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1-50 Objects & Framework (ASP) scripts (listed after popularity)

Scripts are listed afer popularity.       To display the scripts in alphabetical order please click here

1)   Rename files using the FileSystemObject
Useful tips can be gained through this online ASP article that tells an easier way how to rename a file with a simple example.

2)   Wise ASP - FileSystemObject Object
All files and folders in the your local drive and network drive systems can be manipulated using the ASP FileSystemObject and it's properties and methods are listed with detailed description on this tutorial.

3)   Server.ScriptTimeout
This tutorial educates you on how to fix the maximum time to a script to run using Server.ScriptTimeout function and provides simple examples.

4)   Session.LCID
You can acquire the clear details on LCID property of Session Object in ASP via this tutorial to display dynamic content using location identifier.

5)   Session Object
More details on Session Object in ASP can be gained through this online tutorial which tabulates all of it's contents like methods, properties etc., with an easier understandable description.

6)   The FileSystemObject: Folder Object
A descriptive explanation is provided in this online tutorial about ASP Folder Object of FileSystemObject which will be more useful to implement the folder based tasks within ASP scripts.

7)   FileSystemObject: CreateTextFile and OpenTextFile
Functionalities and benefits of CreateTextFile and OpenTextFile methods of File Object are demonstrated in detail on this tutorial in an easier understandable way.

8)   FSO - The FileSystem Object
Five inbuilt objects and all methods of FileSystem Object is clearly demonstrated on this online ASP tutorial which would be useful for the learners in ASP language.

9)   Response.CacheControl
More details are provided in this tutorial about CacheControl property of ASP Response Object which will be more useful to write effective coding in ASP.

10)   Server.HTMLEncode
In this tutorial, you will learn clearly and quickly about the process of HTMl encoding using the HTMLEncode method of server object in ASP.

11)   Scripting Objects - The Dictionary Object
Scripting Objects lets you learn online how to use the Dictionary Object to manipulate two-dimensional array data by creating an instance to this object.

12)   Response.Redirect and Object moved
When the content or a web page has been moved somewhere and user tries to access it the message like Object Moved is displayed. This online tutorial explains to eliminate such a message and provides the code to do it.

13)   Response.AppendToLog
This online ASP tutorial teaches on adding strings to the webserver log entry and provides syntax to implement this process in web applications.

14)   Dictionary Object Properties
The four properties of VBScript's dictionary object is taught with clear description in this ASP tutorial and by learning them you can work with data in dictionary objects easily and effectively.

15)   The Server Object: MapPath and URLEncode
This easier ASP tutorial describes the MapPath and URLEncode methods of server object to obtain path of a file, folder, etc and to encode a URL for spaces respectivly.

16)   Global.asa
In this tutorial, several information about Global.asa is provided with detailed explanation. Also, advantages and drawbacks of global file is discussed in detail.

17)   Selecting a Random File from a Directory and Outputting its Contents
The easier ways to diaplay a random file on website using Server.MapPath is clearly taught through this tutorial and is more useful for the ASP programmers to develop their coding skills.

18)   Using Global.asa
The usage of Global.asa file is taught in detail through this tutorial. It tells how to store the session variables to be used all over the application in ASP.

19)   Server.URLEncode
This ASP tutorial guides you to encode the URLs perfectly with the help of simple example and is more useful for the learners in ASP programming.

20)   Creating Files with the File System Object
The simple ways to create text files with the File System Object is taught in this ASP tutorial where the sample program shows the required steps to implement this process.

21)   Response.ExpiresAbsolute
This ASP tutorial explains the working principles of ASP response Object's ExpiresAbsolute property that informs the page cache expiry on browsers.

22)   ObjectContext.SetComplete
This ASP article explains the usage of SetComplete method of the MTS ObjectContext object. Here you can learn in detail about ObjectContext Object clearly.

23)   Global.asa Reference
The working principles of Global.asa file is demonstrated clearly in this ASP article. And Given details lets you understand the ways to work with Global.asa file.

24)   Application Object Explained
Information on an application can be used by all users of that application with the help of Application Object and the required functions are described through simplest examples.

25)   Response Object
A clear description about all properties, methods and collections of ASP Response Object can be learnt easily through this online ASP learning resource.

26)   Application StaticObjects Collection
ASP learners can utilize this online tutorial to gain more information on ASP Application Object and can learn in detail about StaticObjects - one of the Collection of Application Object.

27)   Session.LCID (LOCALE ID)
This tutorial will be more useful for the international websites and provides soultions how to handle Session.LCID to format dates, currency, number etc.,

28)   Server.CreateObject
Instances should be created to utilize the server side components within ASP applications and this tutorial tells the needed steps in an easier way to execute this process using CreateObject method.

29)   ASP Built-In Objects by Charles Carroll
ASP consists of five built-in objects that are: Response, Request, Server, Application and Session which are described with detailed explanation in this ASP tutorial.

30)   The Response Object: Methods
This tutorial provides you with the details about ASP Response Object to use it's methods to carry out several web based tasks in ASP applications.

31)   How do I get the user's IP address or browser information
This tutorial deals with getting an IP address of a user using session variables. Sample code snippets enable you to understand the needed steps easily.

32)   Session.Timeout
The required steps to determine the length of time for a session object to stay alive using Session.Timeout function can be learnt from this easier online ASP tutorial.

33)   Apartment-Threaded
You will learn the ways to create apartment-model object that can work together with ASP components using the thread that supports CoCreateInstance through this online ASP tutorial.

34)   Response.Write
This ASP tutorial will be more useful for ASP learners to acquire details on ASP Response object and this tutorial explains the Response.Write method in detail.

35)   Request.Form
All form values can be retrieved using Request.Form method of Form collection and this ASP tutorial helps you how to carry out this process in your Applications.

36)   Constructs & Variables
The variable declaration in VBScript language is described in detail on this tutorial that explains the statements - DIM, OPTION EXPLICIT with easier examples.

37)   Using ASPHttp To Scrape Data
Through this online ASP article, you can learn in detail about the usage of ASP component AspHTTP to GET / POST a document and to grab the content from a webpage into the code.

38)   Using Classes in ASP
Creating web applications using classes in ASP programming is taught in this tutorial that demonstrates on how to declare classes in ASP through sample programs.

39)   Object References in VBScript (Variables and Values in VBScript, Part 3)
This is an online ASP tutorial that shows the ways to implement object references within web programming to handle object and arrays and also tells the limitations of Activex objects.

40)   When Session Variables Go Bad
Several solutions are provided under many topics in this ASP tutorial which enable you to work with session variables without any errors and is very useful for the ASP developers and the beginners.

41)   Session object
The described few methods of ASP session Object in this tutorial will be more useful for the coders in ASP scripts and applications to learn them easily.

42)   Response.End
Response.End function is used to stop the execution of a script and the required details to carry out this process is provided in this ASP tutorial.

43)   ASP Drive Object
This tutorial comes with lot of inbuilt examples that clearly demonstrate the usage of drive object and also describes about the Folder object to be integrated with drive object.

44)   BUG: ASP Pages Fail on Access to Session and Application Objects
From this online ASP tutorial, you will be able to understand the functionalities of Session and Application Objects with Global.asa file. Solutions are provided here to eliminate errors when loading files that contains global.asa file.

45)   Request
ASP Request object comes along with several methods and properties which are described in this online tutorial with proper explanation.

46)   The Session Object
All detailed information about the ASP Session Object are given clearly in this tutorial that demonstrates most commonly used methods of this object to get user id, to set time to expire script / session running etc.,

47)   Single-Threaded
Creation of sigle threaded objects and storing them into server using session object are demonstrated in this tutorial and describes the CoInitialize method to work with this object.

48)   The FileSystemObject: Methods
Using the FileSystemObject's Methods you can easily access the files and folders and the required steps are described in this tutorial with examples.

49)   ASP Folder Object
An online guidance can be gained from this ASP article to implement File Folder Object within your web programming to retrieve the folder information using FileSystemObject.

50)   Response Object - Redirects
This ASP tutorial contains easier sample programs which let you learn the usage and working principles of response.redirect method.

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