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1-50 Miscellaneous (ASP) scripts (listed after popularity)

Scripts are listed afer popularity.       To display the scripts in alphabetical order please click here

1)   Determining the sun rise and sunset for a particular location
In this tutorial the author elaborates about building a program for calculating the sun rise and sun set for the provided longitude and latitude.

2)   Address Book
Address Book is a program which can be used by the users to store and manage all their contact details and take any one of the details whenever they want using its searching capability.

3)   NSLookup without additional server components
This tutorial provides a code snippet which is capable of performing an IPlookup without using any third party server components.

4)   Access ASP Application object from a remote script
This tutorial covers about generating a http interface to connect any other application data from other environments like MS word, MS Excel etc.,

5)   Easy steps to build Web Application using ASP
This is an online tutorial that can be used as a guidance and reference to develop ASP based applications. Here the author illustrates a form creation to make things clear.

6)   Classic ASP Screenscraping
This is a tutorial that covers on sending and receiving to and fro informations on a website using a function derived from Microsoft.

7)   ASP Report Wizard
ASP Report Wizard helps webmasters in generating reports on their websites. This ASP based script uses data base to suit the users needs with more flexibility.

8)   "Wizard" me, baby!
"Wizard" me, baby! is a tutorial that covers about wizard creation. One can learn about creating wizard by using ASP, client side javascript and HTML with the help of this tutorial.

9)   Calculate Distance Between Two ZIP Codes or Postal Codes
This algorithm calculates distance between two coordinates ie. latitude and longitude from ZIP code or postal code. It is suitable for store locator, route planner, shipment estimation etc.

10)   Chilkat Charset Convert
This is an ASP based encoding converter component which helps in converting text in various languages into any other desired language. This supports all european languages. This component has several objects for converting the languages.

11)   Determine whether a url exists
This tutorial provides users solution for verifying the ASP page’s existence. This article illustrates this process by using an object from MXML library.

12)   WebserverCP
WebserverCP is a program based on ASP that is specially built for the admins of the web hosting companies to have an efficient control panel. Users can find the control panel solution in four levels.

13)   Toolsack Baseline
Toolsack Baseline is a program built for ASP users, it provides users a collection of effective 30 COM objects which can be utilized for ASP development.

14)   Three Tier Application Examples and How to Implement Them to Real Programming
In this tutorial the author elaborately discusses about three tier application and about executing them to real programming.

15)   Inserting a link automatically to the HTTP occurrence
This online tutorial is about inserting a hyperlink to any word starting with HTTP://. The author explains this easy task with simple sample source code.

16)   A Beginner’s Guide to Using Microsoft Script Debugger
This is a tutorial that elaborates about using MS script debugger for performing error handling for client side scripts. The author suggests MS IE version 4.0 and 5.0 to succeed this process.

17)   Captcha Web Service
Captcha Web Service is a service that enables administrators to protect their web application from auto registration by securing from bot programs.

18)   Digirez Room Booking / Reservation
V2.1 is an ASP application that allows you manage facility reservations through your website. New features are: multi-days booking, images manager, colors picker, dates picker, position vertical or horizontal, email configuation, etc...

19)   Affiliate Links Protection System
Affiliate Links Protection System. Hide affiliate links from commission stealers and Internet pick-pocketers. Don't allow visitors of your site to see affiliate links on your site and replace your affiliate ID to steal your commissions. Stop Internet thieves and commission theft.

20)   StateStitch
This is an ASP based component that helps in sharing session variables between ASP and ASP.NET codes for all its applications and also converting all its internet applications into ASP.NET.

21)   Breathofair TV Guide
Breathofair TV Guide ASP Free application allows you to have an online administration area, carry out search and can support unlimited users.

22)   ASP Cleaner
Acquiring a handy tool for cleaning ASP codes, this script can correct most of the minor errors in ASP code.

23)   Poor Man's Spell Checker
Poor Man's Spell Checker is a spell checking script written in VB script. This is a small script and can be embedded in any program.

24)   Using prefixes and comments
This tutorial provides tips on how to create easily readable code in ASP and lists the prefixes that can be used with declared data types in your source code to make them descriptive.

25)   DynuExec
DynuExec component allows you to perform any Dos or Windows command from your ASP pages and obtain the result as a string.

26)   Stock Quote Component
Stock Quote Component is a script based on ASP which can be used by the users to integrate stock quotes and also stock properties like highs, volume, lows etc., into their websites.

27)   Reservation
Reservation can be used for on-line reservation system. It is based on MS Active Server Pages and MS Access.

28)   A "Print the Source Code" Script
A "Print the Source Code" Script is a tutorial that contributes to ASP users on facilitating themselves to print the source code of their own ASP pages.

29)   Windows Scripting Host and IE
Windows Scripting Host and IE is an article that deals with using Windows Scripting Host on Intranet Environment. The author clearly explains every thing including administrative scripting, logon scripting and machine automation.

30)   LinksPro
LinksPro is a program using which webmasters can build a link indexing directory on their websites. It can be used to link rating and reviewing, admin approval, new link notification etc.,

31)   Grabbing Information from other Servers
Grabbing Information from other Servers is an easy to understand tutorial that comes with information about implementing ASP script from other servers.

32)   A Brief History of Hypertext
A detailed information about maintaining static and dynamic web content through HTTP prototcol is elaborated in this ASP tutorial and by learning this tutorial, you can build interactive web content.

33)   W3Info Object
W3Info Object script allows you to query remote servers for the server software installed and default document of the base location.

34)   Resign Letter Maker
Resign Letter Maker is a script that helps to quickly create a letter.

35)   2eNetWorX HiLiteR
2eNetWorX HiLiteR gives you the ability to highlight your code for publication.

36)   EXIFInfo ActiveX
EXIFInfo ActiveX is an ASP based component by using which users can read special tags in the JPEG files inserted by digital cameras and certain programs.

37)   ASP Turbine 7
ASP Turbine 7 is a program built on ASP that comes with the ability to create PDF documents and flash rich media from ASP scripts.

38)   PDF Page Counter COM Component
PDF Page Counter COM Component is a program using which users can easily count the total number of the pages of PDF files.

39)   IA Inventory
IA Inventory is an inventory content managment system and is developed with ASP that helps users to add, edit or delete inventory related data on their websites.

40)   w3 Sockets
w3 Sockets script can be used to allow your web pages to communicate with external sources of information.

41)   Timing ASP Execution using a Profiling Component
You can gain knowledge on building a component based solution to calculate the running time of your ASP scripts from this easy to learn ASP tutorial which comes with a downloadable file for free.

42)   HandyFile Find and Replace: Text Aid Kit
HandyFile Find and Replace is one of the tool more helpful for the webmasters through which they could find any text from multiple files and replace it.

43)   VideoQuota
VideoQuota password protects streaming media, and ID's users who share their usernames and passwords! Integrates with online payment processors, like PayPal and CCBill.

44)   Address Book by Richard Healey
Address Book by is an ASP based program which can be used by the users in creating their own address book on their websites.

45)   Asp Locator
Asp Locator is a program that enables webmasters to include a store locator on their websites. This program also facilitates visitors to find the distance between two cities.

46)   ASP Web Programming Course
Bulding web applications such as message boards, forums, newsletters, email accounts, search engines etc., can be done easily and effetively just by reading this ASP tutorial.

47)   AspEmuster
AspEmuster is an ASP based program that helps users to track the employees working hours. The admin can create any number of users that has to be tracked.

48)   Creating a Project Template for Estimations of Time, Tasks, and Resources
This is an article that elaborately discusses about generating a project template for scheduling tasks, time estimation and for resources. This will be useful for the project developers.

49)   What is ASP?
Beginners in ASP language can get more information from this ASP article which lets you learn from the basics upto advanced aspects in ASP programming.

50)   AWSHTML Producer
HTML Producer is an advanced COM component destined to analyze and parse HTML text by looking at the text for specified tags and replacing them with desired text.

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