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1-35 Articles (ASP) scripts (listed after popularity)

Scripts are listed afer popularity.       To display the scripts in alphabetical order please click here

1) is a website that is loaded with ASP or active server pages articles. Also has a message board and asp faq.

2)   Generating Forms Authentication Compatible Passwords (SHA1)
In this article we will take a quick look at two methods for creating SHA1 passwords for use on the web using .NET.

3)   ASP.NET: What's new in ASP.NET v1.1 and Windows Server 2003
Learn the new exciting features of ASP.NET 1.1. This session covers the changes from ASP.NET 1.0 and includes new features such as Code Access Security, IPv6 support, and support for running multiple versions of ASP.NET side-by-side.

4)   Migrating from ASP to ASP.NET on Windows Server 2003
Consider the perceived risks of migrations that tend to cloud the benefits of new technologies from a business perspective, making it difficult to justify technology migrations to the decision makers in an enterprise.

5)   ASP.NET Security
The CLR provides a security model which is layered on top of that provided by the underlying operating system.

6)   ASP.NET Mobile Controls: Fundamentals
The basics of building mobile web applications with ASP.NET Mobile Controls.

7)   Things to Do With IIS
A senior IIS admin shares his experience and describes top 10 things to do to improve IIS.

8)   Mask Your Web Server for Enhanced Security
Masking or anonymizing a Web server involves removing identifying details that intruders could use to detect your OS and Web server vendor and version. This information, while providing little or no utility to legitimate users, is often the starting place for crackers, blackhat hackers and "script..

9)   ASPToday
ASPToday offers articles related to ASP subjects.

10)   Submitting Web Form data from one ASP.NET page to another
This article discusses different options you as a developer have in ASP.NET to send data from one ASP.NET page to another. Since you cannot use ASP.NET Web Controls in such a scenario this article discusses other ways like using HttpContext object.

11)   WDVL
WDVL is an free encyclopedia of java, HTML, javascript, cgi, dhtml, XML, perl, web design and domain name tutorials and resources.

12)   Wise ASP - What is Active Server ?
This article gives introduction to ASP.NET. It discusses about the compiled language, functions and uses of ASP.NET, its important features and more in a simple way.

13)   From PetShop to Production: An ASP.NET and Windows Server 2003 Real-World Scenario
Learn how the team that built the infamous .NET PetShop applied the high-performance ASP.NET strategy to a real customer. See how their ColdFusion site was ported to a new site based on the architecture ideas from PetShop on Windows Server 2003.

14)   IIS 5: Programmability Architecture
IIS 5: Programmability Architecture is a tutorial that details on developing the programmability architecture on Internet Information Servers. This tutorial will be useful in developing web applications.

15)   Legacy Meets .NET: A Real-World Scenario
Visual Studio .NET and the Windows Server System provide the best platform for extending the reach and life of existing legacy systems running on AS/400s and Mainframes. See why .NET is the best tool available for extending their reach to the Web using ASP.NET.

16)   Introduction to ASP.NET
Introduction to basic concepts and techniques about ASP.NET.

17)   Towards Next Generation URLs.
Towards Next Generation URLs is an asp article.

18)   The Http Runtime - An in-depth look at ASP.NET Internals
Learn about: Role of the HttpRuntime; What is the HttpRuntime; Drill-down; HttpContext; HttpHandler; Application Events; Global.asax; HttpModule and Hosting the HttpRuntime. Source code included.

19)   ASP.NET Starter Kit: Time Tracker
A line-of-business application allowing users to track the time worked on projects.

20)   Real-World Tips for Real-World Web Applications
Creating a flexible Web application is more than just putting together a bunch of ASPX pages. Learn the top 10 things to do to make an ASP.NET application sizzle!

21)   Type System for ASP Script Programmers
Topics: IIS Basics, ASP - where it falls short, CLR Basics, ASP.NET Basics, ASP.NET and OOP, Type Anatomy.

22)   Improving Web Application Security: Threats and Countermeasures
This download contains guidelines for architecting, designing, building, reviewing, and configuring secure to build hack resilient ASP.NET Web applications across the application tiers, technology, and servers.

23)   Event Log Management Information
Information about windows event log management.

24)   Caching and State Management in ASP.NET
Caching in Web applications can provide dramatic improvements in performance. ASP.NET provides caching at several levels for you to leverage and improve the responsiveness of your application.

25)   Building Secure ASP.NET Applications - Authentication, Authorization, and Secure Communication
This guide presents a practical, scenario driven approach to designing and building secure ASP.NET applications for Windows 2000 and version 1.0 of the .NET Framework

26)   ASP.NET: Introducing ASP.NET
Learn how to develop the next generation of Web applications with ASP.NET and Visual Studio .NET.

27)   Coding ADO.NET Data Access Solutions
Some ADO.NET sessions focus on the object model and .NET Framework classes and not on specific data access tasks that ADO.NET can solve.Focus on getting connected in an ASP and Windows application, how to setup and run ad hoc queries as well as parameter-driven stored procedures.

28)   Creating Custom ASP.NET Controls in VS.NET
This pack contains: a document that describes the techniques users can employ to author and consume custom Web controls for ASP.NET Web applications using Visual Studio.NET; a presentation about Server and User Controls in ASP.NET and source code.

29)   Authentication and Security Mechanisms in ASP.NET Web Applications
This document discusses some of the security mechanisms and configuration options available to administrators to help secure your ASP.NET applications and reinforce the integrity of the Web server.

30)   Migrating from PHP to ASP.NET
Learn about migrating from PHP to ASP.NET. Learn about the features, functionality and architecture of both systems.

31)   Troubleshooting ASP.NET Applications on IIS 6.0
Get detailed information on how to debug .NET applications on IIS 6.0

32)   Learning to Love WSDL: Web Services Real-World Scenario
Learn about the contracts that XML Web services describe between systems using standard XML technologies (XML, XSD, WSDL, and SOAP), and dig into exactly how XML Web services are implemented in ASP.NET.

33)   Developing Mobile Web Applications With ASP.NET Mobile Controls
Learn about the basics of building mobile Web applications with ASP.NET Mobile Controls. See how the control model and drag and drop designer make it easy to target nearly 200 devices (cell phones, PDAs and pagers) from a single mobile Web form.

34)   HTTP Architecture for ASP.NET
ASP.NET is built on a core set of classes and interfaces that abstract the HTTP protocol.

35) offers asp articles, tips, tutorials and downloads.

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