Friday, 20 July 2018
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1-50 Networking Tools (ASP) scripts (listed after popularity)

Scripts are listed afer popularity.       To display the scripts in alphabetical order please click here

1)   w3Sockets
This is an useful network component which is used for transferring data with remote systems. It uses windows API application for such function.

2)   WhoisDLL free whois component
WhoisDLL is used for querying domains names. The Whois server is automatically found by WhoisDLL, and the lookup is then done using this.

3)   UDPClient
UDP is an useful protocol used for communication systems through internet. This protocol is a part of TCP and IP. It has error correction facility which validates error before it sends to another system.

4)   URLFetch
This tool is used to access web pages via network using HTTP protocol. It supports HTTPS and proxy server. It can access secure web pages using basic password authentication.

5)   DynuDNS
DynuDNS allows you to carry out DNS look up and also reverse look up. With DynuDNS you can also get local IP and host name.

6)   Majodio. FTP
This is an useful tool for the web administrators who want to transfer data to and from the FTP server with full security. It provides username and password protection facility.

7)   AspPing
AspPing is a COM component that allows you to ping Hosts and other network resources.

8)   ASP Whois Lookup
This is an useful networking tool which is used for viewing registrant name and their entire information from whois server. It searches and gives result from the whois server quickly.

9)   ASP Whois Domain Checker
This small easy to setup application allows your sites visitors to check the availability of a domain name in one go.

10)   @Watch
This tool is used for analyzing the status of the domain registration duration and also it helps users to find the downtime of the site and it bans the bad image from delivering to the site visitors.

11)   ECS HTTP
ECS HTTP is a server-side component that can be used to GET or POST documents via HTTP protocol. It can be implemented on ASP pages or from any other COM enabled environment.

12)   NetProbe
Netlog is an ASP component which is used for making a network communication with full security in an easy way. This tool has independent protocol which is used to fetch and pass the information through any network environment.

13)   ASP DNS Manager
This is a COM component which makes it easy for the developers to generate a custom DNS management system using windows 2000 OS. This component can also be used in remote systems using SOAP.

14)   KUTIL Component
This component can be used for checking various aspects of the network using several tools like, ping, traceroute, whois, ip2host, host2ip etc.,

15)   IntraDNS
This component is helpful for the users to provide DNS lookup for several functions like, IP to host and host to IP, mail exchange lookup, canonical name record lookup etc.,

16)   Alternative ASPDNS DLL
This tool helps users to provide alternative DNS lookup on ASP pages. This component uses windows socket functions and it covers API functions in an usable component.

17)   Power TCP Telnet Tool
This is a powerful tool used for generating network among systems either global or local network. This tool allows users to facilitate windows applications with telnet, rsh, rexec and rlogin connections.

18)   etive FTP
This is an ASP component which is used to connect with FTP server to upload and download files and folders. Custom command can also be sent by the user. It has full customization facility.

19)   WebWhois
WebWhois is a simple and easy to use COM component that utilizes the HTTP protocol to perform a whois query against Internic or Arin.

20)   Bandwidth monitor for IIS
Monitors how much bandwidth each domains hosted by IIS web server running on windows or NT server is using.

21)   DynuWhois ASP Component
This component is used for retrieving the domain registrant information using their domain name from whois server. Its an user friendly component.

22)   DIWhoIs
DIWhoIs can beused by ISP's who want to offer the service that will check to see if a particular domain is available for registration.

23)   DNS Look Up Script
DNS Look Up Script will carry out a simple DNS look up on any IP address and Reverse look up.

24)   DynuHttp
DynuHttp allows you to retrieve documents, Get Headers, Get URL, and Set Authorisation.

25)   HTTPSSL Component
This tool is helpful for the web developers to host their HTTP pages in a secured way for passing data securely using SSL.

26)   Power TCP Web Tool
This tool is helpful for the users to create a communication tool on the network using HTTP protocol. It provides HTTP and HTTPS for secured communication. It uses HTTP requests for communication.

27)   Dynu FTP
This is an ASP based component used for transferring data under FTP control i.e- it allows users to send and retrieve data or file from FTP server. Users can send custom commmand from any web browser to the FTP server.

28)   Winsock Library
It is a TCP/IP network interface used to transfer data between systems. FTP, HTTP and SMTP protocols can be implemented with winsock library. Client server application can be generated with this library function.

29)   ASP MX Component
This is an ASP based component that helps users to provide mail exchangers DNS lookup. It helps users to find hostname and entire information of the given email address.

30)   IP*Works! ASP edition
This component offers almost all type of protocols and it covers many enhanced features by which the users can create professional intranet and internet applications easily. Every component of this tool is easy to use, intuitive and simple.

31)   PowerTCP SNMP Tool
This is a network component which contains several network controls and each control is used for different functions that enables users to manage network devices and network applications.

32)   Xceed Winsock Libraries
This is an ASP based network component which is the only library that helps programmers or network administrators to generate a protocol independent networking code.

33)   Easy Whois
This network application is used for finding the registrant name and their address with email address from whois server using their domain name.

34)   ECS Ping
ECS Ping can Ping any designated server from ASP pages or any other COM enabled environment. It is a simple server-side component.

35)   ASP DNS COM Component
This tool is used to provide a DNS lookup service from Active Server Pages. It helps users to resolve IP address with hosted name and vice versa through ASP pages.

36)   Dynu Global Whois
This is an useful component for the web users who want to retrieve the registrant name for the top level domain name. Users will receive the response as string.

37)   HexDns
HexDns ActiveX component allows you to obtain any Domain Name System (DNS) record. This component also allows you complete access to query and reply data, including option flags and response codes.

38)   NetProbe
Fetch resources through HTTP, FTP, RES, MK, ABOUT, ALP and all the other protocols you may have, Send data/files through them, post forms automatically, exchange data between servers, build applications with ultimate network connectivity .

39)   INX Generic HTTP Poster DLL
This is an useful component for the programmers to communicate with web page application by posting their data to the webpages. This tool really helps them to post their own coded form to a web page.

40)   TCP Client Edition
This tool is used to provide your system to communicate with any remotely hosted system by enabling TCP/IP protocols on the network environment. It supports maximum protocols for communication.

41)   BlackBytes Whois for .NET
The BlackBytes Whois for .NET follows the Whois/NIKCNAME protocol and allows queries of InterNIC or other Whois servers, that accomplish RFC 954, to obtain information about a user, domain or host.

42)   HTTPConnect Component
This component is used for providing server support to the administrators using HTTP protocol which allows them to transfer data using HTTP requests to other systems.

43)   WebGet
This tool allows users to retrieve other web pages from other servers. It uses HTTPs GET request to grab the pages. This tool reduces time from downloading pages into a database.

44)   GS Socket
This is a network tool which is used by network administrator to upload and download TCP and UDP based data. It allows only COM enabled component to transfer data.

45)   Application Monitor
This tool is used for monitoring the online business transaction path and it provides alert information for every critical issues. It allows business professionals to grow their business globally.

46)   xCeed FTP Library
This tool is helpful for the developers which provides several useful functions of FTP to upload and download files on a remote FTP server which is enabled with FTP protocol. Users are also allowed to manipulate files and directories.

47)   cASPer.GrabPage
The main function of this tool is to extract the contents of other web pages to repack it. It extracts information using string processing techniques.

48)   ASP Inet
This component is used to transfer files and data from FTP servers. This tool can only be used in server side. It does not retrieve data from client side.

49)   VisualSoft FTP
This is an ASP component which is used to upload and download data as files or folders from local disk to FTP server alternatively. It is a COM component hence this utility can be used in both COM related IDEs and ASP. Users can transfer any type of data.

50)   KFTP Component
This tool is integrated with ActiveX component which is used for transferring data between FTP servers. It supports custom command line to transfer data.

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