Friday, 20 July 2018
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1-32 FAQ and Knowledgebase (ASP) scripts (listed after popularity)

Scripts are listed afer popularity.       To display the scripts in alphabetical order please click here

1)   Fixit Knowledge Base
Fixit Knowledge Base aims to increase your online trading by acquiring more loyal customers with the help of knowledge base module. Without spending more time and money you can offer online support that suits to your customer requirements. ASP based sites can run this program.

2)   XcInfoBase
A versatile FAQ or knowledgebase system that can be easily added to any existing site. Allows you to create a comprehensive and interactive knowledge database on any size web site. Great for product support, research articles; or any type of Question and Answer forum.

3)   Smart Knowledgebase
Through this ASP enabled module you can build a full-featured knowldege base for giving solutions to your customers requirements. Supports email system and comment system.

4)   ASPBite FAQ
With the help of this ASP based FAQ manager you can provide as many information about your site, service, scripts, etc as you want to keep your visitors informed basically. Ability to integrate with existing web design.

5)   ActiveKB KnowledgeBase Software
A cost effective online customer service software which lets you construct a FAQ system on your ASP enabled websites. Readymade answers save both webmasters and customers time for giving answers and requesting features.

6)   Loki Faq Manager
Loki Faq Manager is a simple FAQ generating program that can be used on ASP driven websites. Creation of many categories can be done dynamically where with sorting and filtering fucntionalities are allowed.

7)   gee! FAQ Manager
Share answers to common questions. Manage FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions) effortlessly. You can setup different types of FAQs, each displaying different questions and answers.

8)   ASP World - Knolwedge Base
You will be able to create a valuable knowledge base module for your customer support through this ASP driven program. With the help of MS Access database utility unlimited questions can be maintained with answers with category facility. Supports voting on FAQs.

9)   Glossary of Terms Dictionary
An simple and cost effective way to create a dictionary / glossary system on your ASP based website to help your visitors to know about the techinical, new and relative terms used with your softwares, scripts, and programs.

10)   ASPKnowledgebase
An ASP program, ASPKnowledgebase provides you the solutions to add information with your knowledgebase system. Allows you to create many categories with unlimited topics and with searching capability. HTML editor helps you modify the content of FAQ system.

11)   Fixit FAQ Pro
This script consists of ASP driven classes that would be adaptable for you to create an easy to use FAQ system to allow your visitors to get instant information about your products, site etc., New questions can be answered through email facility.

12)   OrplexFAQ
OrplexFAQ helps you to get loyal customers to your website by providing excellent online support through effective FAQ system. Widely useful on intranet and internet based organizations that supports ASP programming.

13)   A-FAQ
This simple but efficient ASP program has been integrated with VB script to construct a FAQ list on your dynamic website. Through web based admin interface categories for FAQs can be maintained easily.

14)   Expinion FAQ Generator
Using Expinion FAQ Generator you can create and display numerous FAQs on a single page with respective answers with navigation faciilty. Multiple categories can be allowed with FAQ system. ASP driven websites can access this script.

15)   FAQ Builder
FAQ Builder, now you can create your own online frequently asked questions in realtime. Setup is easy and using is simple.

16)   FAQ Database Script
FAQ Database Script is a simple and easy to use script that can be used by the webmasters to implement a FAQ database on their websites. This script can be easily added on any IIS servers.

17)   Polar Knowledge Base
With Polar Knowledge Base ASP application, you would be able to offer customer service without any operational cost. Clients on your organization can get required information in no time.

18)   Help Desk
Help Desk is a full featured ASP based knowledgebase system which is available with advanced features to include an effective FAQ system to solve your customers clarifications. Database can be included to maintain your FAQ content effectively.

19)   InstantKB.NET Knowledge Base
Complete ASP.NET knowledge base management solution. Features: Rich-text articles (WYSIWYG), Article attachments, Related Links, Powerful search capabilities, Rate & comment articles, Print or email articles, Comprehensive secure administration area.

20)   ASPFAQs - Email
From this FAQ system ASP learners can get more clarification in ASP based email systems. Provides instant solutions to your questions online.

21)   Fixit FAQ
Fixit FAQ is a simple and easier ASP program using which you can include a FAQ system to help your visitors to get instant answers for their basic doubts and questions and also letting them to rise new questions are supported.

22)   Ocean12 FAQ Manager Pro
One of the ASP script that assists you to generate a FAQ list with most common questions and with proper answers. Admin interface lets you customize the look and feel of FAQ system. All FAQs can be stored with database.

23)   Knowledge Base Search
Knowledge Base Search enables your visitors to find required articles that are available in your database. Many features are available with this ASP program so that you can provide powerful knowledge base article searching on your ASP supported websites.

24)   MagicWay Knowledge Base
MagicWay Knowledge Base is a program that enables administrators to build an enhanced knowledgebase for providing support to their clients.

25)   Absolute FAQ Manager XE
You can provide online support to give answers to your customer's common doubts and questions through this web based FAQ manager. Any ASP based platform can utilize this powerful program.

26)   eFAQ
eFAQ will assist you to construct a FAQ system to provide round the clock support to your customer requests. Supports ad rotator and offers it's functions in various modes for administrators, workers and end users.

27)   DUfaq
This program has been coded in ASP language which allows you to build a FAQ system with as much of questions and answers you want to provide to your customers. Questions can be categorized into several group to navigate easily.

28)   IISWorks: ASP Knowledge Base
ASPKnowledgeBase is a 100% ASP based Knowledge base for companies that need an organized centralized solution for FAQ's, instructions and knowledge.

29)   PensaFAQ
PensaFAQ simplifies your works with responding to support request mails of your customers, visitors, etc., You can generate a FAQ system right on your site with many solutions so as to keep your users understand well about your products and services. Requires ASP.

30)   FunkyASP FAQ System
Add a fully featured FAQ System to your website. Handles categories and sub categories. Have questions and answers.

31)   eFAQ Manager
With the help of this ASP script FAQ generation and maintenance can be done on the fly. Supports SQL / Access server, new query posting, ranking FAQ, natural language with queries, quicker searching capacity and still a lot more.

32)   FAQ Manager Package
An easier way that lets you build a cost effective online support manager on your site can be got through this ASP module. Supports modular customization, FAQ system maintenance through user oriented interface.

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