server will help the visitors to display their reports in a graphical mode.

4322)   DictionaryToy
It is an ASP based dictionary tool useful for sorting alphabhets and numbers, reversing the order, modify any items. It offers several attractive features.

4323)   Virtual Brochure Cupboard
Virtual Brochure Cupboard is an unique e-commerce software designed as a perfect document ordering system where you can place online orders for several documents and resources.

4324)   Loki Download Manager
Loki Download Manager is an efficient script that can be used by the webmasters to manage the downloads on their sites efficiently. This script enables them to edit the files online.

4325)   StreamlineDB
It is an ASP based code generating software through which ASP codes for the various applications can be generated. This program helps in forming tables, viewing various files in the database and also files can be stored into the database.

4326)   Antiadbuster (ASP)
Antiadbuster is a server side application that protects your website from Ad Blockers, Popup Blockers, Cookie Blockers, Offline Leechers / Grabbers, Email Harvesters and JavaScript Blockers.

4327)   Shine Photo Manager 2004
Shine Photo Manager 2004 is a program using which webmasters can build and run an online photo album with keyword functionality. This program allows members to add any number of photos and supports several image formats.

4328)   Dealing With Nulls in Your Database
Dealing wiht Nulls in database is the main topic discussed through this online tutorial. The author describes the method to check the null value and proceeds with handling it.

4329)   Calculating intervals between two dates
This is a tutorial which shows the functions of DateDiff. It gets back the value of intervals inbetween two specified dates.

4330)   Recordset Cursors: Choose the Right Cursor for the Right Job
Recordset Cursors is an ASP reference article in which author says about what are all the commands that we can use while developing a recordset objects in ADO.

4331)   Using SQL to query and return search results
This tutorial guides the users to create their own searching tool on their webpage or database to retrieve results quickly.

4332)   intelliCanvas ASP
intelliCanvas ASP is an easy to use ASP editor that helps software developers and programming experts to write efficient ASP scripting codes very easily.

4333)   Introduction to ASP For Web Developers
This is an article which gives information about ASP for web developers. It contains three parts containing the DNA, ASP environment, etc.

4334)   Saving Application Variables Across Web Restarts
The usage of Application variables to access dynamic content through ASP pages is taught with the help of this tutorial which describes how to use application variables effectively.

4335)   Retrieving Data from a Database
The article discusses about opening a recordset with the help of Open method of the Recordset object. The author further discusses about how to retrieve multiple recordsets.

4336)   Basics of ASP
This ASP tutorial comes with easier explanation about ASP and lists it's usage. Also, provides the simple ways to create dynamic and interactive pages in ASP.

4337)   Lite ASP Template Parser
This is a ASP based template parsing program that helps users to design their own webpages without using any include files. Templates supports only local files.

4338)   Using the GetObject( ) function
The various usage of GetObject( ) function is listed in this ASP tutorial which will be more useful for the developers in ASP to access ASP objects.

4339)   Loan and Savings Calculators
Loan and Savings Calculators is a program built on ASP which can be used by the webmasters to have their own calculators on their websites for calculating both loan and savings.

4340)   Webmaster Suite (Plus 390+ Web Applications)
Webmaster Suite (Plus 390+ Web Applications) is a suite of five monitoring programs, specially for webmasters. In addition to these five programs webmasters can also find a collection of 390 ASP based applications to suit their needs.

4341)   Date Format
This is a script which shows the method of formating the date according to the users needs. Some of the formats are listed on the homepage.

4342)   username/userpassword
This is an article in which author deals with how to create a simple password protection to user site and how to allow the visitors by entering the password and username.

4343)   File Repository Weblication using IIS 4.0
This is a tutorial where users can find information about building file repository using FileSystemObject from IIS 4.0. The author starts this tutorial with an introduction to file repository and details on the function and process of creating it.

4344)   What is .NET? How will it affect us?
This article gives introduction to ASP.NET. It also describes about the advantages of ASP.NET which is more useful for the novice programmers.

4345)   The TextStream Object
Using the in-built functions to manipulate text files in TextStream Object is clearly described in this tutorial and is widely useful for the developers in ASP.

4346)   ASP MagicCrypt Component
It is an ASP security and encrypting component that works with all cryptographic service provider fuctions in ASP, VB and VC++. It has two type of objects.

4347)   How To Access Active Server Pages Intrinsic Objects Within a Visual Basic COM Component
This article concentrates on accessing ASP Intrinsic Objects within a Visual Basic COM component. The procedure is explained with a sample source code.

4348)   Using the FileSystemObject for Web Site Maintenance
More useful solutions to maintain the website effectively can be gained from this ASP tutorial which describes the usage of FileSystemObject for an easier website Maintenance.

4349)   Banning Certain IP Address' To Your Site
This is an ASP article in which author discusses about how users can ban unwanted visitors IP address with the help of code he offers.

4350)   ASP Frequently Asked Questions
This script is an ASP FAQ collection which has a vast collection of commonly arising doubts in ASP.

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