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1-50 Database Tools (ASP) scripts (listed after popularity)

Scripts are listed afer popularity.       To display the scripts in alphabetical order please click here

1)   Count and Display Number of Records
The main objective of this online tutorial is to show the developers how to count the number of records in the database and also how to display those records.

2)   Search and Replace SQL Server data in all columns of all tables
This tutorial elaborately demonstrates and discusses about the functionalities that the users can follow for searching and replacing SQL server data in columns.

3)   Duplicate records using SQL query
This article explains about how to find duplicate records using SQL statements like SELECT FROM and WHERE. The definitions are given in a simple form.

4)   Using Multiple Recordsets with a Single Database Connection
This online tutorial explains about the usage of multiple recordsets with a single database connection. The author further describes this concept with an example.

5)   Accessing Microsoft Access databases in ASP using ADO
The main objective of this online tutorial is to teach the beginners about using Access .mdb databases in ASP. The author uses ADO for this access which is explained in this article.

6)   Display Records Horizontally
This simple online tutorial helps the webmasters to display their records from database horizontally. The author explains the entire process of this concept with an example.

7)   Using Forms to Do Batch Database Updates
This article gives definition for updating and deleting records from database table in batch form. It helps the users to delete and update multiple records at a time.

8)   Accessing Microsoft Access databases in ASP using ADO
It is an article through which users can learn more about accessing the data from the database with the help of ADO and ASP. Here author discusses about connecting the recordset with the help of ASP application.

9)   How do I populate a dropdown list from a database ?
This simple online tutorial explains the webmasters about how to generate a dropdown list from a database. the author narrates this populating method with an example.

10)   Display jpg in a dbase with asp
Through this online tutorial the author describes about displaying JPG files in a database with the help of ASP. This article shows a live example with the sample code.

11)   Using Custom Recordsets
The art of utilizing custom recordsets is the main core of this online tutorial. The author suggests, the users can able to create their own custom recordsets.

Updating a record in a database is the main objective of this online tutorial. In this article the author gives a solution for the clients to change their password.

13)   Importing a CSV file into Access
The main objective of this online tutorial is to teach the developers how to import a CSV file in Access. This easier method is proved by the author through this article.

14)   Inserting data into a database
Inserting data into a database is the core content of this online tutorial. The author describes about this procedure with an example through this article.

15)   Ploma Dbedit
Ploma Dbedit is a program built for ASP, an IT professional can utilize this program to let their database online and a company director can use the same as a web office utility to sort date in office.

16)   DSN-less Database Connections
The author proves the simplicity in linking to a database in an ASP script. This article deals about opening an Access database using a DSN Less connection.

17)   Creating a Datagrid Class in classic ASP - Introduction
This is a very simple online article that explains about generating a datagrid class in ASP. The author demonstrates an example using the RecordCount property of the Recordset.

18)   Inserting the contents of a two-dimensional array into a database
This is an ASP tutorial that helps you to add the values of the two dimensional array into the database table. This tutorial clearly explains it with the sample code for the users.

19)   Transactions in ASP
This article guides about database transaction method briefly and it has given sample code to test on database table.

20)   Mastering getrows
It is an article which deals with array manipulation with the help of getrow function. In this article author describes about the two loops which controls the two dimensional arrays.

21)   ASPMaker
ASPMaker is an automation tool that can generate a full set of ASP (Active Server Pages) quickly from a Microsoft Access Database or any ODBC Data Source.

22)   AspGrid
It is an ASP based server control component which provides grid interface with the database and has just three lines of codes. This component provides the full data bounded grid control for the database.

23)   DataBase Editor
DataBase Editor is an ASP based script that allows you to manage your website database from the browser. Demo available.

24)   ASP Datagrid
This script is based on ASP which is used to create a database table with full of customization facility. It enables users to edit, sort, update and search data from the database table.

25)   Adding Records to an Access Data Base Using ASP
This is a database tutorial that guide users in adding records in a table of the MS-Access database. This tutorial shows the example pictures and code to the users.

26)   Database Connection String using Microsoft Access Driver (DSN less)
The main theme of this online tutorial is about using database connection string with the help of MS Access Driver with DSN LESS connection.

27)   Database Connection Through VBScript Classes Part 1
This simple online tutorial deals with the concept of connecting database through VB Script class. This article helps the developers to to create a reusable class to link the connection and recordset objects.

28)   Juggling data from recordsets, to arrays, to tables
This article mainly deals with moving the data from recordsets to array or to the tables. The author explains the entire process with an example.

29)   DbNetGrid
This is an ASP based online encapsulated component that can be integrated in any web site for database control. This component provides search, add, delete, navigate, sort, update, upload, link, and many attractive features.

30)   Why does RecordCount return as -1?
This simple online tutorial is about accessing the Recordcount in SQL. The author explains about the proper way to access Recordcount using GetRows() function.

31)   Executing Transact-SQL UPDATE statement
This site has small example which is helpful for the users to edit their data into the database. Source code for reference and to test has been given.

32)   Setting Up and Using OraSession to Manage Your Oracle Database Objects
This online article explains about the OraSession object in oracle which handles collections of OraConnection, OraDynaset objects and OraDatabase within the application. The author explains about how to call these functions when needed.

33)   Guide to Database Connection Strings
Guide to Database Connection Strings is an online tutorial explaining the exact database connection string. The author demonstrates both the task of OLEDB and ODBC.

34)   ASP Text Database
ASP Text Database is a database tool used to store text values seperated from delimeters. This system is useful for any type of web application.

35)   ASP FAQS : Arrays
This online tutorial teaches the beginner to display data on a web page with the help of Arrays. The author explains this Arrays features and how it displays data.

36)   Job Database
The Access database has 1 table which contains the job information. The administrator may add, delete, or edit the information through the Access database.

37)   Instant ASP Database Interface
This tool is helpful for the users to generate code for ASP interface instantly. It has powerful database administration tool which uses java front ends and users have to fill out the form to receive web interface ASP database.

38)   Dropdowns From a Database
This tutorial helps you to display record items in the database table in a drop down combobox. This tutorial show you how to create dropdown combo and list the records of the database table in dropdown combo.

39)   Databound Countries Combo
This is an ASP tool which displays all the countries in the world using the drop down combo box. This tool is simple and user friendly to the users. Programmers can use this tool for their web applications.

40)   2eNetWorX TableEditor
Why pay for other database administration packages when you can use TableEditoR for free. Although it's still a Beta version, it's very functional for most of your needs.

41)   Page-Through ResultSet
This tool is used for creating page through result set on your web pages. It shows the reports and the status of the pages on the screen. Its an important tool for every database administrators.

42)   Access Database Administration
This simple online tutorial helps the developers to restore an MS Access database and also to compact a database. The author explains this concept with an example.

43)   Display 10Records per Page
The main objective of this online tutorial is to help the developers to display more number of records on web pages. The author shows how to control the number of records displayed.

44)   Manage database table on a Single page
It is a web based tutorial in which users can learn about creating and maintaining database table with in a single page. ASP programmers can make use of the sample code by downloading it from this article.

45)   The strange brace: Asp and MySQL
The strange brace: Asp and MySQL is a tutorial that teaches how to use MySQL database with ASP. This tutorial clearly explains by providing sample codes.

46)   Delete Record with SQL statement
This tutorial helps users to delete the records using the SQL statement. Users can delete any number of records from the database table using the single SQL statement.

47)   ADO Command and Stored Procedures - Introduction
This database teaches and discusses about how to design stored procedures and also explains use of ADO command object with SPROC.

48)   Converting a Recordset & XML To and From the File System
This is an online tutorial which deals with the conversion of a Recordset and XML to and from the file system. The author narrates about the .SAVE and .OPEN Methods of the Recordset.

49)   AxpDB
This is an ASP based database tool which helps in displaying database tables in the page and also edit data in the database tables. This tool process very fastly and view large record files.

50)   Contacts Database
This database tool is used for creating a contact database table which is used for storing contact infomation about a particular person to view later if necessary using search field. It has fully functional admin panel.

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