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Top 4651-4700 ASP scripts

Scripts are listed after popularity.       To display the scripts in alphabetical order please click here

4651)   ODBC for Oracle
The main article discusses about the ODBC components and the ORACLE. The author describes the custom installation process, building a database alias and generating a system DSN in detail.

4652)   E-Store Kit
Using this E-Store Kit you can create your own cart to sell intangible products with shipping and delivery options. This software uses realtime sales management techniques.

4653)   The Response Object
A complete and easier means of description is provided on this tutorial to learn about the Response Object in detail which will be of great use for ASP coders.

4654)   Using Access in ASP.NET - Introduction to the Repeater Control
Learn the difference ASP and ASP.NET, the basic ASP.Net and much more with this website.

4655)   ASP Code Generator
Save upto 70% of your ASP Coding Time. ASP Helper is the next generation ASP Code generation software that automates the redundant activities of generation of ASP Code for adding, viewing, modifying, deleting etc to and from either an Access or MS SQL Server Database.

4656)   Keyword highlighting in ASP
It is a web based tutorial in which author elaborates about highlighting the keywords from the text message with the help of highlight function.

4657)   Mercury-UI for ASP
Mercury-UI for ASP is a program that comes with set of several tools and COM DLLs that help webmasters to build standard web interfaces for website development.

4658)   Practical uses of XML and XSL with Classic ASP
This is an article that can be used as a guidance and reference for the users to learn about the benefits of using both XML and XSL technologies in ASP.

4659)   Selecting information from more than one table
Selection information from more than one table is the main context of this online tutorial. Along with this the author defines the working of INNER JOIN Operation and LEFT and RIGHT JOIN Operations in SQL.

4660)   ASP News Content Management
ASP News Content Management is an online content management software that helps webmasters to manage ASP news contents on their websites. This is an easy to use program.

4661)   TAR Component
This is an ASP based compression tool with TAR functionalities for zipping and unzipping the files in the server. With a small code snippet compressing and uncompressing are done.

4662)   Server visitors tracking and stats
The module offers complete monitoring of server attendance.Active client addressing option. All in real-time. Raw hits, unique hits, sessions, top level domains, domains, aliases, client software an lot of more.

4663)   Contabra
Contabra is an ASP based content management program that can be used to build complex site contents and maintain them. This program also reduces maintenance cost.

4664)   TIFF Image Server for IIS
It is an online webbased program that helps the user in delivering documents as images over the internet. It can convert TIFF images to PDF versions.

4665)   Server Side Include Directives
This is a tutorial that provides information about Server Side Directives (SSI). This article starts with a simple introduction about SSI and describes its usage on ASP.

Whether selling e-books, e-zines, unique photos, Flash animations, digital arts, mp3 music, graphics or video, ringtones.. this neat web-seller is all you need.

4667)   Get the News, Part 1
Get the News, Part 1 is a simple article in ASP related to scripting codes for MFC application in ASP inorder to display news feed on your web pages.

4668)   ASP Companion
This is an ASP based online component that is specially designed to create a data base driven website. With this tool the webmaster can create ASP pages for retriving database and pack of visual basic classes.

4669)   Creating a Server Component with VB - Redesigned - Part 2
It is an ASP tutorial which concentrates on generating a server-side DLL and explains the methods to implement this component inorder to retrieve all its functionalities.

4670)   Debugging ActiveX Server Components in Visual Basic
This article deals with debugging the ActiveX server component using Visual Basic. Here the author details this topic with step by step methods which will make the novice to understand easier.

4671)   Storing Images in the Database or the Filesystem
The soultion about where to save images? Either in the database or the filesystem is the main theme discussed in this online tutorial. Finally the author comes with strong reason of adopting filesystem storage with examples.

4672)   SQL Source Control
This is an ASP based software that provides source control, documentation and versioning. This tool offers integrated developing environment and several attractive features.

4673)   News Manager Pro
News Manager Pro is a news content management program and is developed with ASP that helps users to add, edit or delete different types of contents such as, press releases, articles etc on their websites.

4674)   textpad
textpad is an content editor with which website owners would be able to edit and correct huge file applications. You can rework on typing errors, case changes and word, characters, lines transposes etc.,

4675)   Storing Non-Durable Data for Cookie-less Sessions
Storing Non-Durable Data for Cookie-less Sessions is an article in which author discusses about how to track the activities of the users and to store the information of the users without using cookies.

4676)   ASP Chat Script
ASP Chat Script is a tutorial that clearly explains about how to build a chat program by using ASP language and VB script. This will be of much use for the ASP users to create an online chat system.

4677)   Xceed Zip Compression
This is an ASP based component which has special functionalities for zipping and unzipping the files and its information. It has an ability to read, write and generate files.

4678)   ASP Generated SQL Statements
This article is one of the best outcome to understand about the ASP generated SQL statements. The author narrates about an ASP function for building SQL Update String.

4679)   etiveWHOIS
etiveWHOIS is an ASP component that allows you to check domain name availability and registrant information in plain text or HTML formatting from any WhoIs server located on Internet from within your ASP pages.

4680)   Create A Folder With ASP
Create A Folder With ASP is an online article that teaches you to create a folder for your online applications using the built-in FileSystemObject of ASP.

4681)   ASP+ Basics
This article elaborates to users on a new method of coding using ASP+. Coding with ASP+ would be easier for developers already familiar with VB and DHTML. This article also describes about the web control object model which is more useful for the visitors.

4682)   iisPROTECTasp
IisPROTECT is your source for web authentication, password protection and user management solutions. Independent of NT security, iisPROTECT uses its own database or can easily tie into an existing database. iisPROTECT protects all file types: .jpg, .gif, .pdf, .mdb, .txt, .asp, .aspx .htm .anything.

4683)   CoverYourASP-advertising system
This is a tutorial that discusses about the cost perclick method. ASP users can find this tutorial as a guide to create banner rotation on their websites.

4684)   Enhanced Web Site Directory Browsing
This ASP program enables you to view and access the entire structure of your website directory along with the subdirectories without any restriction.

4685)   Which is better, rs(0) or rs("column_name")?
This is an online SQL tutor which explains and differentiate which is better whether rs(0) or rs("column_name") with example codes.

4686)   HexTcpQuery
This tool is helpful for the users to query their required information like, web pages from other servers, to lookup domain names using whois and to access user information from finger servers.

4687)   ASP Chat Application
This chat application is implemented entirely in ASP and is ready to run immediately.

4688)   Active Server Pages with Javscript
The integration of ASP with Javascript to perform some particular functions by hiding images is taught clearly with a working demonstration to which coding snippet is available.

4689)   FTP’ing Files with ASP
From this article you can learn the basics of file transfer operations in ASP. By reading this article you would be able to upload both the image and zip files online through the FTP.

4690)   Response Object Part2 - Buffer Explanation
This tutorial will be more useful to learn in detail about response.buffer. And provides useful solutions for loading web pages from server effectively.

4691)   ASP Online Class
ASP Class is an online technical training center that provides various benefits to the students. The instructor of these center give homework assignments in each phase for students to study at their own.

4692)   Tracking Site Statistics
This application allows you to track a variety of site statistics, including hits per hour/day/week/month, IP address of hits, and browsers used.

4693)   Axml WYSIWYG HTML Editor
Axml Editor is an online WYSIWYG html editor using IE MSHTML editing platform.

4694)   aspWebAlbum
Complete online media album manager... creates thumbnails for you.

4695)   Specifications
This is a tutorial that contributes to programmers on making specifications. This tutorial provides an extraction of this subject related topics from earlier discussions.

4696)   MSCExec for Linux
MSCExec allows you to call OS command or launch an application right from your script. You can set parameters for the call and check results.

4697)   Read ASP cookies Basic
It is an article which gives detailed description of cookies, how to write the username and password of the visitors browser inorder to identify the return of the visitors from the users website.

4698)   ASP 3.0 Object Model Reference
This is an useful ASP reference utility that is helpful for the ASP programmers. This utility elucidates all the 7 ASP built-in objects clearly with examples.

4699)   Dynamic Curve Images
This tutorial guides users to create curves on images dynamically. This tutorial provides the sample source code for generating these images. You can also create transparent images with the help of this tutorial.

4700)   Edit With SQL Statements
This is an useful online journal for the database administrators which helps them to edit and update records from database using SQL statements.

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