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1-50 Ad Management (ASP) scripts (listed after popularity)

Scripts are listed afer popularity.       To display the scripts in alphabetical order please click here

1)   Banner Rotator with Stats
This Banner Rotator stores The Image URLs, Links, Tracking URLs, Views, adn Clicks in a database. When the banner loads it update the views for that banner in the database. when a user clicks the banner it updates the clicks in the data base.

2)   Free Simple Ad Rotator (.asp)
Free Simple Ad Rotator (.asp) is a tutorial that clearly explains about creating and managing Ad banner rotator on the ASP supported websites.

3)   Flash Banner Rotation System
This script is basically built in ASP which is used for displaying rotating banner ads on the website. Customizing banner ads and their images are allowed.

4)   BanManPro
BanManPro is an useful tool for the webmasters to design their web pages with rotating banner ads to increase their website traffic. It is easy to use and not so complex to understand and it has many enhanced features.

5)   ASP Banner Ad Management System
Banner ad campaigns management application written in ASP. Easy setup, real-time stats, web-based interface, text database, administrative control, payment gateway compatibility, etc. Low price and money back guarantee.

6)   Banner Ad Rotator
Banner Ad Rotator is a program that enables webmasters to display ads on their ASP websites. They can use this program to display any number of ad banners.

7)   DynamicLink
DynamicLink is a program that comes with the ability to manage the referral links to user’s website. This program is built on ASP and can be easily used by the users.

8)   Power Banner ASP
Power Banner ASP is an Ad Management ASP for your Web-site. It includes extremely powerful ad selecting methodology that delivers ads based on weights, impressions, and dates that can be set.

9)   Creating a simple ad rotating system using ASP
Creating a simple ad rotating system using ASP is a tutorial that discusses about creating and rotating ad banners by using Ad rotator component on ASP supported websites.

10)   AdMentor
AdMentor is a totally free ad rotator script written entirely in ASP. No binary components are needed on the server and no super-power database engine either.

11)   1-2-3 JumpTracker
Track, manage and analyze all your ads and web links. Tracks IPs, date, time, and referral url. Unlimited number of links allowed. No more second guessing whether or not your advertising dollars are being well spent. Easy as 1-2-3 to setup and use

12)   Rotating Content
Rotating Content is an article in which the author explains about rotating text on the web pages. This will be of much use for the ASP users in creating a banner rotator.

13)   Databound Random Banner Rotator
By using this script webmasters can create their web pages with rotating banner ads which rotates images randomly. It uses database to store banner details.

14)   ScriptMate Banner Manager
ScriptMate Banner Manager is a banner management software.By using scriptmate banner manager You can create unlimited zones, advertisers, banners and also provide detailed reports on performance to your advertisers.

15)   Alivesites Banner Ads
Alivesites Banner Ads is a program that allows website administrators to display ad banners on their websites. This program supports various sized banners.

16)   SMS Web Ad
Ready Ads Manager permits you to manage the banners on your site. It allows you to add, activate, deactivate and delete banners on your site.

17)   Jiro's Banner System Experience
Jiro's Banner System Experience is one of the most efficient banner rotating system with multi language support. The JBS and JBSX will control the complete banner system.

18)   Ad Tracking URL Hits
Ad Tracking URL Hits is a tutorial that clearly explains about how to track the click throughs.

19)   AdSwap
Adswap is a set of asp code that is designed to random items on your site. This can be as simple ASP and allows you to rotate ad’s, text or pictures.

20)   Banner Share
Banner Share ASP has been written to promote banner sharing and helping in increasing the popularity of Web-sites.

21)   ASPBanner
ASPBanner can rotate Image Banners, Custom HTML, and Flash Banners. Keep detailed statistics for your advertisers. Pure ASP solution, no Dll's need to be installed on the server. 6 methods of calling banners makes this very compatible with existing code.

22)   AliaWeb Power advertising banner manager
Banner advertising system (rotator) with unique hierarchy campaing/zone structure (tree zones) for MS IIS with special client for ASP. Real-time statistics/reporting, extended ads (pop up, flash, rich media,..), big performance. Free AdWare version.

23)   FunkyASP AD System
Add an Rotating AD System into your existing ASP web site.

24)   Clicksee Ad Now
This script is basically built in ASP used for creating flexible banner ads on the webpages. It is an user friendly tool which notifies the customers about the expiration time of banner ads display on the web pages.

25)   Ban Man Pro
Ban Man Pro is an Active Server Pages (ASP) based banner rotation and management program that will simplify the process of managing and rotating banners on your web site(s).

26)   Banner Ad Management System
This is a typical Banner Ad Management System which includes the banner retrieval, randomize and output include file to display the banners on your website.

27)   Adserver Solutions
Ad Server Solutions is an ASP based software that allows webmasters to facilitate their site with banner ads to market their customer products online.

28)   Absolute Banner Manager
The most complete, robust and easy to use web based banner management solution specially designed for webmasters who need fast, reliable, flexible, easy-to-use and full-featured ad serving and management front-end.

29)   Ikon Ad Manager
Ikon Ad Manager is an ASP based ad management tool used for creating rotator banner ads on the website. It is used for marketing products online.

30)   SmartASPAd
SmartASPAd can be used for manageing advertisements on your web-site. SmartASPAd strength in managing and delivering various type of advertisements through 4 major types of advertisement grouping.

31)   DM Simple Ad Rotator
Its an ad management tool that allows web site owners to create advertisement banners on their website. This script has own text files for each banner to customize the banner text.

32)   My Sponsors
My Sponsors is an ad management system which is used to generate rotating banners on the website. It uses access database to store images and data.

33)   ABuzz Ad Server
This script is used to enable your website with rotator banner ads and click throughs. Webmasters can facilitate their site with banners to earn and boost their customers revenue.

34)   Rotating Banner Ads using a Database
Rotating Banner Ads using a Database is a tutorial that elaborately discusses about how to rotate ad banners on ASP supported websites. Author here discusses about using SQL server with ASP to perform ad management.

35)   Adelage Ad Server
Adelage is a banner manager system written in ASP and operates with MS SQL database. This will be integrated easilty with cold fusion tags.

36)   Absolute Banner Manager XE
This script is used for creating web pages with banner ads and images. This tool has ad tracking facility to view track records of particular ads. Its easy and very flexible tool to use.

37)   Dynamic Banner Administration
Dynamic Banner Administration is a tutorial that elaborately discusses about executing banner rotation to dynamically manage the banner rotation in respect to the number of impressions. This is for ASP supported websites.

38)   Advertisement Script
ASP based Banner Rotation Software uses FileSystemObject to create a text file and store advertisements in it. You dont have to use any databases to make an advertisement page.

39)   Banner Control Wizard
Banner Control Wizard is a tutorial that guides ASP users to build banner management system on their websites. Users can easily display random ads with the help of this tutorial.

40)   JumpAds - Text Based Ad System
This script is used for creating text based ad system on the website. Users can use their own images to display on banner ads. Programming knowledge is not required, its just plug n play model.

41)   ASP Banner Rotator
This script is built in ASP which is used for creating web pages with rotating banner ads. Banner details are stored in database and it queries the object from database for random image display on the banner.

42)   DB Banner Rotator
Db Banner Rotator is a ad management rotator which rotates randomly with stats page.The stats contains number of views and last viewed time, number of clicks and last clicked time, and a reset button to reset the stats. This is a full working sample and you may add and remove account, assign banne

43)   DUbanner
DUbanner is a banner ads management application allows to rotate banners randomly. This allows user to check the ad statics and manage the existing ad parameters

44)   Banner rotator
Banner rotator is a tutorial in which ASP users can find more information about how to build banner rotator using VB script.

45)   Creating a Banner Rotation and Tracking Application
Creating a Banner Rotation and Tracking Application is a tutorial that comes with several information about creating a banner rotator and application tracker on ASP based websites.

46)   AdJuggler
AdJuggler is a ad management tool used to enable business persons to run a full advertising network. It is a powerful online ad serving and ad tracking tool.

47)   ASP Banner Unlimited
This script is used for generating website with advertisement facility using different images, animated file, flash etc., It has built-in ad tracking facility and it is easy to use.

48)   ValueAd's AdXpress
ValueAd's AdXpress is a powerful ad server which helps business people to market their product by placing banner ads on the ValueAd's AdXpress. It serves as user friendly and it gives report to the advertisers regularly.

49)   Ikon Banner Manager
Ikon Banner Manager is built in active server pages technology to display banner on the web pages by the webmasters. This script can run in any type of pages and stores information in log files.

50)   SmartASP Ad
This script can generate ads on the web pages. It uses MS SQL database to store data. Webmasters can use this script to facilitate their site with secured and flexible banner ads. It is easy to install and to use.

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