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Top 4701-4750 ASP scripts

Scripts are listed after popularity.       To display the scripts in alphabetical order please click here

4701)   CoverYourASP - Installing Personal Web Server
CoverYourASP - Installing Personal Web Server is a tutorial that deals with installing PWS 4.0 on Windows 98 SE. The author says that PWS will be essential for the users to examine their scripts before uploading to ISP or production server.

4702)   WebQuota
Built upon AuthentiX, WebQuota offers capabilities for webmasters who are concerned about misuse of website membership privileges.

4703)   Debugging your ASP Scripts
This is an article for debugging ASP scripts. This tutorial says that this will be useful for the users to minimize the work by omitting copy and paste and to include new features to the debugging page.

4704)   Getting Started with
This article will be very helpful for beginners of ASP.NET. This article gives website address to know the list of present and upcoming .NET titles.

4705)   AspWebSurv
AspWebSurv is a script built on ASP which lets the webmasters to conduct surveys through their websites. It is easy to use this system without any knowledge on ASP.

4706)   DevEdit
DevEdit is written in ASP and is an online WYSIWYG HTML Editor that can be used to create and edit ASP contents for websites. This is an easy to use program.

4707)   Match Finder
Match Finder is a program with which website administrators can construct and manage an enhanced dating system on their websites. This program comes with several enhanced features for the benefit of the administrators and members.

4708)   Rewiring the Back Button
Rewiring the Back Button is a tutorial that teaches about redirecting visitors to another ASP page rather than to an expired form as soon as they press the back button.

4709)   Absolutely Easy Password Protected Pages
This is an ASP tutorial in which author offers few codes to create a password protected page in the users website.

4710)   HOW TO: Use Response Redirect in a Server Script
This Online ASP artile guides you to implement Response.Redirect method in server side scripts to specify the URL to be redirected. Given solutions solve your problems with this object implementation.

4711)   Creating an ODBC Connection
The main core of this online article is about ODBC connection. This is mainly used as API for accessing database. In this article the author shows the steps needed to configure MS ODBC for an Access database in Windows.

4712)   PageXchanger
Using this software you can protect the content of your online applications from hackers and frauds by removing the extensions of the files in the source codes without altering the functionalities.

4713)   ASP Stats Pro Site Counter
This script is used for tracking the websites and displays the track report statistically. It is used by webmasters on their website. The tracked information are stored in MS Access database.

4714)   ASP Publish2
Publish2 is a full featured ASP-based publishing system. It is perfect for administration of small and medium-sized websites. It allows full control over articles, categories and mutliple users through an easy-to-use administrator.

4715)   Site Chassis Manager
Site Chassis Manager is a program and is developed with ASP that helps users to create and maintain their websites. This program comes with all necessary tools to create website.

4716)   E4server Suggestion Box
E4server Suggestion Box is a program enabled with ASP by using this webmasters can let their visitors or clients to post their suggestions on their websites.

4717)   JillyBoel Spambot Foiler
JillyBoel Spambot Foiler is an ASP script that spoils Spambots that collect email addresses from your site.

4718)   MSCGzip for Linux
MSCGZip is GZip compression/decompression component. It allows you compress and decompress data and files using standard well-known Gzip data compression engine.

4719)   Yourvirtualstore
The most advanced e-Commerce AND Content Management System available for the price. Powerful shipping & discounting functions and over 70 free real time payment gateways around the world. Multi language and dual currency support included. DW, DWMX, FP etc

4720)   Next Gen Shopping Cart
Next Gen Shopping Cart is an ASP based program that can be used by the administrators to build and run an enhanced shopping cart system for their electronic businesses.

4721)   Tired of FileSystemObject? Use the Stream Object Instead
This is an online article containing some important tips for the webmasters in replacing the FileSystemObject with the Stream Object function of ASP.

4722)   SalesAhoy
SalesAhoy is a program which has several features that help administrators to organize and manage their sales team. This will be useful for the administrators to develop their business with ease.

4723)   QuB ASP
Create Visual SQL Queries in Dreamweaver MX and MX 2004 - For a dynamic web application developer, who needs create recordsets from multiple tables and is not an SQL expert, QuB is the tool that allows table relation management, automating SQL query generation.

4724)   Javascript to Include ASP file
From this ASP tutorial, you will be able to know the process of includes to utilize server side files, documents, components etc., within your ASP pages using Javascript.

4725)   Server object
Learners in ASP coding can go through this online tutorial to gain more knowledge in ASP Server Object for creating instances to access server scripts, encoding URL etc.,

4726)   Chakwal Chat
A nice chat script using Macromedia Flash 5 and ASP.

4727)   Navigation And Include Files
This article gives definition about to edit and update menus by putting the menu in an include file and the users can also use images with menu.

4728)   Second() Function
This is a tutorial which shows only the seconds. This tutorial is a simple and an instant way to display the second number.

4729)   CrazyBeavers Upload
CrazyBeavers Upload is an easy to use component that can be used by the webmasters to upload the files from remote web browsers to their web servers using ASP.

4730)   Callback Application
Callback Application is an application that can be used by the webmasters to receive emails from their website visitors to fix a convenient time to contact.

4731)   Aurigma Online Image Editor
IT is an online image editor through which the user can edit an image from the gallery, change the parameter of the image and can be store the edited image in the server.

4732)   COM and ASP
Connecting database server through sockets can be learnt through this tutorial which also describes how to create and add components with IIS server.

4733)   SiteFerret Professional
SiteFerret Professional is an indexed search facility, written in ASP and utilising an Access database backend, that's incredibly easy to install and manage. Results are returned fast and ranked according to relevance.

4734)   Display all of the contents of a single-dimension array
Several ways to display all the elements in an array can be acquired through this ASP article which provides requried functions in little sample codes.

4735)   Populating a Selectbox
The main core of this online tutorial is to show you how to populate a selectbox. The author explains this procedure with an example and sample code through this article.

4736) What are Active Server Pages?
This is an article which gives information about ASP. This article discusses its importance, personal web server, and usage of language and more.

4737)   Parsing a Form's Text Field
This is a very small script which can parse the text field of a form. This script can be used to extract last name of the visitors two names.

4738)   ObjectContext Object
ASP coders can get more useful information on ObjectContext Object and can obtain the ways to prevent updation to resources if any invalid data is given in transaction forms / pages.

4739)   Declare all your variables at the top of your ASP page
Variable declaration is an important function in ASP programs and web applications which is elaborately discussed in this online ASP study article.

4740)   Monitoring performance in ASP
It is a web based tutorial in which author elaborates about the timer which monitors the time for executing a particular code on the ASP page.

4741)   InformIT Visual Tutorial 1: The Big Picture
This tutorial directs you how to create interactive applications in ASP and provides solutions on how to handle HTML, SQL, databases and ASP for generating database driven applications.

4742)   Statistics Server
Statistics Server is a Web site statistics software that generates live marketing reports by analyzing web server log files in real-time. It is perfect for Corporations and Web Hosting Companies that need live statistics analysis reporting.

4743)   gee! Product Manager
Manage your product inventory with this powerful catalog tool. Easy to maintain a catalog of items to be sold on the Internet. Take advantage of the Internet as a successful sales tool!

4744)   VFCEE - Virtual Filing Cabinet Enterprise Edition
VFCEE - Virtual Filing Cabinet Enterprise Edition is an electronic online file cabinet management system that can be used by the employees, customers to share their documents, files and contact information with one another all over the world.

4745)   pw99- Web Stats
This script is used for tracking the website activities and to display the reports in statistical format. Users can use this code snippet on any web page of their website to track each page hit report.

4746)   ASP Web-Kalender
This is an ASP-based calendar application. It features: Server component - output is perfectly independent pure HTML, of the Browser type of the Clients, Versatile configurable full CSS support, and Individual items such as days or months link to the detail events.

4747)   Functions to Open a Database Connection and Record Set
This online tutorial helps the webmasters a new way to open and close database connections in ASP. The author demonstrates this concept with an example in this article.

4748)   Click&Email
Click&Email is a full featured ASP script to run your professional Newsletter management. It includes unlimited Newsletter Groups which allows you to handle subscribers of different sites or homepages, a HTML Newsletter form generator. Sends emails either as plain Text or HTML. Visit our demo!

4749)   Check email address using Regular expressions
One of the simple and basic way to validate an email address at client side is described eloborately through this web based ASP learning resource.

4750)   Parameterized Queries Using Visual InterDev 6.0 Design Time Controls
This article provides few techniques that the users to follow for parameterizing queries with the help of visual interdev design time controls.

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