Friday, 20 July 2018
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1-31 News Publishing (ASP) scripts (listed after popularity)

Scripts are listed afer popularity.       To display the scripts in alphabetical order please click here

1)   Databound Vertical Scrolling List (ASP)
Databound Vertical Scrolling List (ASP) is a program built on ASP that has the ability to display a scrolling marquee using database.

2)   Vertical Scrolling Text Banner (HTML)
Vertical Scrolling Text Banner (HTML) is a program that scrolls a text passage from bottom to top. This can be used as a handy tool for news publishing.

3)   ActiveNews
ActiveNews is an ASP based content management program that can be used to create different types of news related contents such as, press releases, announcements etc and manage them on the websites.

4)   Axml ASPNews
Axml ASPNews is a stand-alone News Website designed for news sites of any kind(Politics, Sports, Music, Science, etc). It lets you publish your content on the web effectively and easily with only a couple clicks. Works with MSSQL or Access Database.

5)   Easy Blog Asp
Complete blogging tool based on text files, with a fully customisable look and feel, and an extensive control panel.

6)   ZWNews
ZWNews is an ASP based content management program that helps users to insert news items in a RSS format, edit and view them on their websites. They can get news from other sites and can get stock reports also.

7)   gee! News Editor
Display news articles easily on your website. Choose from a variety of layouts. Use the gee! News Editor to manage and share news clippings and other articles about your organization.

8)   An ASP Based EZine
An ASP Based EZine is a tutorial where users can learn how to build and maintain database driven online magazines on their ASP supported websites.

9)   Power-Web BBS
Power-Web BBS is a ASP Server Component which allows the users to publish articles on the BBS websites. The admin have the ability to manage articles and uploaded files and control the users.

10)   Active News Manager
Active News Manager is an online content management program which can be used to add, edit or delete news related information on the websites. This program is written in ASP.

11)   ASP News Manager - Digital Interchange
Our News Manager lets anyone publish content on the web effectively and easily. The administration area is a secured area with an intuitive interface that will let you manage all of your content. You can upload new attachments, create category groups, disable postings and much more.

12)   QuickNews
QuickNews allows you to add a quick and simple news management database to any web site.

13)   AspWebHeadlines
This is an online news content management software and is written in ASP that helps users to create and manage news realted data such as press releases, articles etc on their websites. This program uses a detailed layout interface.

14)   Articles & Papers Package
Articles & Papers Package is an ASP based database driven program using which webmasters can build a site for articles and papers to allow their site visitors to post their articles.

15)   ClickFeed
ClickFeed is a program based on ASP with which users can modify their online RSS feeds whenever they want. This program comes with several features for the benefit of the users.

16)   XcNewsPlus
XcNewsPlus is a fast and flexible professional news and event management tool for your web site.

17)   ASP News with WYSIWYG Editor
Here comes the new ASP News with WYSIWYG Editor for helping the web administrator in editing news and messages. The administrator can edit the information efficiently with ease.

18)   Project Q
Project Q is a program that can be used by the webmasters to manage news publishing on their websites. This program enables users to view, add and remove news from their websites.

19)   CNU 5 Xtra
CNU 5 Xtra is an online news content management software and is developed with ASP that helps users to create and manage their site news related data. This program comes with syndication addon tool that helps to update user's content on other websites.

20)   News Connect
Using this ASP based 'News Connect' you would be able to display world news on your website pages without edting or uploading seperate files.

21)   Alivesites Newsflash
Alivesites Newsflash is a program with which website administrators can have a news publishing system on their websites. This will be useful for any organization to publish news and articles.

22)   gee! Newsletter Publisher
Publish online newsletters with ease. Display archives of past editions. Type the newsletter and apply formatting with our WYSIWYG Editor, or you can copy and paste from other editors.

23)   Wirednow NewsScript
The main task of this NewsScript is to help the webmasters in site administration. Features are more updated versions along with future hopes.

24)   Blogopedia
Blogopedia is an ASP blogging script that allows you to blog without having a database.

25)   Creating a News management system
This is an online tutorial that contributes to ASP users on building a News Management System by using MS Access database.

26)   Kaos news
A web based news/article publishing system. The display functions run through an XSLT engine, so you have near total control of the output. Includes various toys including a WYSIWYG interface and expandable (dhtml) comments on articles.

27)   News script
A fully customizable news system in farsi and english language

28)   News Poster Pro
News Poster Pro is an ASP based content management program that provides graphical user interface and can be used to create and maintain contents on the websites.

29)   Gnews Publisher Advanced version
Gnews Publisher is an ASP based content management software that helps users to create various types of news related contents like, articles, announcements and publish them on their websites.

30)   Using ASPHTTP to Capture News Headlines
The author of this article has illustrated on the procedures for using ASPHTTP to grab and encapsulate live and current news updates and headlines from the CNET.

31)   Choose a Moreover Feed
Choose a Moreover Feed is an useful demonstration for the webmasters for providing XML news wish list for their customers to choose their favorite topic to view in detail.

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