Friday, 20 July 2018
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1-50 Searching (ASP) scripts (listed after popularity)

Scripts are listed afer popularity.       To display the scripts in alphabetical order please click here

1)   ASPSimpleSearch
ASPSimpleSearch is an ASP application to search through the text of your website for a particular word or phrase. Real time searching of the actual files at the time of the search.

2)   Simple Search
With Simple Search when you enter in the DSN, the script will list all tables and views in the database, select a table or view and you can then search on the fields contained in the database.

3)   An ASP Tutorial to create your own Database driven Search Engine
In this ASP tutorial author discusses about generating a database driven search engine for your website. This article will be helpful for the webdevelopers and the webmasters.

4)   A Text-Based Search Engine
This ASP tutorial concentrates on text based search engine through which users can learn about how to create a search engine in their website to help the visitors to search for a particular file with the help of file system objects.

5)   Zoom Search Engine
Zoom Search Engine is an ASP program that implements search function without using any external web services. Can be used to perform custom search and supports wild cards. Searching can be done within DOC, PDF, PPT, XLS and WPD files.

6)   Active Directory Phonebook
This search system has been coded in ASP programming using which records in particular directories can be found in no time. This module lets you create a telephone list to maintain all contact details that are available on your intranet / internet based systems.

7)   Go Smart Site Search
This ASP driven application lets you build a web based search engine on your site to find things within your site.

8)   Yider
Yider, an ASP based script has been integrarted with VBScript to create a database with link directories and helps you to include a search engine on your website. Wildcard characters can be used with searching and gives multi-language support and much more.

9)   Super Search Extension
This is an ASP tutorial in which author discusses about the step by step methods involved in creating search engine in their website. In this article author offers audio explanation and screen set up for each steps.

10)   The Index Server Companion
This article deals with index server campanion which helps the users by indexing the content of the ODBC database and from the remote website.

11)   ASPWebLinks
Using this ASP written program You can build a directory with unlimited web links to access them without the help of FTP. Source code can be rewritten to fulfill your requirements. Users can be allowed to add links.

12)   Search Wizard for IIS
Search Wizard for IIS allows you to search major search engines by redirecting your query. As of now this is supported search engines include Alta Vista, Yahoo, Infoseek, Excite, Lycos, and Hotbot.

13)   Zephyrus
Zephyrus is free. Zephyrus component is useful to perform smart searches on your websites.

14)   dtSearch Text Retrieval Engine
dtSearch Text Retrieval Engine is an ASP based program that lets the web developers to include a text search and retrieval tool on their web applications.

15)   ASP Internet Search Engine
ASP Internet Search Engine works with ASP supported websites where it can be used as a search engine like Google, Altavista, etc., Gives compatibility to different versions of MS Access database. Statistics and rating systems are available.

16)   Maxx Link Index
Maxx Link Index can be integrated with your ASP driven websites to plug-in a search engine module. Comes with optimum features for an effective search with database and portals.

17)   Displaying the contents of files on the server
It is an article through which users can learn about index services. Here author discusses about few functionalities that are involved in displaying the content of the files from the server.

18)   ASP File Finder
ASP File Finder ASP file searches your hard drive or web server for files containing a given string. While doing a search you can specify a string to search for and the directory to search in or leave the default c: directory.

19)   Search Engine Indexer
Search Engine Indexer lets you submit either your own URLS or your client URLs into most popular search engines. Supports about 16 search engines. Also, allows you to maintain your included user accounts, compaign module and a lot more.

20)   Walking through server folders and files
It is an article through which users can learn more about file system object and walk folder function and how these function helps in developing search engines.

21)   ASP Search & Replace
This little ASP program allows you to search words and lets you replace the found text with other words you specify. Comes with a web based interface to implement this searching with dirctories and sub-directories.

22)   Adding a search facility to your website
This is an ASP article which deals with providing search facility with index server to the users website. This article offers few codes through which users can search files from their site and also in the IIS web files.

23)   Deloittes.NET Directory
An very useful ASP script for all private and corporate concerns to construct a centralized directory for all of their elctronic data to allow their staffs, users and customers to access and search it via flexilble interface. This module can be used as a multi-purpose program.

24)   Searching Using Index Server
It is an article which deals with creation of search engine in the users website with the help of index server.

25)   Gc Multiple Hit Counter with ASP and MS Access - -Part I
It is an article that deals with the counter which helps in counting the number of hits the page faced. Here there are codes that users can utilize this for counting their site hits.

26)   A search engine in ASP and without DB!
A search engine in ASP and without DB!is a tutorial that elaborately discusses about how to build a search engine on ASP supported websites without using any database.

27)   A Web-Based File Browser
This is an article which helps users to search for a file inside the directory on their webserver. Through this file browsing programme, the listed search results can be viewed.

28)   Index Server Companion
The Index Server Companion extends the functionality of Index Server to allow indexing of content from remote websites and ODBC databases. The Index Server Companion contains full documentation and ASP code samples for use in a variety of scenarios.

29)   Universal Link Checker
This is an article which deals with validation of a submitted URL. This article will be helpful for the developers to check whether the visitors URL is valid one.

30)   Index Server Tutorial
It is an ASP article in which author concentrates on index server. Here author offers various description, statement and functionalities about index server. Users can learn more about index server.

31)   ASP Site Search-SearchSimon - Lite
Now the web administrators can start their ASP site search through this newly launched ASP Site Search. This ASP Search Engine could search for any static pages within the ASP sites.

32)   ASP SiteSearch by Dotcom
Using this ASP application, you can implement a search engine to find static pages from websites. Any number of links can be included into unlimited categories which does not require database support.

33)   Aleza Portal
Aleza Portal helps you to build a full featured ASP based search engine with features like e-mail lists, statistics, and multiple resources to index links into them. A simple way to get more traffic and more ad-revenue.

34)   Add a search utility to your site
It is an ASP article from which users can learn to generate a search engine. With the help of this search engine users can utilize multiple search from the files and the folders.

35)   Hard Search
This ASP oriented program that searches for meta tags, text message and web page content according to the given keywords.

36)   Create search engine friendly static pages from a dynamic page in ASP
This is an article in ASP which deals with creation of the static pages for the files in the database which helps the search engine to execute searches fastly.

37)   ASP Site Search Engine
The ASP Site Search Engine script will search an entire page for matching keyword(s) or phrase. This script matches keyword(s) or phrase and display the results with the highest matches first.

38)   Link popularity (.asp)
This is an tutorial that helps users to develop a program to check their site link popularity as well as check competitors links. This tutorial details the procedure in a easy way.

39)   SearchSimon
SearchSimon works with all ASP driven platforms and provides it's features to assist you to include a search script on your dynamic website. Supports many features with searching and search results.

40)   Site Server Search
This is an tutorial in which author concentrates on generating a search engine in the user website for searching the files in the folder, subfolders, internet and in the intranet site.

41)   Advanced Search Engine Pro
Advanced Search Engine Pro provides you the ASP driven solutions to construct an online directory cotaining many URL links. MS Access database can be utilized to store all available links. Users can submit their own links into your search engine.

42)   Web Site Search Using Classes
The WebSiteSearch Object is the best free VBScript search available on the Web. This fully featured VBScript class allows a programmer to set properties and call methods to perform complete phrase or multi-word searching of any text-based file on a web site.

43)   gee! Search Optimizer
Improve site visibility. Take advantage of your META tags. The Search Optimizer will improve search engine results by using META Tags to help search engines find and index your site.

44)   Universal Link Checker
This is an article which deals with validation of a submitted URL. This article will be helpful for the developers to check whether the visitors URL is valid one.

45)   Google as Engine For Your Site
This is an article in which author discusses about how to make google as a search engine for your website with the help of string that the author offers for you in this article.

46)   Alivesites Site Search
Alivesites Site Search is a program that facilitates webmasters to include searching functionality to their websites. This program performs searching over documents, links, text and images.

47)   Simple Site Search
Simple Site Search permits users to conduct a keyword term or phrase search on your site. This is an ASP-based fully customizable copy and paste script.

48)   Searching Through the Text of Each File on a WebSite
It is an ASP tutorial which deals with simple text based search engine in which author offers codes to search a particular record from all the folders and its subfolders.

49)   SiteFerret Lite
SiteFerret Lite is designed using ASP program that lets you find static web pages where XML module has been integrated to feature fine search less than 1000 documents. You can enable / disable specifc files to be used with searching.

50)   SiteFerret Professional
SiteFerret Professional is an indexed search facility, written in ASP and utilising an Access database backend, that's incredibly easy to install and manage. Results are returned fast and ranked according to relevance.

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