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Top 4551-4600 ASP scripts

Scripts are listed after popularity.       To display the scripts in alphabetical order please click here

4551)   StoreCombo LiveHelp
Webmasters can implement a help desk system on their ASP supported website to support customers online. A great way to integrate your sales with live pre-sales enquiry facility. Database of your choice can keep all chat conversation and other contents with backend.

4552)   MessageCensor Component
MailBee MessageCensor is a COM object which involves innovative technology of filtering (censoring) html texts (primarily internet messages). MessageCensor removes unwanted html content and it is fully customizable.

4553)   Replace one string to another in a text file
Through this ASP learning source, you will learn the string functions easily to replace a particular string in a text file with new text.

4554)   Day() Function
This is a script which displays only the day number of the month. This is a simple and fast method to show the day number.

4555)   User Directories for IIS
This is an ASP based user directory software with IIS ISAPI filter DLL for IIS web server. This software helps in managing the user accounts.

4556)   Auto Form
This is a tutorial which shows the method of creating a HTML form from SQL query automatically. This tutorial is explained in detail.

4557)   Using the navigator object to detect client's browser
More information on the navigator object is available on this online tutorial that illustrate the ways on how to find the client browser type using javascript.

4558)   Personals System 2002
This classified ad manager has ASP coded modules which are more beneficial in maintaining member accounts with database. Members can upload their own images with their profile via intutive interface.

4559)   Boomerang
Boomerang is a program that allows users to upload files in batches through a web browser. The users can add radio buttons, text inputs etc in the form to upload.

4560)   ASP Web Based Email Using Microsoft's CDONTS
To learn the available objects and methods, working principles with sending emails of the server side component CDONTS can be done clearly and quicly by reading this online ASP tutorial.

4561)   AspAware Gallery
This is an photo gallery application that guides the user to create their own photo galleries with their own photos. This provides all functionalities like auto thumbnail display, slide show, search picture and more.

4562)   access2asp - asp generator
access2asp generates asp code for all your database tables producing pro asp code for a front end site and (password protected) back end control panel. v2.0 has the ability to choose fields befrore generation.All sql,javascript,forms generated in 1 click!

4563)   Single page web sites
Designing one whole website within a single framed page using the querystring properties can be learnt from this effective online ASP tutorial.

4564)   Pre-built content administration tools and systems
Pre-built content administration tools and systems is an ASP based admin tool for content management solution. This tool can be used to add, delete or edit content on the websites.

4565)   Domain name availability checker
Domain name availability checker will try to get to main page of a domain name we want to search for availability and we will request for "date" in headers, it is not necessary to request the entire page.

4566)   Securing ASP Data Access - Introduction
This online tutorial is about the Data access securely in ASP. The author gives an introduction about the importance of data access very safely.

4567)   ASP Session Server
This is an useful and scalable software using whcih you can save and exchange informations of your users as sessions to and from your server and the browser.

4568)   How to create and retrieve cookies using ASP
It is an ASP article in which author discusses about how to generate cookies and retrieve cookies information with the help of ASP application.

4569)   Power-Web Chat
Power-Web Chat ASP Server Component has been developed for Active Server Page.By modifying the sample asp files, one can build unique, create designs and various chat interfaces design

4570)   IIS state monitor and checker
IIS state monitor and checker Server utilities, monitoring, statistics

4571)   ASP Tutorial Lesson 6: Decisions
This tutorial teaches the efficient process of making decisions within scripts using IF and CASE statements through a step by step procedure.

4572)   Clarify Checkbox Input Behavior
This is an useful tutorial for the novice. This tutorial show you how to test and verify the dropdown combobox input activities.

4573)   Server Side Includes
This is an useful article that helps you to know about the server side includes. This SSI saves your FTP time and it is very easy to use. This can be used in the case of the web pages with repeated content.

4574)   ASP Client Check
ASP Client Check is a user-authentication script. The users enter their username and password in the form and the script calls the database's users table searching for the username being used. If the submitted Password matches correctly with a valid Username, subroutine is executed.

4575)   Generate a random number
It aims to teach you about the creation of an ASP application to generate randomized numbers for several web based purposes. Source code describes the requirements and randomize process clearly.

4576)   Really Easy Record Counting
In this tutorial you can learn about counting records in the database table. This tutorial uses two ways such as count() and recordcount method to count the number of records in the database table.

4577)   ZBit Data Replication Engine
This is a database tool which is used to replicate tables and data from or to the databases. It has fully customizable facility. It replicates between any ODBC or OLEDB datbases.

4578)   Displaying foreign keys as list boxes
The content of the online tutorial deals mainly with displaying foreign keys as list boxes. The author demonstrates this concept with an example and sample display.

This tutorial shows several ways to display time on the web pages. This tutorial is essential for the users.

4580)   A Fast String Class for ASP Pages
This online ASP article is available with detailed explanation on string concatenation process with Visual Basic and VBScript and also provides solutions to handle query strings in ASP applications.

4581)   MantisMail
MantisMail is an efficient online mailing list manager that can be used by the webmasters to send attractive email announcements to the site visitors. This tool is very simple and easy to use.

4582)   SQL Diagrams 2004
It is an ASP based software through which the database content can be displayed graphically and makes the user to understand the content of the database easily.

4583)   Alternate Subform or Datasheet row colors
It is an tutorial which specifically concentrates on alternating the colours on the row forms with the help of sample codes that the author offers for the users.

4584)   Website Traffic Stats Application Template
This is a web traffic analyser utility that helps webmasters to view their sites track reports periodically. It keeps entire information about the site visitors in MS Access database.

4585)   How to Use Forms 2
In this ASP tutorial, sending inputted form values to an ASP page using GET and POST methods are clearly demonstrated with code snippets.

4586)   Dynamically Viewing Database Connection Properties using ASP
In this simple online tutorial the author shows how to view database connection properties with the help of ASP. The author also shows the step by step procedures to create a DSN.

4587)   Chilkat Web Mail - ASP Email Component
Chilkat Web Mail - ASP Email Component is a tool for use with ASP programs for accessing POP3 and SMTP emails. It makes the work easier for ASP coders.

4588)   Adding records to the database with ASP
This is an easy to learn tutorial that guides you in inserting data into the database table with ASP. This tutorial shows the sample code which is much helpful for the programmers.

4589)   Developers Pad
This is an effective software that helps users to create different types of scripts like, Visual Basic, Java, HTML etc on their websites. This is an easy to use program.

4590)   Real Estate Management Software
Real Estate Management Software is a ASP content management solution that can be used to create and maintain contents on the websites. This program is suitable for real estate based websites.

4591)   Basic Email Validation
One of the easier process to implement an email checker facility on web forms without using third party components. This program simply verifies the structure of email address and finds out invalid email addresses.

4592)   ASPPainter
ASPPainter is a program that can be used by the users in generating and editing pictures. It facilitates the users to generate images in any type of dimensions and in different colours.

4593)   SiteBeater Accounts and User Management System
This is a ASP based user management system that is completely web based. This program can reinstate revoked accounts of the users and share user datas on websites decided by the admin.

4594)   Databases: SQL Connection
This simple online tutorial explains about the databases in SQL. The author discusses about connecting a SQL Database to a SQL Server.

4595)   Chinook Webs
Chinook Webs is a company that provides dedicated service for web hosting. They offer their service as developer plans, standard plans and e-commerce plans.

4596)   Tips to Improve ASP Application Performance
This tutorial specially concentrates on explaining about the tips for maximizing the performance of ASP pages. Here author describes about increasing the performance of ASP pages and the HTML page.

4597)   Updating records in a database table
This tutorial guides the users to update database recordsets from database. Code snippets for the beginners is given in this article.

4598)   EProperty
EProperty is available with many facilities to handle estate agents through easier means of ASP functions. Either SQL or Access database can be used to maintain user and property records in large numbers.

4599)   Regular Expression Syntax
The listed metacharacters in this ASP article is available with detailed description to let you understand the usage of them and to create the pattern in your own.

4600)   Active Server Pages: "Talking Back" With the Response Object
This ASP tutorial lets you improve your knowledge in ASP Response Object and clearly describes all of it's properties and methods. Using them you can determine the way of sending information to the users.

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