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1-50 Online Communities (ASP) scripts (listed after popularity)

Scripts are listed afer popularity.       To display the scripts in alphabetical order please click here

1)   ASP Forums
ASP Forums is dedicated to providing high quality discussions to ASP developers as well as delivering free high quality software.

2)   Web Wiz Forums
Web Wiz Forums is an online comunication forum that allows people to get support for Web Wiz's free applications and Web Wiz's forums applications. This utility also allows people to have a general online discussion forum to discuss about ASP.

3)   Database Journal Forums
Database Journal Forums is an online communication forum that allows members to discuss about databases. ASP users can utilize this forum to gather information about using various databases with ASP.

4)   ASP Message Board - Database Q & A
ASP Message Board - Database Q & A is a discussion board that can be utilized by the members to gather more information about database issues by sharing with each other.

5) Forum Forum is a place where members can discuss about Visual Basic.NET and ASP.NET, XML, HTML, Network, Windows 2000 and XP etc.,

6)   Developer of the Month Contest
This is a website which gives prizes for the developer of the month. The winner can receive the RapTier which is a code generator.

7)   #Feeshbowl
#Feeshbowl has chatrooms and message boards for people who would like to discuss ASP and other programming languages.

8)   Netertainment Support Forums
Netertainment Support Forums is an online comunication forum that allows members to get support for their ASP related programming by receiving answers to their questions.

9)   Ultimate ASP Dicussion Forum
Ultimate ASP Dicussion Forum is an online ASP Community that offers a message board as well as information on ASP.

10)   ASP Forums
A very warm welcome to ASP Forums. This site is dedicated to two things. We want to provide a forum for all ASP developers, admins, and webmasters to discuss issues relating t

11)   Web Wiz Guide Discussion Forum
Online web community for programmers.

12)   Visualbuilder Forums
Visualbuilder Forums enables members to discuss ASP related topics with other members. This will help them to develop their knowledge on ASP and thereby to develop their ASP web applications.

13)   web design and web development forums
web design and web development forums is an online comunication that will be useful for both web designers and ASP developers to get help to suit their needs.

14) offers a place for people to discuss ASP, Hosting, Website Design and more topics.

15) Discussion Forums Discussion Forums is a place where people can find forum to discuss about ASP. This online comunication allows people to discuss about general ASP topics, ASP database issues, code samples etc.,

16)   Live Asp help
Techincal support, information about ASP here at Live Asp help.

17)   Active Server Pages (ASP) Forum
Active Server Pages (ASP) Forum is an online forum that permits members to share their own experience on various ASP issues including programming on ASP, database usage on ASP etc.,

This is a website where people can share their ideas with each other. This is very helpful for the users and can learn more from this website.

19)   Paco's Forum
Paco's Forum is an online forum in which members can post their questions and comments related to several topics on ASP, ASP.NET, database usage with ASP, VB script, java etc.,

20)   ASP Message Board Objects Application
ASP Message Board Objects Application is a program using which webmasters can build a message board on their existing websites. Webmasters can use this tool to create any number of ASP related forums and manage them.

21)   p2p Community Forums
It is an ASP application which is specially designed for ASP beginners to discuss about ASP email functionalities. Members can post unlimited questions.

22)   ASP Messageboard - ASP Components
ASP Messageboard - ASP Components is a message board through which members can share their views on several topics related to ASP components.

23) forum forum is an online forum specially for discussing about IIS related topics. This will be of much use for the members to gather more knowledge about IIS.

24)   Certy is an useful website for all the IT professional to improve their skills. They conduct certification exams in various IT technologies.

25)   Visual Studio Talk
Visual Studio Talk is an online community, in where members can discuss topics which are relevant to Visual Studio development.

26)   Soop Italia
Supporting to SOOP Portal is the main task of this community. All the services are rendered online through this site.

27)   PC-Coders
This site is basically for the programmers who want to outsource their projects online to earn money and manage good customer easily. Project managers can search their required employee through this site.

28)   VBWire
This is an useful website for the VB developers and programmers. This site offers various VB informations like articles, tutorial informations, tip to develop XML program etc.

Share information, ask questions, and answer posts here.

30)   All
This site is for the freelancers and for the business managers which allows them to communicate with each other online. Buyers can search for freelance programmers online easily.

31)   Action's ASP Forum
Action's ASP Forum offers a forum for ASP,DHTML,and others.

32)   ASP Webring
This Webring are for sites who actively supports the use of ASP (Active server pages). The sites must have some content aimed at the use of ASP like scripts, articles and tuto

33)   Techno Empleo
This site is helpful for the jobseekers and it is basically for the computer programmers and technical engineers. It offers more jobs in various department.

34)   Dev Bistro- Online Recruitment
Dev Bistro is a site for freelancers, job seekers and employers that enables them to communicate with each other. This site provides and update latest recruitment news to the job seekers.

35)   Programmer's Resource Forum
Ask questions or share information about ASP Programming here at Programmer's Resource Forum.

36) LiveForum
Happytech offers resources for ASP and a message board for people who want to discuss topics such as ASP.

37)   Miraplacid Forum
Miraplacid Forum allows members to share about web development in ASP, software development on various languages including java, Visual Basic, C, C#, C++ etc.,

38)   CodeAnimal
Huge collection of ASP articles, sample scripts and code, forums, resources, directories, software, jobs, and eveything else ASP.

This is a website which has a collection of a vast number of free tutorials.

40)   Power ASP
Power ASP offers an online community with a discussion board for ASP.

This is an online community which provides all the news and press release about the software developments. This site will be helpful for developers and the webmasters.

42)   Meet and Conquer Class
This is an useful training program that helps the .NET developers to gather more information. This training program helps the students to build powerful and dynamic .NET applications. This training is more informative to all the participants.

43)   NY Freelancers
This site is more useful for the web administrators in finding the right freelancers for their right task. This is also useful for the freelancers to find a good task which could be done by them more efficiently.

44) ASP Forums ASP Forums is an online communication forum that allows users to share about all ASP related topics. This online forum also allows ASP users to have search functionality to get suitable answers for their questions.

45)   HOTT ASP.NET Training
This technical training center teaches ASP.NET from the basic to the advanced level. They conduct onsite training programme. This center also conducts training in XML, Java, SQL programming, Linux, Unix, Network security and administration etc.,

46)   iDevResource Breaking News
It is an online community which displays all the breaking news that had occured in the latest ASP development. This site will be very helpful for the developers and the webmasters.

47) is a website that comes with several helping web tools for websites, forum, ASP tutorials and Free ASP scripts for the ASP users to let them develop their web applications.

48)   .NET Developer Conference & Expo
This .NET developer conference is conducted by the .NET experts which is useful for all the .NET application developers. This conference cover all the important aspects of .NET technology.

49)   Software Development Conference & Expo
This is an useful conference that is conducted for 5 days. This conference has various sessions that helps the software developers to acquire more knowledge in application development.

50)   ASP Performance Issues
ASP Performance Issues is a discussion forum that covers topics related to ASP performance. Through this online forum members can discuss about the performance of IIS server, SQL and ASP scripts

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