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1-50 Email Systems (ASP) scripts (listed after popularity)

Scripts are listed afer popularity.       To display the scripts in alphabetical order please click here

1)   Sending mail with CDOSYS using ASP
ASP learners and website developers can obtain one more way to send their email from this online learning course using CDOSYS instead of CDONTS together with ASP.

2)   ASP email made easy using CDO
This easier means of online tutorial deals with ASP and explains how you can send emails using the framework CDO through SMTP or MAPI server. Demostrates the two versions of CDO component in detail.

3)   ASP FormMail
ASP FormMail is an efficient email component that can be used by the webmasters to enable forms on their web pages to send emails and it can be easily installed on any type of IIS servers. It does not require any third party programs.

4)   Sending Attachments via an Automated Email
Teaches you how CDONTS component can be used for sending mails with attached files and this ASP tutorial incorporates a sample code snippet to provide the required syntax.

5)   Send E-Mail via ASP without CDONTS
Send E-Mail via ASP without CDONTS is a package that can be used by the webmasters to send and receive emails easily. This script can easily run on the IIS servers without the need of CDONTS.

6)   Sending form values to an email
This is another email based ASP tutorial which implement the steps to create a form with text fields to receive data from users and sends them via email.

7)   Tell A Friend
Tell A Friend is an efficient system that has been designed using ASP and very easy to use. This application allows the visitors to refer your web sites to their friends.

8)   Mass Emailing With CDO
How database can be integrated with CDO to enable mass mailing process is taught with brief explanation in this online ASP tutorial. Provides the information to implement SQL Object for database creation.

9)   Formmail.ASP
This ASP program helps you to deliver HTML formatted content into an email through ASP page. Allows you to modify the script as per your needs. Supports SMTP server for sending emails.

10)   aspSmartMail
aspSmartMail is a fully featured email component that can be used to enhance the capabilities of the email application. This component is very simple and easy to use.

11)   Dundas Mailer
Dundas Mailer is an efficient ASP component that can be used by the webmasters to enhance the capabilities on their web sites. This component can be easily used from within the ASP pages.

12)   Retrieve E-Mail from a POP3 Server
This article guides the ASP developers to construct a POP3 application to retrieve emails from a POP3 server. Gives all needed steps with detailed explanation and with sample coding.

13)   EasyMail WebAccess
EasyMail WebAccess is a web based mail system that has been written using ASP and enables the users to access the emails through any browser. This is a simple and easy to use component.

14)   Email Wizard
From this ASP article, you will be able to obtain a code snippet to send emails with as much of information as you want to send.

15)   Email Validation with VBScript
An easier and simple way to check the basic format of an email address can be obtained from this ASP article which comes with a sample program.

16)   A simple Jmail ASP Form
Here, how the JMail component works together with ASP form to send an email from the host server is taught with a little program and you can access it online.

17)   Simple ASPMail Form
This articles describes the use of ASPMail function with form creation to send emails to the email address of your choice. Given sample program lets you understand the steps clearly.

18)   ASP Newsletter Manager Plus.Attach
ASP Newsletter Manager Plus.Attach is an ASP bulk mailing solution with attachment support.

19)   Sending Emails in ASP using CDO
This tutorial would be useful for those who want to learn about ASP based email systems. The inbuilt FAQ system also clarify your common doubts in sending emails using ASP.

20)   Add email account to a windows 2003 pop3 service using script
Let's you add an user email account to windows 2003 pop3 service using script. The script is written in VBA 6 (You can use it in Visual basic 6, Excel, Access, ...), you can modify it for VB Script or VB.Net. Manage accounts locally or remotelly.

21)   Simple E-Mail Validation
This smaller and powerful ASP script checks the email addresses by checking it's normal format on the web forms. Widely useful for web based systems to receive email addresses through web forms.

22)   aspFormMail.asp
aspFormMail.asp is a simple and customizable script that can be used by the webmasters to convert the data presented in HTML forms into a formatted email. This script is flexible and easy to use.

23)   .NET Email Component Smtp.NET
Email Component for .NET. Features: HTML Email with automatic image embedding, authentication, automatically ZIP compress attachments, supports message queuing on IIS & emailQ.NET, mail merge, multiple attachments, multiple recipients, & more

24)   EmailMover - an Advanced ASP Autoresponder
An Advanced ASP AutoResponder and Email Campaign Manager that runs on your website. Professional features. Fully integrated Wysiwyg Html Editor. Now includes SpamAdvisor, an Email pre-screening Tool for Marketers who want their emails to get through.

25)   Verification Code
You can have an in-built verification system in registration form and other web based forms in ASP. Supports images with verification code.

26)   Form to Email
Allows users to post to a form and get the contents in an email. You can specify recipient, recipient name, sender, sender name, subject, message. There are also options for how the confirmation page is show. You can also send an email in HTML.

27)   ActiveEmail SMTP E-mail Toolkit
ActiveEmail is an efficient tool that offers an interface to the webmasters that can be used by them to send and receive SMTP emails easily and efficiently.

28)   Creating PGP-Encrypted E-Mails
The need of transfering files and emails securely is described in this online course that tells how to send emails in encrypted format to keep all info in safety.

29)   Validate email Addresses
This full featured online tutorial teaches the need of email validation and tells about the steps with proper examples how to find out a invalid email addresses.

30)   MailBee POP3 Component
MailBee POP3 is a set of powerful and easy to use COM objects which will enable your application or web page to reliably and securely receive Internet mails via POP3 protocol.

31)   Creating an automated email
With the help of ASP script, CDONTS component can be utilized to send mails automatically through web based interface and this tutorial explains the needed functions and methods with proper syntax.

32)   Multiple component contact form
Multiple component contact form is a simple and easy to use contact form that can be used by the site visitors to send messages to their webmasters using multiple email components like CDONTS, ASPMail, JMail etc.,

33)   Chilkat MHT
Chilkat MHT is a tool that can be used by the webmasters to convert the HTML with all its contents to emails automatically with ease for use with chilkat mail or webmail.

34)   Verifying Email Addresses
This ASP artilce describes an easier but effective method to find out the valid email addresses using ASP technology. Explains every step with detailed explanation to let you catch the theme quickly.

35)   Click&Email
Click&Email is a full featured ASP script to run your professional Email/Newsletter management. It includes unlimited Newsletter Groups which allows you to handle subscribers of different sites or homepages. Sends emails either as plain text or HTML formated.

36)   DynuEmail
DynuEmail is an efficient and reliable ASP component that can be used by the webmasters to send mails from their applications easily and quickly. This is a simple and fast component.

37)   Infomentum ActiveMessenger
ActiveMessenger is an email component for Active Server Pages (ASP). Send high-impact email from any ASP using HTML-formatted messages, priority designation, file attachments, and more

38)   w3JMail
w3JMail is an email component that can be used by the webmasters to enhance their mail applications. This component can be used by anyone efficiently.

39)   Email Marketing
Email Marketing is an ASP based program that allows users to build and manage email marketing campaigns. It is possible to create any number of email lists at any size.

40)   StrongCube SMTP Component
StrongCube ASP SMTP Component is the basic component used to send e-mail using Simple Mail Transfer Protocol (SMTP) and manage MIME attachments. Supports multiple file attachments, multiple recipients, CCs, BCCs, plain/HTML message, US ASCII/ISO-8859-1 character sets.

41)   Marketing through Personalized Emailing
This article explains the need of personalized emails to be sent to your customers and tells the way how to implement it through ASP and SQL server. Within 6 steps, everything has been given in detail.

42)   ASP Power Widgets POP3
ASP Power Widgets POP3 is a COM component that can be used by the webmasters to easily access POP3 mail accounts. This is a component that offers high performance and advanced functionality to the users.

43)   "Permission Denied" Error
Problems with sending emails and the solutions are explained in this ASP tutorial. Here, you can get a simple way to handle the 'Permission Denied' error with sending emails.

44)   MailListBot
MailListBot is an efficient email component that can be used to enhance the email applications. This tool is mainly designed for the developers who utilizes ASP.

45)   ASP Web Pro - CDONTS
The functions of CDONTS component with sending emails in ASP form can be learnt through this tutorial. Enables you to create ASP form and email object to mail the form data.

46)   My mail application
Web based email client built in asp uses no asp components.

47)   ASP Email script using CDONTS
Getting detailed information in creation of ASP based email system is done simply and quickly with the help of this article in ASP. Comes with more related article.

48)   Sending E-Mails with ASP Pages
Sending E-Mails with ASP Pages is an online ASP tutorial from which you can understand the basic aspects of CDONTS component and it's uses in sending email in addition with ASPEmail component.

49)   Sending a Email Using CDONTS
Another web based tutorial that comes with a little program to let you know about the needed methods and components to create an email module for websites.

50)   EasyMail .Net Edition
EasyMail .Net Edition is a set of full featured, easy to use, reliable, 100% managed .Net assemblies for creating, sending and retrieving Internet e-mail. SMTP, POP3, IMAP4 and Parsing.

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