Friday, 20 July 2018
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1-35 Organizers (ASP) scripts (listed after popularity)

Scripts are listed afer popularity.       To display the scripts in alphabetical order please click here

1)   Agenda Online
Agenda Online is an online ASP based script which can be used by people to organize their appointments, contact details and for sending SMS through a web interface.

2)   Address Book
The administrator may add, delete, or edit the information through the Access database, or go to an administrator form on a web page to do the same.

3)   Tasker
This tool is helpful for the programmers to manage their tasks which have to be done while programming or during web development cycle. Users can integrate this script on any ASP pages.

4)   Ocean12 Contact Manager Pro
Ocean12 Contact Manager Pro can be used over the web to organize their contacts. This ASP based online address book application can be easily used and installed.

5)   Event manager
Event manager is a ASP based script which comes with the ability to let the users to post their events. This is an online system which permits users to manage complex of events from any type.

6)   Day Planner
Day Planner is an ASP based script which can be used as both organizer and event scheduler. It is in a multiple VB class structure for the benefit of the users.

7)   aspWebContacts
aspWebContacts is an ASP based script, by using this webmasters can organize contacts online over their websites. This is a ready to use system, no need to configure it.

8)   Task Manager
Task Manager is a script built on ASP which can be used by a team that is working together for any project to post their ideas or tasks about their project.

9)   Contact Manager
Contact Manager is a simple program to be used as an organizer for all contact details and provides facility to search specific detail. It has a password protected login page for security.

10)   Web based alpha tabbed address book (ASP)
Web based alpha tabbed address book (ASP) can be used by the users as an address book application. All contacts details can be stored in an aphabatical order in this application.

11)   Doctor's Appointment Software
Doctor's Appointment Software is a script built on ASP, specially for the doctors. Doctors can schedule their appointment hours with respect to the days by using this online program.

12)   gee! Contact Organizer
Organize your contacts. Collect user info from opt-in forms on your site into a web database. Categorize and export contacts with our contact manager software.

13)   Ourline Appointment book
This program is used to allow users to maintain their appointments online. This tool is helpful for any private firms or education center to manage their appointment date and time. MS Access database is used to store data.

14)   xpdtime
xpdtime is a script built on ASP which can be used as a powerful organizer for all types of organizations including larger, smaller and midlevel.

15)   TaskTracker
TaskTracker is a program based on ASP using which users can build an easy to use task managing tool on their projects. This program supports both SQL server and MS Access databases.

16)   Event Calendar
Event Calendar is an ASP based program which helps users in posting events category wise. This makes their visitors to search the events in their desired category.

17)   ASP Project Management
Project management with ASP and MS Access

18)   Script Schedule
Script Schedule is a program that provides users online service to let them schedule events in viewing any of their desired web pages, in sending emails etc., with periodic interval.

19)   Script and Code Snippet Library
Script and Code Snippet Library is a program that enables users to save and organize all downloaded code snippets and scripts.

20)   Soft Contacts
Soft Contacts is a script built on ASP which can be used either by a sales team or a sales person for organising their individual sales contacts.

21)   TaskTracker Pro
This task tracker Pro is a very simple and unique task management program. Through this the webmasters can manage any sort of task from anywhere.

22)   UltraApps Issue Manager - Web-based Issue and Task Management
UltraApps Issue Manager is a script built on ASP to be used by a team to track the tasks and issues when they are involving in any project like software development.

23)   Contacts Database
Our Contacts Database script allows a user to add, edit, or delete contact records through web forms rather than writing HTML. The script is like a rolodex that keeps track of phone/email information. The script is easy to setup! The data is stored in an Access database. Try our on-line demo!

24)   XML Organization Chart
XML Organization Chart is a script based on ASP with which corporates can build organizational charts with personal information of their employees. It does this process after getting input data in XML format.

25)   Domain Registration Handler ( For Web hotels, or Internetcompanies )
Domain Registration Handler ( For Web hotels, or Internetcompanies ) is a program that has the ability to modify domain names by adding, removing, arranging and editing.

26)   Kakoo ToDo
ToDo is an Server Control for task list management.

27)   Absolute Project Manager
Absolute Project Manager is a program which can be used by project management team or project managers to organize and to track all their projects.

28)   MiniApp - AddressBook
AddressBook is an Server Control for contact management. It's like having your Rolodex on-line.

29)   Customer Manager
Customer Manager can be used by the webmasters to organize all their customers data. This ASP based script has an easy to use interface for the benefit of the users.

30)   SalesAhoy
SalesAhoy is a program which has several features that help administrators to organize and manage their sales team. This will be useful for the administrators to develop their business with ease.

31)   The OmniChex Product Suite
The OmniChex Product Suite is a script built on ASP, by using this users can organize the information of their company or personal websites with the help of web browser, WAP enabled mobile device or mobile phone.

32)   WhereAbouts Planner
WhereAbouts Planner is a program that can be used by the users to organize their team. This progam will be useful for the users for editing and displaying the location of their team members.

33)   Team Manager
Team Manager is a script built on ASP specially for small teams to share the files and tasks about their projects with other members. They can also find an event scheduling calendar in this application.

34)   ProjectApp
ProjectApp is an ASP based script which is built with a set of management tools and projects for organising and promoting team communication. This groupware solution can be easily customized.

35)   SalesAhoy
SalesAhoy is a program which has several features that help administrators to organize and manage their sales team. This will be useful for the administrators to develop their business with ease.

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