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Top 4751-4800 ASP scripts

Scripts are listed after popularity.       To display the scripts in alphabetical order please click here

4751)   Visitor Tracking
Web statistics software for tracking site visitors or web application users. Bar charts are included for trend analysis. Records each visitor's referrer and IP address for validating advertising investments.

4752)   Creation of an area of classified access
It is an ASP article in which author discusses about how to protect certain ASP application and how the visitors can access this particular page with the help of the code he offers.

4753)   ZBit ASP Deployment System
The main function of this utility is used to compare two structures of two different directories and arrange them to pass content to production section.

4754)   ASP Session Object
With the help of this online ASP tutorial, one can get more useful information about ASP Session Object and learn the easier ways to implement this object properties and methods within applications.

4755)   PowerASP Form Creator Wizard
This is a script which generates code by just entering a required parameters. This script is very simple for the users to understand.

4756)   Pick a Random Record from a Database
This is a very simple online tutorial dealing about how to select a random record from a database. The author explains this concept with an example.

4757)   How to display records from top 4 database systems using plain ASP?
The main objective of this article is to teach the developers about how to fix database connections to some database software and how to display records through these database systems.

4758)   NetLinkHelp Link Management Software
Automate the management of your web site links area using our software. Automates the reception of partner link requests, editing and approval, email notifications and requests for links back, and database-driven display of links categories on your site. FULL SOURCE CODE too.

4759)   Updating Records Using Stored procedure
This online tutorial guides the users for updating their own database records with the help of stored procedures and code for quick reference is given in this tutorial.

4760)   Chilkat S/MIME Email Encryption Component
Chilkat S/MIME Email Encryption Component allows you to create signed and encrypted messages or documents, add one or more detached digital signatures to a message, verify signatures and decrypt.

4761)   Running Dynamic Stored Procedures
This article teaches the users how to create stored procedures using SQL statements and also it tells about the usage of stored procedures.

4762)   DontMixHtmlAndAsp
It is a simple component that enables you to seperate your HTML code from ASP.

4763)   Validate an email address using VBScript
This ASP based email validation article explains another way to find out the existence of email addresses using VBScript. Describes how regular expressions are used for the process of email address verification.

4764)   The FileSystemObject: File Object
All details about a file can be gathered using the GetFile function and the sample program in this tutorial demonstrates the flow of this process using File Object.

4765)   ASP Naming Conventions
ASP Naming Conventions is an ASP article that offers various tips for the variable naming conventions. It is good to use prefix before the varaiable name for easy search during the application development.

4766)   HDML and ASP Go Hand in Hand
This is a tutorial that deals on using Handheld Device Markup Language (HDML) with ASP on wireless internet phones. Author details this topic with several examples.

4767)   Polar ZIP
This is a simple and effective compression tool using which you would be able to compress files and directories in a zip format. This software supports multi disk and multi file archives.

4768)   Creating customizable alert boxes using VBScript
Creation of customizable alert boxes with personalized messages and headings along with the images and buttons is taught in this online tutorial.

4769)   Activex Controls can be Used Along With ASP
This is an online tutorial that can be utlized by the users to learn about using ActiveX controls with ASP. This easy to understand tutorial explains every thing by providing sample codes.

4770)   Record e-Commerce
Record e-Commerce is an advanced shopping cart script designed for small and medium business vendors to setup their own e-store with enhanced features.

4771)   BlackBytes Dns for .NET
Provides managed domain name resolver supporting DNS query, update and notify protocol. Supports all known records, caching, serialization and more ...

4772)   Let Users Sort Your Displayed Records
This tutorial is for referring the code which is used to sort the records in ascending or descending order in a database table.

4773)   MSCABImage for Windows
MSCABImage is the best cure from nasty posting bots (robots). These bots create hundreds email accounts on your web-based mail servers and spam from them, fill your forums with thousands of commercial postings and screw your online polls.

4774)   Tree Menu
Tree Menu is a program built on ASP which helps users in building tree menu on their websites. This system can be used to build any number of menus and has item highlighting option.

4775)   Examining a File Existence on the Server
This online tutorial describes the method of checking a file existence on the server. The author explains about the process with an example and the sample source code.

4776)   An Overview in Creating a COM ActiveX DLL for Use with ASP Scripts
It is an article in which author discusses about building the ActiveX DLL component using VB. The author also describes about various functionalities that can be accessed from the generated DLL.

4777)   ScriptUtilities and Huge ASP file upload
This is a powerful ASP file upload component available with the progress bar indicator using which you would be able to upload multiple files either to a disk or database.

4778)   How To Disable Cookies That Are Sent by Active Server Pages
It is an article which concentrates on how to disable the cookies which are sent by the ASP. This article gives detailed descriptions of how to execute the above said process and web developers can make use of it.

4779)   How To Write Readable and Maintainable ASP Scripts
This powerful ASP guide helps you to standardize your ASP programming to be understood easily and reworkable by providing useful tips to be implemented on your ASP scripts.

4780)   What is wrong with 'SELECT *'?
This article tells the inefficiency of SELECT* in SQL statements and also it helps the users to know the alternatives for that command.

4781)   IBEEM Content Management System - Enhanced Edition
This is a content management program in ASP that helps users to add, edit or delete content on their websites. This is suitable for complex and large size websites.

4782)   ASP Website Membership
ASP Website Membership is a program which can build a membership level for the users website. The admin have the ability to control and manage users with admin control panel.

4783)   Passing a value back from a Popup window (ASP)
Passing a value back from a Popup window (ASP) is a program that can be used by the administrators to facilitate their websites to add any content to the main window through a popup window.

4784)   Standardising to UK date format
This is a tutorial that shows how to arrange the date into one format. This program works best with MS Access. This tutorial is described in detail with an example.

4785)   Response Object and HTML Encoding
More information on Response Object is described in this ASP article. And it will be more useful to implement the response.write command within the scripts for your needs.

4786)   JScript Examples : setDate Method
An online ASP article that tells in detail about the JScript date function which can be used in ASP applications to display date in numeric form.

4787)   SQL In Simple English - Part II
This is a very simple online article in which the author explains about Joins and other aspects of SQL. This article is very much helpful for the beginners to learn more about SQL.

4788)   An ASP You Can Grasp: The ABCs of Active Server Pages
This is an article which shows detailed information about ASP. It is easy to use and contains the definition of ASP file, functions of object model, etc.

4789)   AspEventlog
AspEventlog is a program which allows the users to log informations to the site logs. This program registers with the event log.

4790)   Shedding Light on the JavaScript Special Values null and undefined
Shedding Light on the JavaScript Special Values null and undefined is a reference guide that clearly explains about how to examine null in javascript and offers special values null and undefined.

4791)   ASPFAQs : Dates and Times
This is a tutorial which shows the date and time FAQ's. Users can gain more information from this FAQ section.

4792)   DayPoint Professional
Group calendars, personal organizer, tasks, files, links and web mail for intranet and internet sites. Includes ASP source code!

4793)   Find a stock
This is an article about displaying stock information. This tutorial elaborates on permitting visitors to choose a stock to view the latest reports on a separate page.

4794)   Database Hidden Hit Counter
This is an ASP based hit counter which automatically updates the hit report to the database. Users can view their report on their admin page.

4795)   Removing unconfirmed members
This is an ASP user management tutorial which specifically concentrates on deleting the unconfirmed members from the database. This article will be helpful for creating a user management system in the users website.

4796)   Current User Tracking
This ASP application demonstrates which users are currently connected to your page, using a SQL Server 6.5 Database to track them.

4797)   Search the Internet from your site
It is a tutorial in which author discusses about providing search facility for the visitors to search any keyword from the internet through the users website. This can be utilized to build a search engine on their website.

4798)   MSCExec
MSCExec is a powerful component which helps you to run os commands from your script. Users are allowed to set the parameters for their reports.

4799)   Introducing ADO+: Data Access Services for the Microsoft .NET Framework
This is an article that deals with the introduction of ADO+ and what are all the uses that it provide in the .NET frame work. This article describes all the functionalities of ADO+.

4800)   Writing ISQL_w in ASP
The main core of this online tutorial lies in the complete description about the task of ISQL. The main function of this is to run queries which is explained by the author in this article.

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