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Top 4851-4889 ASP scripts

Scripts are listed after popularity.       To display the scripts in alphabetical order please click here

4851)   Post or Request Data
Post or Request Data is a user management system where the users can access a web page, ASP and CGI script with http protocol and without a web browser. Admin can control the data access.

4852)   Search Within Search Results
This article describes about the generating a searching tool on the website. This search utility is used to identify keywords within the search results.

4853)   Create and work with binary data in ASP/VBS
An ASP based string manipulation tutorial which is available with example programs to let you understand the binary data process in ASP and VBS in an easier way.

4854)   Banner Ad Rotator
Banner Ad Rotator is a tutorial that elaborately discusses about using MS Ad rotator component on IIS server to permit users to execute banner ad rotation on their websites.

4855)   Download Sentinal
Download Sentinal is an efficient tool designed for protecting the bandwidth of the users while downloading. This tool allows the webmasters to place the files in the offline directory on their servers and serve their visitors in a secured manner.

4856)   Hit Report for image visitor tracker
This tutorial contains full details about Hit counter program which helps the programmers to understand and to create their site statistics.

4857)   ActiveX Controls for Biometrics
ActiveX Controls for Biometrics allows you to quickly develop any application that requires biometrics as a security method.

4858)   What is SQL?
This tutorial helps the users to learn more about SQL and also it helps the beginners to know about basic functions of SQL.

4859)   NFO En/Decryption Component
It is an ASP string component which helps in encrypting and decrypting the strings. This tool encrypt the string in numbers.

4860)   gee! Property Manager
Manage and display property for sale. Use your website to reach potential buyers and tenants by easily listing commercial space available online. Show detailed descriptions and images.

4861)   Pepperpot: pinging with ASP
Pepperpot: pinging with ASP is a script built on ASP to be used by the users to ping the sites, Weblogs.Com and BlogRolling.

4862)   Simple DNS &Traceroute
This utility is used to provide DNS lookup on the ASP pages that helps users to use both reverse and forward lookups. Traceroute method is included in this utility which sends ICMP to the particular domain.

4863)   ChilkatZip - Zip ActiveX Compression
It is an ASP based compression component with the capablity of generating and processing the zip archives. This program allows users to monitor the compression and decompression process in real time.

4864)   ASPFusion
ASPFusion is a server program which provide ASP components and secures them for web hosting. This program lists the various ASP components for the users to view.

4865)   Optimizing Microsoft SQL Server Analysis Services : Optimization Tools: The Storage Design Wizard
This is a tutorial about The Storage Design Wizard -an optimization tool. Here the author starts with a simple introduction to this tool and elaborately discusses its purposes.

4866)   Remove your page from another site's frame
Through this ASP tutorial, you can learn the steps needed to remove your web page from other website's frame. Sample program shows how this process is carried out using JavaScript.

4867)   Rated By Me Survey Suite : Web based surveys
Rated By Me Survey Suite : Web based surveys is a program based on ASP which comes with a suite of surveys for the benefit of the users in conducting surveys.

4868)   Editor a Sql for your panel of control
This is an online article stating about the SQL editor which could be added to the user's control panel. In this article the author tells about an instrument to manipulate MDB through SQL code.

4869)   ConductIT Web CMS for Small Business
This is an enterprise content management solution in ASP that helps business users to create and maintain contents on their websites. This is suitable for small size business websites.

4870)   IApplicationObject Interface
You can create components in your ASP programming using Application object and more details are available on this online tutorial to access them through IApplicationObject Interface.

4871)   Dreamweaver Virtual Silver PopOut Ecommerce Standard
Dreamweaver Virtual Silver PopOut Ecommerce Standard is an useful template system that helps sellers and merchants to generate their own e-stores on the fly with attractive store front designs.

4872)   Sorting and Searching Database Tables
This is an online tutorial for database searching and sorting database tables. It uses MS Access database as backend to hold data.

4873)   CSS Style Sheets Alternatives to Deprecated HTML Tags
This useful article clearly tells you the need for the replacement of deprecated HTML tags with style sheets. This deals with the uses of style sheets and lists various stlye sheets properties.

4874)   Client-Side Initialization Code from the Server
Client-Side Initialization Code from the Server is a tutortial that discusses about how to repopulate a complete page of drop down boxes using the stored values of the database.

4875)   Creating An Intranet Site with ASP: Part 1
This is an article which specifically concentrates on generating an internet site with the help of ASP application. Here author also describes about the main features for creating database and accessing data from it.

4876)   Executing Transact-SQL DELETE statement
This is an useful tutorial that guides users in deleting records from a database table. You can delete the records easily and quickly by the sample code provided with this tutorial.

4877)   Delete From Table Script Writer (DSN Connection)
This ASP utility helps for the deletion of the records from the Access and SQL Server database table. You can copy the code generated in this utility for your applications.

4878)   Automatically Configured Advertisement Display
Automatically Configured Advertisement Display is a tutorial that elaborately discusses about creating automated Ad management system. With the help of this tutorial ASP users can learn how to enable their websites to select and display Ads in an automatic action.

4879)   Getting the ID number of an inserted record
The article explains about getting the ID number of a just inserted record. The author describes the usage of a SQL Server in which a single stored procedure is used instead of @@IDENTITY function.

4880)   Digi Domain
This component is used to search against top level domains from whois server. This tool is helpful for the domain resellers and for Internet Service Providers.

4881)   Integrating User Search with ASP and SQL Server Full-Text Search
It is an article in which author discusses about indexing the HTML, text and office documents which helps to quickly locate the documents by the index server search engine.

4882)   ASP Membership Subscription
ASP Membership Subscription (With Credit Card, Pending Submission Queue, Mailing List, Send Newsletter Functions & Internal and External Messaging) allows you to enhance your website by capturing user info on a MS Access Database.

4883)   IApplicationObject Interface
You can create components in your ASP programming using Application object and more details are available on this online tutorial to access them through IApplicationObject Interface.

4884)   Add Records using Stored Procedures
This article is used for referring and learning about adding records using Stored procedures. It helps the users to add records into SQL server.

4885)   eLogic Download Manager or Search
eLogic Download Manager or Search is a program that allows ASP users to build a download manager. This program does not require database since it uses file indexing.

4886)   Lookup Internet Service Provider (ISP) by IP Address
Lookup Internet Service Provider (ISP) by IP Address is a solution for you to identify visitor's geographical location i.e. countries and ISPs using proprietary lookup database and technology without intruding your visitor's privacy.

4887)   Information for Security Administrators
This is an article for the web administrators or webmasters to protect their ASP files under IIS. This is an effective article for the users to manage their website safely and securely.

4888)   ASP Procedure Used To Recurse Through All SubFolders Of Any Given Path
This is a simple tutorial containing necessary codes that would allow you to view all files and folders of your website available in a particular path of the directory.

4889)   Use prefix notation when naming your variables
This article details to enable your source code to be understood easily by the readers. This tutorial suggests in following certain naming conventions and to name with sense.

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