Friday, 20 July 2018
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1-50 Calendars (ASP) scripts (listed after popularity)

Scripts are listed afer popularity.       To display the scripts in alphabetical order please click here

1)   ASP Calendar
ASP Calendar is an event calendar component that has a Microsoft® Outlook style interface, integrates easily into any ASP application, is modular and highly customizable and is Access 97 database driven

2)   Events Calendar
This is a simple Calendar application written in ASP. It features: Uses only 3 asp pages, one Access Database, Password protected event posting, Today is highlighted, and Easy navigation between months.

3)   ASP Calendar Basic
This program is used for creating a event calendar on the website on which the site visitors can enter their events and also they can delete and edit the events.

4)   Digital Interchange - Calendar
Our Calendar is the leader in event management software. We give our Calendar clients the most feature rich, comfortable experience available. Our Calendar is very easy to install and setup for yourself or for your business.

5)   webCal
webCal is a full featured calendar for the web designed with ASP. Features include: Support for multiple users, including a web based user manager, Events may be designated public or private, Scheduled events can be configured as recurring (daily, bi-weekly, etc.), Entering dates in the edit form is

6)   WebCalendar
Allows customer to handle event management like monitoring and controling the events/business events. Events include special events, meetings, announcements, local events, etc

7)   eReservations
This script is used to create a reserveration chart on the website to allow web users to reserve their rooms or place online. This program is helpful for restaurants, railways, airways etc., It displays calendar which is brewed with style sheet.

8)   e-Calendar Lite
This script is used for creating an online calendar on your website on which visitors can add their events and also they can edit and delete the events.

9)   Building an Event Calendar
Building an Event Calendar is a tutorial that elaborately discusses about how to create and manage event scheduling calendar on ASP supported websites.

10)   aspWebCalendar
Web based calendar that looks and feels like a desktop application.

11)   gee! Calendar Manager
Full-featured web calendar grids and lists. Supports recurring events. Display upcoming events and important dates on your website. Automatic removal of past events - "set it and forget it"

12)   Calendar
This is a tutorial using which ASP users can learn how to create an online calendar on their websites. Here users can find sample codes for better understanding.

13)   Simple ASP Calender by John Pramik
This is a simple Calendar program written in pure asp. This allows user to navigate through all the events of any month or year. The default selection is current day's

14)   Jal Calendar
This script allows webmasters to display their website with calendar. It is built in ASP program. It navigates web users to a specific day in the year accurately.

15)   dgCalendar
dgCalendar allows to custom calander with very simple steps. You can specify or select the calander period. Also able to customize the look and feel by selecting the required display parameters.

16)   Calendar MX BASIC made with Dreamweaver
Calendar Mx Basic is Free online Event listing Application. Add/Edit events, Event type (Public or Private), Month view, week view and lot more.

17)   Popup Calendar and DatePicker
This script allows web developers to create a pop up calendar which makes it easy for the calendar users on the website to query their required date quickly.

18)   Complete Events Calendar
This is a group calendar application that allows you to build collective event calendars. Mainly ment for mean of event divulgation and resource sharing, like meeting rooms, conference rooms, etc.

19)   Air Time
This program is used for creating online scheduler application that helps visitors to enter their events on the calendar. It also helps them to schedule time for their projects.

20)   Sepcity Event Manager
This script is used for creating a web calendar by the webmasters on their website. This tool is helpful for business administrators to manage their departments by adding certain events and it has complete customization facility.

21)   Calendar MX PROFESSIONAL made with Dreamweaver
The Online Event Calendar that has everything one needs. Add/update/mail events, upload files/pics, event priorities, event type (public or private), Month View, Week View, Batch/Mail members. Online Html Editor for writing Events, 8 different CSS option which can be changed Online and lot more.

22)   Web Wiz Forum Calendar Mod
Web Wiz Forum Calendar Mod is a web based calendar program based on ASP. Users can use this program for event scheduling.

23)   ASP Events Calendar - Basic
ASP Events Calendar - Basic is a program with which webmasters can have a web based calendar with event scheduling functionality. This calendar can be used as an individual website or as an inclusion of any website.

24)   EZsite Calendar
EZsite Calendar adds multilingual calendar functions to your site. Users can easily browse upcoming events in the language of their choice. A Management interface allows you add, modify, and delete events. You can also easily add other Calendar Administrators, with password protected access.

25)   proCalendar
This script is used for displaying a calendar with time on the website. It supports multiple languages and also the visitors can change the settings of calendar and time according to their regional settings.

26)   Vacation Tracker Calendar Application
This application used for tracking the locations of employees, and vacation time. This is written in VBSCRIPT.

27)   Xpand tools- Event calandar
This is an event calendar software used by web site owners on their website to allow their site users to add their events. It displays calendar like a monthly calendar.

28)   Visual ASP Month View Calendar
This is an ASP script used for creating a month view calendar on the website by the webmaster. Date picker, highlighting todays date, customizing background and layout of calendar and many features are included with this tool.

29)   TxTBak
This is a component which can be integrated to any site with a little modifications. It uses an access database for storage. It is like shoutbox but has a bit more of a forum feel, and is limited to 160 characters per message (like SMS)

30)   Coek's ASP Event Calendar
This script is helpful for the webmasters to build their website with event calendar that allows website visitors to enter their events on the calendar online.

31)   AlohaPost
AlohaPost is a cross-browser messageboard / chat program that enables users to communicate via your website. Easily configurable to compliment any website.

32)   ASP Event Calendar
This is a calendar script built in ASP by which the webmasters can generate a calendar on their website. Users can categorise the events according to the event type.

33)   Educesoft Calendar
This calendar script is used on the website to allow site visitors to enter their events on the web calendar with full protection i.e- it provides password for every user to customize their events.

34)   E-Scheduler
This tool is helpful for any private firm to allow their clients or customer to book their appointments online easily. Customers can add, update or delete their appointments easily.

35)   E-Calendar Pro
This script is used to generate a website with event calendar to allow site visitors to enter their events online. Users can customize the events from calendar as they like and it is easy to setup.

36)   ASPTaskScheduler
This component is used for creating a task scheduler for windows applications. It provides interface automatically to the task scheduler service by which they can enumerate any task.

37)   DU Calendar
This is an calendar script built in ASP with MS Access as backend to store the events added by the visitors. It has password protected admin control panel.

38)   EZsite Calendar
EZsite Calendar is database driven web utility written with server-side in-process objects. Text and background colors can be changed by setting object properties in HTML.

39)   Real-time ASP Calendar
This script is helpful for webmasters to create a website with online custom calendar to allow visitors of the site to add their events. It has customization facility and easy to handle.

40)   Kamath's ASP Calendar
This program is used to create a custom calendar on the website by the webmasters. It allows site visitors to add their events on the web calendar. MS Access database is used to store data.

41)   IIS Dev Event Calendar
This is an ASP-based event calendar application designed for Internet Information Server 4.0 and ADO 2.0. It features password protected Web admin panel for managing the event database.

42)   Online Printable Calendar
Online Printable Calendar is an online tutorial that guides users to include in their websites an online calendar printer to let the site vistors to print calendars instantly.

43)   Popup ASP Calendar
This script is used for creating a popup calendar. This script displays a form on the website and the visitors can enter any date to view the day of that date.

44)   dgCalendar
dgCalendar allows to custom calander with very simple steps. You can specify or select the calander period. Also able to customize the look and feel by selecting the required display parameters.

45)   Avalio Task Scheduler
This script is used for generating an useful task scheduler on the website. It helps web users to assign time for the selected task to open it in a given time. This program can be integrated in any application.

46)   myLittleCalendar
.wsc component to display calendar on your asp pages

47)   VisualASP WebSchedule Application
This program is used for creating an event calendar on the website. It allows web users to add and remove their events easily. Web owners can customize the look of the calendar using templates and style sheets.

48)   ASP & ASP Calendar from VisualASP
With this application you can add a calendar in your web. You can view multiple Months View's on one page. Supports multi languages.

49)   AWS-Webtools WebCalender
This program is used for developing a powerful web calendar. It displays a month view calendar and it works on server side. Its easy to use and to implement.

50) Event Calendar
This is componenet based calander written in ASP. Add dynamic calendars to any Web site or intranet using this time saving component.

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