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Top 4401-4450 ASP scripts

Scripts are listed after popularity.       To display the scripts in alphabetical order please click here

4401)   Some ASP Basics
This online ASP guide tells about the requirements and the important things needed to do with ASP coding. Explains how HTML pages are accessed as dynamic and more interactive pages through ASP.

4402)   MX Query Builder
Create Visual SQL Queries in Dreamweaver MX and MX 2004 - For a dynamic web application developer, who needs create recordsets from multiple tables and is not an SQL expert, QuB is the tool that allows table relation management, automating SQL query generation.

4403)   Javascript Smart Popups That Don't Pop Off Screen
In this easier tutorial, you can acquire the JavaScript functions needed to display the pop-ups on ASP pages via clikable and hover links. It comes with demo that lets you understand the objective of this tutorial.

4404)   How to connect to a database via a DSN-Less connection
This simple online tutorial helps the webmasters by teaching how to connect a database with a DSN Less connection. The author explains this concept with an example.

4405)   ASP HTTPSSL Secure Socket Component
HTTPSSL has been developed in VC++ to send a receive web pages through HTTP or HTTPS (secured connections via SSL). HTTPSSL can be used directly in ASP scripts to interface with remote sites and pass data securely through SSL without users leaving your web site.

4406)   Creating a Category Site with ASP
By reading this tutorial you can gain knowledge on how to create a dynamic and search engine friendly database driven e-commerce website with active server pages.

4407)   IP*Works! CC ASP Edition
Components for validation, authorization, and transaction settlement of credit cards.

4408)   Enumerating Folders in ASP
Enumerating Folders in ASP is an useful article explaining the method of listing all folders from the web server. The author has used the built-in FileSystemObject for the enumeration.

4409)   Trainingetc
Trainingetc is a technical training organization that teaches web technologies, operating systems, client server applications etc., These courses are conducted by the talented subject experts.

4410)   Generate a framed page through one single file
This program is used for building frame view on the webpage in different colors and the users can change their required color on coding.

4411)   Single File System
This is an ASP based compression library component with the functionalities of encryption and advance compression. It offers compressing multiple files into single file. It has several attractive features.

4412)   cvDynaCounter
cvDynaCounter is an ASP based program used to track the websites visitors entry. It tracks total number of hits made on each page by the visitor and the information related to the visitor.

4413)   ADEX Service
Application Developers of Microsoft Technology can access and control Windows NT service Programs from their applications with the help of ADEX Service.

4414)   Advanced Online Geneology Tool
Advanced Online Geneology Tool software allows you to see the tree view of your website. This application will help you to view and research genealogy better.

4415)   Emailing Users their Forgotten Passwords
This online course educates you about sending forgotten emails to the appropriate user address using the CDONTS component. Widely useful for ASP learners and group based web systems.

4416)   The ABCs of ADO and ASP
This is an article which has enhanced details about how the ADO objects can be utilized in the ASP pages and how to add or delete scripts from the ASP pages through ADO objects.

4417)   SoftPage Hosting
This is an ASP based hosting and content management software that helps users to create, maintain contents on their websites. Users can host their own web pages by using this program.

4418)   Creation and Maintenance of Appealing ASP Pages with Dynamically Generated Contents
This article contributes to web developers on creating and managing ASP pages with dynamically produced contents. This tutorial is derived from a FAQ section which is related to this concept.

4419)   MailMe! Pro
This is an ASP based form processing program which is helpful for the webmasters to create an email form on their website. Users can also use this tool for, survey, registration, order, feedback etc.,

4420)   Packaging Models
This article explains about packing the component as DLL server or EXE server. In which author gives suggestion to the users to prefer perfect choice of packing regarding with performance perspective.

4421)   DWD Car Rental
Internet based concerns which deal with car rental can manipulate their auto / car sales online effectively through this ASP program. Admin supports dealers, salesmen, buyers numerously via powerful admin interface. Any number of items can be included with product directories.

4422)   Stats Builder
Counter and Stats for your site. Your stats include top visitor by ip, browser types, refering sites, page views on your own site, by date, by hour, by day of week, month, or country.

4423)   Lewies Coding Standards
Lewies Coding Standards is an effective article that provides various solutions to the programmers to maintain an easily understandable code. It is always good to place all VB script and Java script files seperately from web pages.

4424)   Database Web Explorer
Universal Web-based database manager for remote access to databases via Internet.

4425)   Monster Tracking
Monster Tracking is an online counter program used for tracking the website and for online marketing efforts. It is helpful for business persons to track their sales and leads on their affiliate sites.

4426)   Building an ASP File Manager
This tutorial guides you to work with computer file system and provides many solutions to handle all your file and folder manipulation tasks through ASP File Manager.

4427)   Effengud MyPortfolio
Effengud MyPortfolio is a simple program built on ASP which lets webmasters to run a portfolio monitoring system on their websites for their visitors.

4428)   HelixMailer
HelixMailer is a program that can be used by the webmasters to send mass email through their websites. By using this effective program users can send email including updates, advertisements, news bulletins etc.,

4429)   Using The Split() Function
This ASP tutorial directs you to manipulate the strings using ASP and VBS string functions where it explains how to split string and how to store the seperated parts into individual array.

4430)   Cross-Browser display of XML or XSL
This is an online tutorial that discusses about displaying XML and XSL with cross browser compatibility. This tutorial illustrates this process by using a basic example.

4431)   Mailyoulike
Mailyoulike is an efficient web based application that can be used by the webmasters to provide email accounts for their site visitors. This is simple and easy to use.

4432)   Query Builder
This is a tutorial for building queries, which deals with converting name string and variable string in to concatenated string.

4433)   Get the scripting language & version
Through this online ASP tutorial many functions exists with scripting category can be learnt easily with the help of given sample snippet.

4434)   LoudASP Forum
LoudASP Forum enables members to post their questions and comments related to ASP. They can discuss any ASP related topics to gather knowledge.

4435)   Iterate Arrays with For Each
Generating the elements in an array multiple times using the string and array functions are clearly explained with required syntax on this web based ASP study module.

4436)   Sending email using CDONTS
The IIS server component CDONTS is used for sending emails within ASP page which is provided in detailed information on this online tutorial which is more useful for the ASP developers.

4437)   StatTrack Website Statistics
A complete website statistics application for ASP web pages. StatTrack tracks Hits, Page Views, Downloads, Banner Ad Click-Throughs, and Much More.

4438)   Council Web - Local Government Portal
This is a content mangement solution that can be of great use to local government organizations to create and maintain contents on their sites powered with ASP.

4439)   ASP 101: Calendar
This simple ASP code allows you to create a calendar with today highlighted on your Web site. It lets you choose a day, month, and year to view, and with some minor modification will even put your events onto the page on the proper days.

4440)   Creating a DSN
Generating a DSN connection to an Access database is the main content discussed in this online tutorial. The author explains the entire procedures to build a DSN connection along with the screen shots.

4441)   WS-Album
WS-album (Web site Album) is simple but powerful application to create, publish, visualize your photo galleries on line.

4442)   Date Manipulation Part 4 : Getting the day, month, year, weekday, and weekday name
This is a tutorial which shows how to get the month, weekday, etc., by using some functions and these functions are described briefly in this tutorial.

4443)   All About Variables Part 1 : Defining and Using
The datatype 'Variant' in ASP and VBScript is explained along with 10 different subtypes to hold several type of values and restrictions and conventions on naming are taught through this web based ASP tutorial.

4444)   Master .ASP Website Template
Master .ASP Website Template is a program built on ASP which can be used by either webmasters or beginner stage programmers to enhance the websites on IIS servers.

4445)   Simple Text Counter
This is a tutorial for simple text counter through which the web owners can refer and create their hit counter on their website. It is used for displaying a text based counter.

4446)   DUpoll
DUpoll is a voting script that has a great feature of : Voting system built with Access and UltraDev which can prevent users from voting more than once.

4447)   Axcess Server
It is an ASP based software with multi threaded facilities and provide an interface for retrieving the files from the database. This tool can also be used to access any database.

4448)   Working with cookies basic
It is an article deals with the functionalities that has been used in creating cookies. Webmasters and programmers can utilize this functionalities to create cookies.

4449)   The Problem & Solution with Cookies & Response.Redirect
It is an article which deals with the solutions for the problems that normally occur when using cookies and Response.Redirect function.

4450)   Bokai Barcode Image Generator ASP Component (Barcode/ASP)
Bokai barcode image generator ASP component is a COM component that generates dynamic barcode images in PNG or JPEG format. It can be used on web servers and your HTML pages can embed a bar code image URL (an ASP file provided) without programming. It supports rotation, fonts, colors, text positions

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