Friday, 20 July 2018
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1-50 Image Manipulation (ASP) scripts (listed after popularity)

Scripts are listed afer popularity.       To display the scripts in alphabetical order please click here

1)   SfImageResize
SfImageResize is a image edting software that supports PNG, GIF and JPEG formats. Using this program you can resize images to any desired proportions.

2)   Using the ADO Stream object to Display an Image
This is an ASP tutorial that helps you to display images using the ADO stream object. This shows an example code for displaying the images using stream object. This tutorial is easy to understand.

3)   AutoImageSize
AutoImageSize is a powerful multi threaded web server component using which you can resize images with your own filters and ratio guides.

4)   Images in ASP
This is an easy to learn tutorial that helps you to add the images in ASP files. You can add image files on the ASP pages without using the BLOB object of the database.

5)   Read and write SQL image data, store binary file to sql table
This is an ASP tutorial that helps you to read and write the binary data such as images using the ASP objects. This tutorial is easy to learn by all the users.

6)   Mxmania ASP Upload Script
ASP Upload Script will resize and upload pictures and images as well as display them.

7)   Online Album
Online Album is a web-based application that allows one to create photographic-albums effortlessly. Online Album not only creates links to pictures it also creates thumbnails, slide shows and also contains various other exciting features.

8)   Picture Effector
Picture Effector is an unique ASP software dealing with image manipulating techniques. Using this program you can add several graphical effects for all your images.

9)   Automating Thumbnail Creation
This ASP tutorial provides an easy way to create thumbnails using the components of the serverobject. These thumbnails are very userful for your websites.

10)   AspAware Gallery
AspAware Gallery is a program built on ASP using which webmasters can construct and manage a full featured image gallery with several functionalities.

It is an image gallery utility using which a large number of pictures can be displayed. Users can add photos through a password protected area.

12)   ASPPicture
ASPPicture is a program based on ASP which can be used by the webmasters to display diagrams regarding to any data using database. It can be easily used by the users.

13)   csImageFile
This ASP component resizes, joins & edits images. Supports JPG, BMP, PNG, PCX & WBMP files and can export to non-LZW GIF. Save to file or stream images to the browser.

14)   WebTWAIN-Multipage
WebTWAIN-Multipage is an useful program using which you can scan images from online HTML forms. Using this software you would be able to scan either images or web pages.

15)   A Picture Gallery using the Content Linking Component
This is an useful tutorial that helps you to create a gallery for your pictures. This is very useful for your web applications to store the pictures. This tutorial gives the source code for the users.

16)   Ugallery
Ugallery is a fully customizable photo gallery.

17)   Ananda Image Gallery
This is an application which helps the users to generate photo gallery with attractive features like thumbnail display, auto resizing of photos and more.

18)   Warp an Image
Warp an Image is an useful script that helps users to create a distorted version of an image using the imagedraw method. This tool is helpful for the web developers to generate images on their websites.

19)   PhotoBook
It is a tool which provides a show case for the users photo album by organizing the photos, by creating description for each photo and many more features.

20)   SoftArtisans ImgWriter
SoftArtisans ImgWriter is an useful and powerful image resizing utility bundled with two different COM objects such as SAImageGen, and SAImageCollection using which you can process and cache images with thread safe.

21)   ASPThumb
ASPThumb is an ASP based component that allows users to provide thumbnail creating capability to the web applications. It can be used by the users in generating image previews automatically on their websites.

22)   My ASP Picture Gallery
It is an online picture gallery through which the user those who want to publish their image gallery can easily install this tool in their website.

23)   Absolute Image Gallery XE
Absolute Image Gallery XE is an media gallery software that helps in creating images and multimedia galleries, which can be installed in the web server. With this program the images can be accessed and also new images can be added into the gallery. By this many multimedia content can be added in the website.

24)   dImage
dImage is a powerful ASP component using which you can create thumbnails for all your pictures in the image galleries. You can create thumbnails for any kind of image files.

25)   Online Photo Album (XML Version)
This build is Salman's fourth release of the online album. The current version does not require FSO (FIle System Object) from your host provider.

26)   Forcing an image to download using the ADO Stream Object
This is an useful tutorial that helps you to download the images using the ADO stream object. This tutorial provides the source code for the users. This tutorial is easily understandable by all the users.

27)   Tiff Server for IIS
Tiff Server for IIS is a powerful image manipulation utility that has the ability to generate TIFF views for all scanned images. The advanced converter and SDK available in the software converts the document into PDF and PNG files.

28)   ASP ListPics
It is an online ASP based image gallery in which the automatic indexed thumbnail will be created. The user can view the webindex, it has Actve imageX control, description of the images and much more.

29)   Gchats Flash Picture Gallery
Add interactive flash picture gallery to your website. No database needed, just copy your pictures and Gchats Flash Gallery do the rest.

30)   DMXReady Photo Gallery Manager
It is an ASP based program in which the user can create photo gallery, organize the gallery and manage any online photo galleries. With the help of user friendly interface any photos can be added, deleted, and even it can deactivate the photos in the galleries.

31)   ClickGallery
It is an functional ASP web album application through which images can be viewed with the help of the browser and can be installed in any websites supporting ASP.

32)   Displaying Pictures Randomly
This tutorial guides you in displaying the random picture. You can use the source code available in this tutorial on your web applications.

33)   MX ASP Photo Album
ALBUM Mx BASIC is an application through which the photos can be uploaded to an online gallery. Has options like zooming, rotation, gray scale and mirror to view the pictures and also has private and public pictures for accessing.

34)   GFL SDK
GFL SDK is a simple and effective online image manipulation software designed as a library for creating graphical images in any desired format.

35)   Read GIF Dimensions
This is an easy to learn tutorial which helps in getting the height and width properties of the GIF images. You can get the source code for getting the dimensions of the gif images from this tutorial.

36)   Active Metadata
Active Metadata is an utility that helps webmasters to set and retrieve image informations for image files. Using this program you would be able to create thumbnails for those details by reading the files online.

37)   fXgraph - animated graphs
This ia webbased animated graph program through which scalable, customizeable animated graphs can be created without the use of external components.

38)   DynImage
DynImage is a simple and easy to use image creating software designed with Active X objects. Using this program you can create portable network graphical images.

39)   csASPGif
ASP Component / COM object to create and edit animated GIFs. Read GIFs from disk, data stream or remote URL, save to disk or export to the browser. Draw text and simple shapes. Resize, rotate, crop, flip. Edit colour tables and frame properties. Free trial available with full instructions.

40)   FusionCharts
FusionCharts is one in which images can be drawn with the help of the charting components. This chart can run on any web browser and it is more flexible.

41)   acxImage
acxImage is a simple and useful image creating component in ASP. You can use this to create both GIF and PNG images on the server with specified size and colours.

42)   EZApproval
EZApproval is a program that enables webmasters to display graphical images on their ASP based websites to allow their clients to view and approve and to demand for a hard copy of the image.

43)   U Photogallery
U Photogallery is a program based on ASP with which administrators can build an image gallery on their existing websites. This program supports MS Access and MS SQL server databases.

44)   DUgallery
DUgallery it is an image gallery application which contain huge amount of images displayed in thumbnail and has details and descriptions. User can install this application in their web site to attract the visitors.

45)   ImageEffects
ImageEffects is an effective image manipulation program using which you can add special and graphical effects for all HDC and HBITMAP images.

46)   Active Server Paint
This Active X DLL component can be used to create images and bitmaps for all images in GIF, BMP and JPEG files in any desired size with specified clip area.

47)   WorksEye
WorksEye is a powerful ASP component using which you can zoom images. This is an easy to use program that provides maximum clarity for the images.

48)   Serving Dynamic Images from Static Web Pages
This ASP turorial describes about the genereation of dynamic images like banners on the static web pages. These dynamic images help to build attractive web pages. This tutorial displays a sample code that creates a dynamic image on an ASP page.

49)   aw3 Gallery
It is an online ASP Based application through which users can create a photo gallery, view photos in categorized form, enlarge photos, create description and title. Visitors can vote the pictures stored.

50)   PhotoGallery
This is a webbased online application through which user can create and maintain their own photo gallery with their own photos with attractive features.

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