Friday, 20 July 2018
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1-41 Portal Systems (ASP) scripts (listed after popularity)

Scripts are listed afer popularity.       To display the scripts in alphabetical order please click here

1)   VieBoard Portal
A content management portal system with powerful add-ons, skins and forum.

2)   Online Event Registration
This is an ASP based registration website through which online payment can be done for the registered events. This website provide all online source code, database and demo data for various applications present in this website.

3)   Enterprise Portal
It is an ASP based portable flexible software that can be integrated into user website which provide all intellienterprise applications for business management in the website.

4)   REMS - Real Estate Managements System
It is an online portal specially designed for generating real estate websites. This program has hosted applications for creating revenue management, interactive and effective website.

5)   Store Portal
Store Portal is an ASP based online website which contain various functionalities and a modular system that can be adopted to any kind of online business needs. It supports database like Micro soft Access and Microsoft SQL server.

6)   UltraSite
It is an ASP based portal system which is specially designed of car dealing management systems. This software provides design, scalablity, marketing, and productive solutions to users.

7)   SOOP Portal
SOOP Portal is a portal system with many facilities which makes your website more interactive. It offers polls, guestbooks and more.

8)   Invision Portal
It is a web portal system which has in-built templates that fit to your web applications. It has many enhanced features like, news system, link system, skins and themes are unlimited, forums, polling system and more.

9)   CourseWebs
This is an ASP based learning management system program which offers online distant learning courses. This program helps the instructor to develop online classroom through which tests, quizzes discussion about any educational topics can be conducted.

10)   ASPortal
This is an ASP based online portal system which provides an user interface for connecting their website in the internet and the intranet and also allows the user to regularize their content and page appearance on their website.

11)   eWebManager
It is an ASP based online portal system that helps in developing websites with membership management. This system offers facilities for developing various applications like content management, e-commerce, interactive forum, guest forum, e-mail list etc in an organisation.

12)   School Intranet Portal
It is an ASP based intranet portal specific to schools. This tool provides increased communication with in the school and hosts news, events, stories, photos, and more. This program is designed by a team of teachers.

13)   e-Luminate R-Web
This is an ASP based online restaurant website which helps in developing the restaurant management system. It offers applications that helps in updating your special items, menu items prices, managing letters to the manager and more.

14)   Fullxml
It is an automated web portal system to scatter the content in the website and display news. No database is required to run this system and it supports multiple languages.

15)   DUportal
DUforum PRO is a message board system built with ASP and Access database.

16)   CodeAvalanche GameSite
Asp content management system for online flash games site.

17)   2eNetWorX dev Site
It is an ASP based online portal system which can be downloaded into your server and helps in developing new website. This site has functionalities like ASP scripts, database files, content management, and access 97 database.

18)   PipSuite
It is an ASP based content management system. This program helps in creating a website with polls, forums, private messaging, and guest books and also provides article and section editor and article comment facilities.

19)   Webstores 2000 Portal
This is an ASP based online store and shopping cart which can be utilized for developing shopping websites and has web applications about the shopping products, supporter for this website, e-commerce solutions and the latest news about this website.

20)   Community Wizard
This is an ASP based online portable software that can be integrated into the server through which your website can be accessed through out the intranet, internet and in extranet and works in the baseline of the server.

21)   ActiveWebSoftwares
We developer customized ASP based portals for your website.

22)   E-Store Kit
This is an ASP based online portal system through which any one can genegrate e-commerce website and they can able to take care of webstore. It has attractive features like providing graphical and functional interface, acceptable pricing and more.

23)   Nu Community Portal System
This is an web based online ASP resources portable program that can be installed into the server. This program offers several applications in several sections like, weathers, news and business listing.

24)   PowerSite
PowerSite is a bundle of packages used to create a website or web portal. It includes FAQ, Banners, Polling system to built an efficient portal.

25)   PortXML
PortXML is an ASP based website with PPC scripts, which helps in generating instant search engine in the users website. This system provides XML feed which support both ASP and PHP. This system provides attractive features for searching.

ASPBite is a modular application for content management system to built a poweful portal with all efficient web applications.

27)   EzASPSite
This is an ASP based website solution that can be used by users for all their website needs. This program can be used to develop either personal or business websites.

28)   Mayja Intranet solution
It is an ASP based scripts that can be integrated into user website. This site offers various ASP scripts for generating website or portal from the scratch.

29)   ASP Scripter Easy Portal
ASP Scripter Easy Portal satisfies the entire need of a good portal website. The complete tools for building the website is available. Special offers are also available along with the product purchase.

30)   UltraApps Portal
It is an ASP based online portal system which has pack of applications that helps in generating community management system like association, corporation, club, and more non profit organisations. This website has package of e-content modules like event list, links classified, news and discussions.

31)   MaxWebPortal
MaxWebPortal is a web portal and online community system including advanced features such as web-based administration, poll, private/public events calendar, user customizable color themes, classifieds, user control panel, online pager, link, file, article, picture manager and etc. The Best Around!!!

32)   Intrexx Xtreme
Intrexx Xtreme is a platform independent program that allows administrators to create their own application. This program comes with all required components to meet out entire portal needs.

33)   Site Builder
Site builder is one of the ASP based portal system which helps the user to generate business oriented websites with the help of user friendly interface. Customers, members, partners can login to the site and they can add their informations.

34)   NetVIOS
It is an ASP based online portal system which provides various functionalities of ASP components like site and features management, site utilities, site security, access management, site design functions, and automatic help system.

35)   NetSalon FlashBuilder
It is a web based flash image website which helps the user to develop flash based multimedia websites and presentations. This allow the user to retreive magazine quality graphics, complete pages of texts and graphics, back ground musics and sound effects, capablity to turn on or off the sound.

36)   Phoenix Portal
Now Webdevelopers can get the readymade portal system from phoenix portal. This phoenix portal has upload , Autoupdate and more functions.

37)   MyTemplateSite
This is an ASP based online portal that helps in generating templates management, listing, and sales solution in the users website. This program also allows to retreive external templates from the internet for the users need.

38)   Cool Web Site Builder
Cool Web Site Builder shows the web administrators about the step by step building a quick website on their own with all required features.

39)   MadDogs Portal
An asp portal based website with intergraded forums (webwizforums). The admin and moderators of the forum can post news, downloads, and all members/visitors can submit links to the links directory. Now includes a Site Poll that is fully admined and a guestbook with full admin. This website is ready to go, all you have to do is download it and upload it to your site. This script comes with full support on installing it and any quesitons regarding it. Once you get the portal you can login to a members section where you can download skins.

40)   Quick Web Portal
This is an ASP based online portal which can be quickly integrated into users website and allows three ways to access that is through admin, members, and guests. This tool helps in developing the website and it is like a plug-in to interface this tool with the users websites.

41)   Firework Instant Website
This is an ASP based online portal system which offers various applications like templates, search engine, source code for database and many more for developing websites.

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