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Top 4501-4550 ASP scripts

Scripts are listed after popularity.       To display the scripts in alphabetical order please click here

4501)   Calendar
Calendar is a program based on ASP using which webmasters can build an online calendar on their existing websites.

4502)   Active Graphics Engine
Active Graphics Engine is a web based photo gallery and search engine. It can hold unlimited number of images in the gallery.

4503)   Uploading Files with ASP - Introduction
It is an useful tutorial for the ASP programmers to learn about generating ASP pages and to create VB activeX DLL which helps to upload the files by using ASP script.

4504)   FollowUp EMail Campaigns with ocxQmail
This tutorial lets you integrate followup emails with ocxQmail to gain customer satisfaction. Tells about the tools and methods needed to manage a followup email campaign through ASP files.

4505)   Super Stats
SuperStats website statistics is an ASP based website tracker tool that shows report about the websites regular traffic report on the screen. It offers in three versions like, standard, professional and premium.

4506)   ASP Meta Tag Spider
It is an ASP application through which users can create a search engine spider in their website. This application eliminates the HTML tag from any web page and displays the meta tag, title and content of the page in easy to read format.

4507)   QUICK TIP: Getting Identity without Stored Procedure
This is a simple tutorial for the readers. In this tutorial author cleary explains how to get the autonumber of the last record without using the stored procedure.

4508)   Generate a Random Picture with ASP
An simple and easier way to produce randomized number for the given number of images can be done through ASP which is illustrated with detailed explanation in this online ASP article.

4509)   i-Gallery
i-Gallery is an application built with ASP using which users can create an enhanced image gallery on their websites. It is possible to display images with descriptions with the help of this program.

4510)   aspEasyCrypt
aspEasyCrypt allows you to hash, cipher and make checksum on strings and on files. This is an ASP component for use with the IIS Server.

4511)   Lozinski's Email Script
Lozinski's Email Script is an ASP based program that enables webmasters to allow their site visitors to email to them by providing email form. Email fields and background colours cab be easily customized by the webmasters.

4512)   Add a new record to a database
This tutorial explains you about how to add the records in the database table using the recordset object of the ADO. This clearly shows how to create the connection to the database using the server object and add the values to the table.

4513)   Form Handling Function Library
This is a tutorial which shows the functions of form handling step-by-step. It also shows the usage of these functions.

4514)   Dreamweaver Virtual Tones Ecommerce Standard
This is a simple and effective shopping cart utility designed with unlimited number of templates that can be used in creating full featured shopping cart.

4515)   Transfer compressed files over http
This article shows you simple method to transfer data/files from client (using IE+VBS) to server (IIS+ASP) with compression over http.

4516)   ASP Messageboard
Got an ASP-related question? Doesn't matter what topic, as anything goes here! Keep in mind that this is the busiest and nosiest forum on the ASPMessageboard. Posting a releva

4517)   Computer Schools
find computer schools worldwide

4518)   pulsesoft performance
pulsesoft performance is a program which allows the users to calculate the execution time of their ASP scripts. The users can view the output on bottom of their webpage.

4519)   Email Checker
This email checker program implements the easier ways to check out the email address structure and confirms the validity of email addresses. Sample source code has been given.

4520)   ASP Calendar Pro
This is an online calendar generator that allows webmasters to create their website with automated and fully custom calendar. Visitors of the website can add, update and delete their events from calendar.

4521)   Slice Instant Polling
Slice Instant Polling is an automatic voting system that comes with the ability to let the users to calculate the results immediately. Webmasters can utilize this program to have numerous surveys.

4522)   E-Store Kit PayPal Edition
This is a shopping cart software integrated with paypal payement gateway. Using this software you can generate your own cart for selling tangible products.

4523)   ASP TextStream Object
How to access the content of text files on web server using ASP TextStream Object is elaborately demonstrated in this tutorial which will be more beneficial for scripting through ASP.

4524)   ASPBite Polls
ASPBite Polls is a script based on ASP which lets webmasters to generate any number new web polls to be used in conducting surveys.

4525)   Using Components and Objects in ASP - Introduction
This is an ASP tutorial in which author describes about com components and its advantages. This article will be helpful for the ASP beginners.

4526)   Working with ASP & MS Access
The main objective of this online tutorial is to teach the learners about adding, deleting and modifing data from an Access database using ASP. The author explains this with an example.

4527)   Write text to a file in ASP
This article deals with writing a text to a file with the help of ASP application. This article will be helpful for the ASP programmers.

4528)   Quickezine Standard and PRO
Quickezine Standard and Quickezine PRO can be used for content management and come with more features. This news editor is completely new and uses advanced technologies for news updation, image uploading and more.

4529)   SiteAdmin Webware Development Kit
SiteAdmin Webware Development Kit - Ultimate XML driven web project deployement solution for webware developers.

4530)   EnVivo!CS
It is a powerful content management system for your web site. It provides the tools you need to keep your web site up-to-date, build traffic and reduce costs. It is perfect for managing latest news, frequently asked questions, a knowledge base or indeed anything.

4531)   The Apostrophe Bug
This is a database journal that gives useful instructions about the usage of apostrophe and how to handle it to give output without error.

4532)   HostingAccelerator for Windows
HostingAccelerator for Windows is a program that creates and manages the windows platforms in a secured and perfect manner. This powerful software has several enhanced features for the users.

4533)   Dimac Content Management System
Dimac is a simple and powerful solution for content management. The features provided by this Dimac CMS is more useful for the web developers.

4534)   Building a Simple Hit Counter in ASP
This is a tutorial for reading about the creation of hit counter on the website by using ASP. This article has provided sample codes for reference.

4535)   Alivesites Form Builder
Alivesites Form Builder is a program that comes with the ability to facilitate users to create any type of web form in a quicker manner. Form can be built with various types of field.

4536)   Want to learn ASP ???
This is an article which helps the user to know about the basics of ASP. It gives a basic idea about ASP which is easily understood by the visitors.

4537)   Connecting To A Database in 9 Easy Steps
The main objective of this article is to teach the beginners about connecting to a database which is a simple comcept in ASP.

4538)   Disable SmartTags in users browser
Disable SmartTags in users browser is a tutorial deals with deactivating the hyperlinks which are made by the visitors browsers.

4539)   Getting Started with Active Server Pages
You can learn in detail about ASP basics, their interaction with IIS to implement dynamic processes, how to code in ASP and still a lot more information from this easier online ASP tutorial.

4540)   Send e-mails from your script
ASP learners can study about the required things with sending emails using JMail component through ASP form clearly with the help of this online ASP lesson.

4541)   Print out the page's last update date
This online ASP tutorial describes the automatic process of displaying the last updation date on the ASP site pages.

4542)   HTML Form Elements and The Request Object
This ASP tutorial teaches the implementation of ASP object together with HTTP to send and collect data from web servers via HTML forms.

4543)   Restricted Access - IP addresses
Restricted Access - IP addresses restricts access by client's IP address or with a user name and password authenticated through a database.

4544)   ASP Date Picker Popup Calendar
This is a calendar software with date picking facility i.e- it allows users to pick their required date quicker. It has customizable calendar settings and designs. Date picker can be accessed from any type of page.

4545)   First ASP Script
This ASP tutorial demonstrates on how ASP interpreter works with all scripting languages like JScript, Python, perl apart from it's default VBScript language. How to run a mixure of server scripts and HTML is also taught clearly.

4546)   MSCUpload - Miraplacid Scripting Components Upload
Miraplacid Scripting Components Upload is an efficient ASP file upload component that can be used by the webmasters to handle a large number of uploaded files on their servers efficiently.

4547)   An Overview to Active Server Pages
You can gain more tips on this tutorial to work with ASP technology which tells about the requirements to install and run applications in ASP.

4548)   HOWTO: Debug ASP Applications Manually
It is an ASP application which offers various functionalities and procedure for debugging manually in ASP applications. This tool provides visual dev debugging component for performing debugging in ASP applications.

4549)   Getting the users language
It is an ASP tutorial that deals with working with visitors multilingual browser setup. Here author describes about the HTTP_Accept_language function which helps in interacting with multilingual site visitors.

4550)   ASP Server Outrage Reporter
ASP Server Outrage Reporter informs you when your server goes down. This is a simple ASP code.

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