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Top 4351-4400 ASP scripts

Scripts are listed after popularity.       To display the scripts in alphabetical order please click here

4351) Chat Room
This is an ASP online chat application through which users can chat with other ASP developers all over the world. This chat application provides various options for chatting.

4352)   Converting URLs into Hyperlinks
This web based ASP resource lets you learn the faster way to convert the URLs and email addresses into hyperlinks using ASP server side script.

4353)   Length of a String
Programmers in ASP can obtain more useful tips on string functions in ASP with the help of online ASP guide where the uses of Len() functions is described in detail.

4354)   Mighty Zip
Mighty Zip is a powerful ASP e-commerce application capable of validating the exact city, state and zip code data filled in product shipping forms.

4355)   Setting Up Your Own ASP Development Templates
In this tutorial the author shares about setting up ASP development templates. Here the author suggests users to setup a template with a capabilty to call each standard page element.

4356)   Using Disconnected Recordsets
The main core of this online article is about working with disconnected Recordset. The author explains the importance of this disconnected Recordset and about how to build it.

4357)   How To Use IsClientConnected to Check If Browser Is Connected
This is an online tutorial that covers on using a property IsClientConnected on IIS 4.0 & 5.0 to avoid the CPU cycle wastage by verifying the browser connection.

4358)   How to Implement Conditional Includes in ASP using VBScript
The limitations on implementing conditional server-side includes within ASP programming to remove the repetitive code is analysed in detail on this tutorial which also provides tips to solve this problem using VBScript.

4359)   Cursor & LockType Performance Issues
Through this online article, the webmasters could learn how to generate recordset clearly which inturn helps them to change the locktype and cursor type for the recordset object.

4360)   Cookies by Codefixer
This is an article which deals with cookies, a small text file which is stored in the visitors system by the web applications to track the visitors activity.

4361)   Raising the Bar
This article gives information regarding ASP.NET and how it is superior to Java. This article is more helpful for the novice programmers.

4362)   Implementing Multi-dimensional Arrays in JavaScript
This article deals with array handling functions in ASP together with javascript that provides the solutions to use multi-dimensional arrays.

4363)   Using a Filter to screen out search results
This tutorial teaches about searching subset of recordset using filters from a database. It demonstrates the users with example in a simple method.

4364)   Let's bake some cookies
It is an article in which users can learn more about how to use cookies in various ASP pages. In this article users can learn more about what is cookies and what are all the statement that can be utilized to track the cookies.

4365)   mini-cart - A Payflow Link Shopping Cart Solution
A quick and easy way to set up an ASP shopping cart that intergrates with VeriSign's Payflow Link.

4366)   Hit Counter for ASP using Session
How to implement a daily / weekly hit counter to show the traffic to a site is simply learnt through this ASP article with sample programs.

4367)   Named Recordsets
This article explains the developers about how to pass a name to the function by which the function would create a recordset with the same name passed. This article is in the form of a question asked by the client and answered by the author in the form of this article.

4368)   Script Service
Script Service is a program enabled with ASP through which users can write Windows NT, 2000 services in script (VB scripts, Java script). It is easy to use this effective script.

4369)   Automaticaly changing the default start page in your visitors browser
In this tutorial the author elaborately discusses about altering the default index page on the visitors browsers in an automatic action by using a feature of Internet Explorer 5.0.

4370)   Compiling Components in Visual Basic for ASP
This article show you the way to construct compiling component, which works with MS transaction server and IIS using VB. Here author provides procedures to build compiling components.

4371)   iXtreme Stats
iXtreme Stats is a simple web site traffic analyser which uses MS access database as backend to store the track report. It tracks site visitors entire information.

4372)   Displaying information from a database
Displaying information from a database is an article that contains more information about how to display records from the database table using vaious methods.

4373)   How to use XML File as database
How to use XML file as database is the topic discussed in this online tutorial. The author describes this concept of using XML files as a replica to database with an example.

4374)   N2D Contacts Database
N2D contact database table that allows users to customize their contact information like, phone, email etc., This tool is built in ASP.

4375)   Variables in ASP
The primary process in programming is to declare the variables before starting functional coding and this tutorial teaches you how to implement this process in ASP scripting with a sample program.

4376)   Using Includes
This tutorial teaches you to effectively use the include files of ASP in maintaining and updating large websites with database connections, headers and footers.

4377)   Displaying a Specified Amount of Records
This simple online article helps the developers to learn more about displaying a mentioned number of records. The author explains this concept with an example.

4378)   Code Widget's Database Driven Product Catalog
This is a powerful catalog engine capable of creating catalogs for the products with ADO recordset pagings. There are also provisions for loading images from remote websites.

4379)   MailCarrier Advanced WebMail
MailCarrier Advanced WebMail is an efficient email server that can be used by the webmasters to manage their mails on their webservers. This component is simple and easy to use.

4380)   Write ASP cookies Basics
Write ASP cookies Basics is a web based article in which author discusses about various methods involved in creating ASP cookies and what are all the advantages that the users can gain with this cookies.

4381)   Wine Glass
Wine Glass is a ASP based program that can handle three different process such as CRM, marketing and Groupware. Though this is a free to download program, it has several advanced features in these three areas.

4382)   Building a Stack Class Using VBScript
Web application coders can gain better knowledge from this ASP tutorial that teaches the terms array, list, queus and stack to manipulate data in VBScript.

4383)   Via Snatcher
Via Snatcher is a web traffic analyser that displays the information about the site visitors entire information. This program is written in ASP.

4384)   What are Active Server Pages?
Lot of useful information to work with ASP can be acquired from this ASP tutorial which lets you create dynamic and interactive web pages by simply integrating special technologies with HTML coding.

4385)   T1CFreeImage
T1CFreeImage is a powerful program designed to assist webmsters in creating PNG images with specified colours. All images can be saved in a seperate file.

4386)   Discussion Web
It is an ASP application, with GUI interface. It provides remote database administration with the ability to delete and edit individual messages.

4387)   Databound Regions Combo (ASP) (Canada & USA)
This is an effective tool that display all the states and provinces of USA and Canada in the drop down combo box. This tool is very useful for your web applications.

4388)   XML Data Driven Dynamic Product Display
XML Data Driven Dynamic Product Display is a powerful ASP application that can create HTML pages displaying product lists without any server side scripts.

4389)   WebF1 Consulting
This is an ASP online email community which provides various email subscriptions. This tool provides various emails about the ASP development to the programmers directly to the their mail box.

4390)   IState
IState implements it's ASP coded functions to add and maintain real estate listings via easy to use web interface. Consists of unlimited features with payment transaction and listing maintenance.

4391)   Basic Database Publishing
This tutorial instructs the users to follow several steps for connecting ASP page with database and also it helps the users to add and remove data from database using DSN or DSN-Less connection.

4392)   Cookie Basics
It is an ASP article in which author discusses about what are all the advantages that the users can gain with cookies. In this article author gives certain codes for creating cookies and how to set the date of expiry to cookies.

4393)   IOnEdit
IOnEdit is a versatile browser-based website content editing tool. It enables users to create, edit and maintain web pages. No knowledge of HTML or programming is required.

4394)   Database -- Convert to Comma-Delimited File
This article gives several hints and followups to the users to convert SQL statements into ASCII comma-delimited.

4395) offers asp articles, tips, tutorials and downloads.

4396)   Clicks Query
Clicks Query is an important tool for managing MS Access database online. It is basically built in ASP. It allows users to customize statement from any web browser.

4397)   Application.Unlock
More suitable for the ASP programmers to learn the ways easily how to enable all of the users in an ASP application to utilize the variables stored in Application Object after it has been locked.

4398)   netPROFIT Lite
netPROFIT Lite is an online ASP script integrated with paypal's IPN system to assist shopping cart owners to provide secure delivery of digital file products.

4399)   TaBliz - Web Database Manager
This ia a ASP based database tool which helps users who like to develop their webpage interlinking with datas in the internet, intranet, and extranet.

4400)   wodMailbox ActiveX component
wodMailbox ActiveX component is a simple COM object for parsing email messages. You can use this to build your own Outlook, Eudora like mail handler or as an addon to your applications.

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