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1-50 Scripting (ASP) scripts (listed after popularity)

Scripts are listed afer popularity.       To display the scripts in alphabetical order please click here

1)   Using the Exit statement
Steps needed to control the execution of processes can be learnt from this article that provides more detailed information about Exit statement.

2)   Do While...Loop
The beginners in ASP programming can learn this online tutorial to get several information on conditional structure to implement specific process within ASP applications.

3)   FixQuotes Function
A simplest way to display the text statement along with quotes and also displaying words in the statement within quotes can be learnt through this little ASP article.

4)   If..Then...Else Statements
The benefits of conditional statements within the script is taught in this ASP tutorial to perform particular process according to the values got via inputs, result of previous functions etc.,

5)   Easy Basic ASP Guide 2
This web based ASP tutorial which helps you to implement conditional and looping statements within your ASP scripts to perfrom checking and repetitive tasks respectively.

6)   IStringList Interface
One of the ASP learning resource that comes with clear explanation about QueryString, ServerVariables and Forms in ASP applications and describes the requirements to access them.

7)   Split()
Split() is a function available in VBScript language that can be used with ASP programming to cut off array elements into individual parts and is explained clearly in this tutorial.

8)   Create an IIF statement in VBScript
With the help of this online article progammers can differentiate the facilities offered in ASP and VB. This tutorial explains the IIF capability of VB that helps break down the boolean logic very simply.

9)   Replace Function
The benefits of 'replace' function to manipulate string data can be learnt through this learning article with simplest examples and explanation.

10)   Pass values from server-side script to client-side
You can learn the easier way to collect the server side values to process some tasks in ASP applications from this online ASP learning resource.

11)   VbScript and ASP Functions
Some of the VBScript's functions used within ASP applications is illustrated in this tutorial with detailed decription that lets you understand them quickly and easily.

12)   IReadCookie Interface
Aim of this tutorial is to help you to understand the details on Cookies object and it's usages to collect client information to utilize with ASP applications.

13)   ASP Tutorial Lesson 3: Variables
The author describes the usage of variables to store the information into memory through this tutorial and also explains how to declare variables in ASP coding using VBScript.

14)   Controlling Program Flow in VBScript
You can let your scripts to make decisions to proceed process or to execute other tasks by implementing the conditional and control structures in your scripting and this tutorial teaches how it can be done on VBScript.

15)   InStrRev()
Those who need to know about InStrRev() in VBScript can go through this online ASP tutorial that gives more details on this function which can be used to manipulate string data.

16)   SubRoutines vs. Functions Part 1 : When, where and how
This online ASP guide aids you to advance your knowledge in ASP programming by clearly learning the types of procedures - Functions and Subs and gives more tips for them to perform required tasks.

17)   Tricks with VBScript
Programmers in VBscript can gain knowledge on several solutions through this online tutorial which consists of several tips to make your code more effetive and ease your coding works.

18)   Make javascript to ASP
Collecting information from client machine using javascript and send them into ASP pages is demonstrated in this ASP tutorial with a clear explanation.

19)   Conditional SSI
It is possible for you to extend SSI (Server Side Includes) features using the conditional statements to implement some web based processes effectively by going through this online ASP scirpting tutorial.

20)   VBScript Language Reference - Operators
With the help of this online tutorial, VBScript coders can learn all the opeartors in VBscript with detailed explanation that lets you implement them into your code ease.

21)   IRequestDictionary Interface
This ASP beginners tutorial describes the usage of IRequestDictionary interface to access ClientCertificate information within the ASP programming.

22)   Conditional Statements: Case Statements
Differnences between IF THEN and Case statements are described briefly in this online tutorial that clearly demonstrates how the conditional process is carried out using Case statement.

23)   ASP Including Files
More useful techniques on ASP programming is available on this ASP tutorial that illustrates in-detail about the #include directive with simple means of samples.

24)   Conditionals Part 2 : If and Select Statements, When and Why
From this article, you will be able to decide in what situations If and Case statements should be used to test a particular condition with the help of provided detailed explanation.

25)   VBScript Language Reference - Constants
From this Vbscript tutorial all available constants for functions like String, Vartype, Date format etc., can be learnt in detail which would be more beneficial for all VBScript programmers.

26)   InformIT Visual Tutorial 5: Active Server Pages Scripts
This article clearly teaches about the process of storing information into a database and tells how to retrieve information from a database in an easier understandable way.

27)   Creating Your Own Objects
The steps required to create own objects in JScript are taught with a simplest example and guides you to how to refer the created objects within scripts.

28)   RemoveDuplicates()
After studying this ASP tutorial you will be able to maintain the string list in your ASP applications without any duplicate string data.

29)   VBScript Procedures
How to create functionable modulars in VBScript is demonstrated clearly in this tutorial using 'sub' and 'function' procedures and guides you to write your code in an effective manner.

30)   IApplicationObject Interface
You can create components in your ASP programming using Application object and more details are available on this online tutorial to access them through IApplicationObject Interface.

31)   Functions in ASP
This ASP learning source describes the usage of subroutines and functions to reuse the code. And explains the difference between functions and subrountines via sample programs.

32)   VBScript Language Reference - Functions
The given list in this tutorial enables the ASP programmers to learn all the available functions in VBScript in detail with the help of given clear demonstration on each of them.

33)   Millisecond Timing with VBScript
Using the Timer() function in VBScript it would be quiet possible to calculate the milliseconds between two events and this tutorial lets you understand this process step by step.

34)   What are the ways of using Server Side #Includes?
Includes can be used to utilize the recursive code, text and functions in your source code and the ways to implement this feature in your ASP applications can be learnt from this online tutorial.

35)   What is JScript?
It aims to get you familiar with the basic things on JScript scripting language and presents the details in an easier and understandable manner.

36)   Combining server and client side scripts
A clear demonstration on how the client side information can be integrated with server side script to perform particular task is avaialble on this easier ASP tutorial.

37)   VBScript Data Types
Data type is a core part in programming and this tutorial educates you about the 'VARIANT', the only data type in VBScript along with it's sub types to hold the values of string, numeric, logic etc.,

38)   An Introduction to using Java with ASP
This ASP tutorial educates you about how to embed java within ASP programming to create effective applications. Given simple examples lets you learn the objective of this article quickly.

39)   What Is VBScript?
This tutorial is purposely created for the beginners in VBScript to let them get familiar with fundametals of VBScript and offers many article to expertize them in scripting using VBScript.

40)   stripHTML
The implementation and benefits of stripHTML function is expalined in this web based ASP learning resource with two sample programs.

41)   Use VB's Powerful Format Function through ASP
It is fairly easier to understand how to format date, currency and number in ASP applications using VBScript format() function through this online tutorial.

42)   VBScript Language Reference - Methods
All methods that exist in VBScript are listed in this VBScript tutorial from which web programmers can learn how to use them with objects easily.

43)   Including a file in a ASP page
All aspects of Include files are taught in detail via this online ASP article using which you can produce your code in ASP language effectively.

44)   Referencing Windows in JavaScript
How to implement the pop-up window to show information to the users or enabling them to input some data in new window can be learnt easily through this online ASP article.

45)   Active Server Page Programming Standards
A lot of useful tips to produce ASP programming source code in an easier understandable way can be gained through this online ASP tutorial which describes how to define variables, HTML comments etc to make your code more sense.

46)   Remote Scripting With JavaScript and ASP
Those who want to become experts in remote scripting can utilize this online ASP tutorial and can make their own effective applications in ASP using javascript.

47)   Intrinsic Objects
In-built objects in JScript are taught with detailed explanation on this tutorial and how to implement their properties and methods can be learnt with the help of provided respective articles.

48)   Using the HTTP Protocol With PerlScript and ASP
An useful tutorial for the developers in ASP to implement PerlScripting in their applications and learn the process of accessing other servers through HTTP protocol.

49)   ScriptingContext
Using ScriptingContext interfaces can be accessed together with ASP objects by the ASP components which is clearly explained through few pages on this tutorial.

50)   Server Side Includes
This tutorial explains that using server Side Includes (SSI), you can create your web applications in ASP programming to include standardized header, footer, newsletters, survey, database etc., into all pages of websites.

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