Thursday, 19 July 2018
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1-37 Graphs and Charts (ASP) scripts (listed after popularity)

Scripts are listed afer popularity.       To display the scripts in alphabetical order please click here

1)   Simple Graphs With ASP
This tip helps you to create simple line graphs without using any COM objects. You can change the color, height,and width of the bars easily. This code is written in ASP.

2)   Graphs from a database
This is an useful bar graph tip that provides you the source code for generating bar graphs. This code can be used on any form of data base.

3)   SimpleChart
Create bar charts, line charts and pie charts with these easy to use ActiveX charting components.

4)   ASP and HTML bar graph (chart) creating
Short samples to create plain and stacked bar chart, with HTML code only, without external images (.gif etc.). Lets you create simple graph and trend indicator from database recordset/dataset.

5)   AspMap
AspMap is a program that enables the web applications and services for displaying and making analysis. This program is specially built for generating map images.

6)   HTML charting in ASP - basics
This chart tip helps you to create the charts using html directly on the web pages. You do not need to use the gif, jpg files and server objects to draw the chart.

7)   ChartDirector Charting and Graphics Component
A fast and powerful charting component for creating professional and clickable charts in ASP/COM/VB and .NET platform. Supports all major chart types - pie, bar, line, spline, trending, area, bubble, scatter, polar, box-whisker, finance, gantt. Easy to use, highly flexible and customizable.

8)   Alternating Table Color
This is an article which deals with constructing table with alternating colors with the help of ASP applications. Through this users can modify the background colour of the table cells.

9)   IntrChart
IntrChart is a program built on ASP which can be used by the webmasters to display graphs and charts on their web browsers. Users can use this powerful utility to generate multi series bar, line, pie, area charts, projection etc.,

10)   csDrawGraph
This is an ASP component which dynamically draws pie charts, bar charts and line graphs. The resulting graph can be streamed to a browser or saved to a file. It can be used with default settings to create graphs quickly and easily, or customised to suit your web page. Graphics formats available are GIF (non-LZW to avoid patent issues), PNG, JPG and BMP.

11)   TeeChart Pro ActiveX
TeeChart Pro ActiveX is a program which can be used by the users for creating charts and graphs on their applications. It provides users option to choose from its collection of 3D, 2D and 33 statistical & mathematical functions.

12)   Making Bar Charts using ASP
This is an ASP based tutorial that helps you to generate static and dynamic bar charts easily. This tutorial provides the source code for creating these charts which is useful for all the programmers.

13)   Chart FX Internet
Chart FX Internet is an effective program which can be used by the webmasters to generate charts on their websites. It has several enhanced features like drill down capability, wireless extension, auto browser detection and response etc.,

14)   Haneng Charts
This tutorial explains you about how to create interactive bar graphs. You can generate the bar graphs on your application by integrating the source code provided by this tutorial. This is an easy to follow tutorial.

15)   GFL SDK
GFL SDK helps the webmasters by accepting graphics image format files quickly. This is completely a free library ready for web administrator's usage.

16)   ASP GFX
ASP GFX is a program built on ASP that allows users to create area chart, ribbon chart, pie chart, line chart and bar chart on their websites.

17)   Bullschmidt Bar Chart
Bullschmidt Bar Chart is a program built on ASP which can be used by the webmasters to display statistical information in a bar chart. It is easy to use and to customize this program.

18)   ASP Bar Charts
This easy to use tutorial has an useful script that contains the code for generating bar charts. This script is written in ASP. You can easily change the attributes of the bar charts generated by this script.

19)   FusionCharts
FusionCharts is a program that can be used by the users to generate Macromedia Flash charts on their websites. Users can utilize this tool to create both animated and scalable charts.

20)   ASP Cool Chart
This tutorial gives the source code that helps you to create the bar charts. You simply enter the values to draw the bar charts. This code is written in ASP. This is an useful tutorial for the application developers.

21)   FlashCharts
FlashCharts is a program that can be used to expand the capabilities of the web application to generate flash charts on the websites. Users can use this tool to create pie charts, bar charts, line charts etc., on their websites.

22)   GSGraph
GSGraph is an ASP based component that allows users to generate bargraphs on their websites. This is a simple program which can be easily used by the users.

23)   ShotGraph
ShotGraph is a COM component that comes with the ability to enhance the script engines which are used on Win32 server. This program will empower the script engines to generate images.

24)   Bargraph in ASP
This is a graph tutorial that shows an easy way to generate bar graphs. These bar graphs are created by providing the input data.

25)   Integrating Flash with an Access Database
It is a web based tutorial which helps in connecting a flash movie to the Access database. Author explains about the flash which interfaces the ASP and server-generated web pages.

26)   Power-Web Image2D
Power-Web Image2D is an ASP based program that allows users to create images including graphs, charts etc., on their websites. It supports JPEG and GIF image formats.

27)   Nevron Chart for ASP.NET
Add presentation quality 2D and 3D charts to your web applications.

28)   SimpleChart v2.1 - ASP Chart Component for VB, ASP and .NET developers
Easy To Use ActiveX Charting Components - v2.1 now with multiple data series, chart images, grad fills, multiple bar chart types, manual scaling, bar and lines series on one chart. Includes web server license and comprehensive help file with sample code covering Visual Basic 6 to C#, and .NET.

29)   PRO FX+ ASP Chart Component
PRO FX+ ASP Chart Component is a program based on ASP which can be used by the users in displaying statistical reports in graphical representation.

30)   IPTCInfo ActiveX
IPTCInfo ActiveX is a component that retrieves the IPTC (International Press Telecommunication Tools) data from images using JPEG files. It collects data including object name, category, created date, city, country, credit, caption writer etc.,

31)   Site Fits All Resolutions
This is a tutorial in which author elaborates about the procedure involved in detecting the screen resolution of the visitors and changing the width of the users website accordingly.

32)   PCS WebGantt
PCS WebGantt© allows you to define your project schedule and then create a Gantt chart that graphically displays your timeline. The resulting chart is pure HTML -- no client-side controls or components are required! The chart will also display in virtually any version of any web browser!

33)   Horizontal Percentage Gauge
This is an useful tip that helps users to create a horitantal percentage gauge. This graphical tool is useful to represent the test marks in the quiz section. This tip provides the example source code for the users.

34)   HTML charting in ASP - stacked bar chart
This tutorial helps users to create the stacked html bar chart with reference to URL from each data point and data point title description. This tutorial shows the sample code for the users.

35)   A Simple Solution for Implementing Customization to an Existing Web Site
It is an article which helps in customizing websites according to the web visitors. In this article author discusses about precustomize.asp and postcustomize.asp function which helps in minimizing the number of codes.

36)   IntrChart v4.6
IntrChart produces professional, quality JPG charts easily. Features include Single and Multi-series Pie, Bar, Line, Dot, Area, Stacked and Trend/Projection Charts.

37)   Getting the users language
It is an ASP tutorial that deals with working with visitors multilingual browser setup. Here author describes about the HTTP_Accept_language function which helps in interacting with multilingual site visitors.

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