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Top 4451-4500 ASP scripts

Scripts are listed after popularity.       To display the scripts in alphabetical order please click here

4451)   To compact a database in remote form
It is a web based tutorial in which author describes about compacting and repairing database with the perfect size in the remote form which helps in easy accessing of data from the database.

4452)   CFM2ASP
CFM2ASP s a program using which users can convert the coldfusion into ASP. This will be of much use for the users who want to transform certain pages or whole website from CFML to ASP.

4453)   Using XML To Supercharge Website Performance
It is a reference article in which the author gives detailed description about the XML functionalties and what are all the improved methods to increase the performance of XML.

4454)   E-User Pro
E-User Pro is a user management program which provides multi level security for the users files. This program provides useful features for the users.

4455)   EditLive for Windows
EditLive for Windows is a simple and effective online web based editing tool capable of creating and formatting documents for web publishings with HTML optimization.

4456)   Authentication
It is an ASP tutorial in which author concentrates on user authentication. Users can gather information about authentication, various methods used in authentication, and which is the best choice to generate authentication system in the users website.

4457)   Object Relational Mapped Object Persistence Is the Boon
It is clearly explained in this ASP article on object-relational mapping layer to ease the database maintenance tasks. And how to design object-relational mapping layer and it's usage are described in detail.

4458) - The Tech News
It is an online community which offers latest news about various solutions of current technology and about its technical supports. This site will be very useful for the beginners of various technology.

4459)   Don't explicitly set the page language in ASP
This is a tutorial in which the author explains about the limitations of explicitly declared headers on ASP. With the help of this tutorial users can learn about avoiding @language directive not to set the page explicitly.

4460)   PMKey Email Server
Web based email server software for POP and WAP.

4461)   FusionCharts Instrumentation Suite
FusionCharts Instrumentation Suite is a program that facilitates users to build flash based instrument panels and finance application on their websites. Users can create them with several colors.

4462)   Add live chat for help/support to your site
CRM solution for live chat providing live help & support real time visitor monitoring, hits counter

4463)   Populate Form from Database
This simple article deals mainly with populating form from a database. The author generates a form which is editable by the clients and describes the usage of it.

4464)   SiteFerret Lite
SiteFerret Lite is designed using ASP program that lets you find static web pages where XML module has been integrated to feature fine search less than 1000 documents. You can enable / disable specifc files to be used with searching.

4465)   Custom Security/Authentication #1
It is an ASP tutorial in which author discusses about custom authentication, how to provide access of certain ASP pages except prohibited pages and cover sessions.

4466)   TagEater Function
This tutorial helps the programmers for eliminating any HTML tag from the string with the help of Tag eater function. Here is a programme through which users can get rid of any such HTML tag.

4467)   Professional Gallery
This is an useful utility for the web developers who need photo galleries to use on their web pages. It offers three level of access like admin, guest and author. This utility is featured with random picture display, CDONTS, AspEmail etc.,

4468)   Stuffing a Javascript Value into a VBScript Variable
From this ASP learning course learning the ways to send retrived values using javascript into an ASP page can be done clearly online. Explains everything with a little snippet.

4469)   Web Site Compression
Web Site Compression is an online article in which the author has given suggestions on the ways and means of compressing the HTML outputs with reduced bandwidths thus saving bandwidth costs.

4470)   Insert Record and Retrieve Unique ID
Inserting a record to a database and retrieving the unique ID created for that concerned record is the main theme discussed in this online tutorial.

4471)   Online Printable Calendar
This is a tutorial which shows the functions of calendar. This tutorial also shows the usage of online calendar.

4472)   Support Plus - Support People Through Technology
The Complete, and feature packed support software for providing technical assistance and increasing your customers satisfaction by delivering Customer Service on your own web site!

4473)   ASPCommander
HIHG-END file manager for WinNT (ASP) platrofm. ASP commander turns your standard browser into a "NortonCommander" like file manager. You can use it to remote file managment on your server.

4474)   Active Server Pages - Introduction
The fundamental working principles of Active Server Pages is illustrated with easier understandable diagrams on this ASP tutorial which lets you learn the interaction between VB and ASP.

4475)   PSiGate
PSiGate is a perfect e-commerce software build specially to help canadian and american merchants in processing their customers credit cards in realtime.

4476)   ASP Learning Center
This is an useful Training center for Active Server Pages. This course is offered by Digital University.

4477)   WebResolve
WebResolve allows you to find out the website name from IP address or vice versa.

4478)   ODPac Internet Search
ODPac is a search script which will allow your visitors to search the internet without ever leaving your site. This can greatly increase the stickiness of your website and aid in generating additional page views and possibly increasing ad revenue.

4479)   Security in data Insert
This tutorial is very helpful for all the users who needs to insert the data into the Access database table. This tutorial gives the SQL query that helps to add the records into the table to the users.

4480)   Paged Record Output from User Search Input
In this online tutorial, the developers can learn how to view some database observations while dealing with large databases. The complete demonstration is given in this article.

4481)   Using an XML Database for Users - Part 1
Using an XML Database for Users - Part 1 is a tutorial that guides users to authenticate users with the help of XML database.

4482)   Working with Databases and International Date Formats
This article in ASP deals with date format that have to be stored in the database. Here author offers few codes that can be utilized in converting the date into international standard date format.

4483)   ASPSCA - Simple Calendar Application
This script is used for creating an event calendar on the website to allow web users to add their events. It offers several features and easy to install.

4484)   Creating a TCP Component in Visual Basic
This is a tutorial which specially concentrates on developing a TCP component which connects POP server through POP protocol to retrieve users stored emails.

4485)   Banner Wizard
Banner Wizard is a Banner ad managment application program.which is written in 100% ASP, no dll's to install. It keeps track of banner views, clicks, and run time.

4486)   Developing Active Server Components with ATL
This is a tutorial from which you can learn more about constructing ASP component with active template library. This component helps in working with COM and ActiveX.

4487)   Displaying Yahoo-style Categories Frontpage PART I
The main core of this online tutorial deals with showing how to generate a frontpage which shows the categories with priority.

4488)   Simple ASP Web Page Generator
It is a simple script written in ASP. It is used to generate simple web pages.

4489)   Project Edit
Project Edit is an online project management program and is developed with ASP that helps project managers to create and modify projects on their websites. This is an easy to use program.

4490)   Expert Rating
Expert Rating is an technical training organization that holds third party online certification exams. You can register and write the exams online from any where in the world. These exams help you to show your skills in your expertise area of programming.

4491)   JK50CONN
This is an ASP based database tool that helps the user by multiplexing the vaious database connections. This tool can cache ADO connections for multiplexing.

4492)   Use Server-Side Includes
This is an efficient article that enumerates the use of SSI directives. You simply place all the repeated code in a seperate file with extension .asp or .htm or .html and include it in the necessary web pages of the web sites.

4493)   Client Side Spell Checker
Those who need to keep their database and other storage with proper text spelling can implement this web based ASP script for an easier and faster spell checking process.

4494)   Recursion reminds me of Recursion (9 XSLT Recursion examples)
This is an article that brings users a set of nine examples to let them learn about recursion. This is an easy to understand and useful tutorial.

4495)   Building a Simple COM Component with Visual C++
This is a simple tutorial which demonstrates about creating com objects with the help of Visual C++. Here author explains about advantages of using COM objects.

4496)   Building your own Newsletter Module
Learning the creation of a newsletter module in ASP is done easily through this online ASP course. Instructs with sample coding that provide the functions with syntax and parameters options.

4497)   Counting How many users you have
This is an useful and helpful article for the webmasters through which they can refer and get idea about how to create their website tracker program.

4498)   i-pos-Internet Pay Online Store
i-pos-Internet Pay Online Store is an e-commerce software with shopping cart fuctionalities enabling webmasters to sell their products online through paypal payment gateway system.

4499)   Andromeda Streaming Jukebox
Andromeda Streaming Jukebox is an efficient and simple MP3 server that can be used by the webmasters for easy integration of MP3 files into their websites for their website visitors.

4500)   Database Connection String using Microsoft Access Driver (DSN less)-ADO OLE DB Connection String
This article is about database connection string with DSN Less. The author explains this concept with ADO OLE DB Connection String. The sample code is available in this article.

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