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1-50 Security Systems (ASP) scripts (listed after popularity)

Scripts are listed afer popularity.       To display the scripts in alphabetical order please click here

1)   Text Verification Code Script
Text Verification Code Script is a program that comes with the ability to prevent intruders from performing registration automatically.

2)   Encyption with ASP
This article deals with using encryption technique on ASP pages to protect their web pages. This article offers text stream and randomly generated keys.

3)   Encoding and Decoding URL strings
This is a tutorial that deals with encoding and decoding the query string used in the URL. This article discusses about formatting valid query string to execute the URL.

4)   Simple Security with ASP
It is a tutoiral which concentrates on securing the users website in an effective method. This article offers information about securing website by updataing the users login pages, storing visitors password, username and accessibility information in the database.

5)   DynuEncrypt
DynuEncrypt is a program which permit the users to encrypt and decrypt data or messages with password on their webpages. This program utilizes cipher DES technology for encryption.

6)   MD5DLL Encryption component
MD5 ASP Component is for encrypting and uses MD5 algorithm and is totally free. MD5 is one way encryption that is ideal for passwords. Online demo, example usage and manual available at the website.

7)   Link Protector
This program is used for hiding URL link from others. If the web user makes a link by using this program it converts the standard tag into a new hidden tag for protection.

8)   Protecting Passwords with a One-way Hash Function
This ASP article deals with protecting the password with the help of one way hash functions. In this article author discusses about the step by step method involved in protecting the password of the users in the database.

9)   ASP Punycode IDN decoder and encoder
Decoding and encoding between punycode, unicode string (BSTR), binary, utf-8 and conversion to/from other code pages. On-line sample decoder and encoder of punycode data and IDN names.

10)   RSADLL Encryption component
RSADLL Encryption component is a public and private key cipher. This includes an example of a public and private key.

11)   Web Applications: Securing Access to Your Pages
This article deals with securing the web applications and prohibiting the visitors to access the secured ASP pages. Here author discusses about common code that are involved in securing the ASP pages.

12)   Paypal Button Factory
This is a tutorial that elaborates about an important drawback while using point-and-click code at This tutorial also details on fixing that problem.

13)   VisualSoft Crypt
VisualSoft Crypt is a Cryptographic Component for Windows environment that provides Symmetric Algorithms for encryption/decryption.

14)   ANEI-MD5
This is an ASP and VB version of the RSA-MD5 signature-hashing algorithm. ANEI-MD5 allows you to obtain a 32 digit signature for any text string or file.

15)   Midori's Cryptography Component
An open source ActiveX component that allows to encrypt/decrypt data through the Cast128 and AES algorithms. It's also a fast base64 codec fast base64 codec and converter from string to Array and viceversa and is able to hash file's contents using MD5.

16)   Activecrypt
Activecrypt is a program built for ASP that comes with the ability to execute RSA encryption. This will be useful for security purpose.

17)   Affiliate Links Protection Sys
This tool is used for hiding the URL from the hackers who replace the affiliate ID from the URL and put their id to steal the commission. Its useful for the user to protect their URL from hackers.

18)   Filtering HTML From Strings
This is an article which deals with the site security by filtering the HTML from strings in the forms that have to be filled by the site visitors while submitting their information.

19)   Pre IP Blocking System
Pre IP Blocking System is most enhanced anti fraud system. Block and control incoming site visitors Internet Protocols (IPs) and prevent your website from online frauds. This script allows website admin to block and unblock visitors Internet Protocols (IPies).

20)   Two Ways To Protect Your ASP Page
This is a tutorial in ASP which helps the users by offering information about protecting the users ASP pages with the help of Request.Server variables.

21)   QANTA Authentication
Add Authentication to your Windows Media Server.

22)   HOWTO: SQL Server with Integrated Security, IIS on Same Machine
This is a tutorial which concentrates on protecting the SQL server along with the MS IIS using integrated security system in the same machine.

23)   Protecting Your Web Application Against Dangerous Requests
This is an ASP tutorial which deals with securing the web application with the help of query string from not responding to unsecure requests.

24)   Protecting Everything
This is an article through which users can learn more about securing their website with the help of the code that the author offers to them.

25)   The Translate:f Security Hole
It is an article based on how to translate the secured content in the website to the ASP pages with the help of Translate:f function. This article discusses step by step the method involved protect the loop hole in the IIS server.

26)   ASP Authentication Using IP Address
This is a web based tutorial which concentrates on how to protect the users website validating the visitors IP address.

27)   Luhn's Algorythm
This is a tutorial about Luhn's Algorythm which can be used by the administrators in credit card validating. The author elaborates about the function of this algorythm in validating the entered credit card numbers.

28)   ASP MagicCrypt Component
ASP MagicCrypt Component is a program which performs the operation of string and file encoding and decoding. This program provides access to the users with various cryptography technologies.

29)   EncryptIt!
EncryptIt! is a program that enables webmasters to secure ASP applications during application distribution.

30)   iisPROTECTvideo
iisPROTECTvideo allows unlimited integration for protecting streaming media served by Windows Media Server including audio and video.

31)   UA Block (ASP)
UA Block (ASP) is very handy in keeping out unwanted e-mail harvesting programs, programs that copy websites, etc.

32)   How to Send Secure Mail in ASP-Based E-Commerce Applications
It is an ASP tutorial which deals with sending a secured mail in E-commerce applications. Here author gives detailed description about the multi purpose Internet mail extension.

33)   VisualSoft SecureDev
VisualSoft SecureDev is a complete package of security and data transfer components that ensure complete security of data transfer.

34)   Verfiying User Input with ASP
It is an article in which author deals with checking the users input with the help of Xcheck COM object before allowing them to secure areas.

35)   I, Robot
You can protect your web pages from web spiders simply by learning this ASP article that provides a sample program to obtain the required functions.

36)   DynCrypto
DynCrypto is a security program which allows the users to handle symmetric key encryption functions with algorithms like cast-128 that supports 128 bit encryption.

37)   C2GEREAD
If you want to parse MIME or UUENCODED e-mail files then C2GERead component allows you to do so. C2GERead is an ATL COM component.

38)   E-Mail Protector
This is an article which explains about method involved in protecting the e-mail address of the website from the spammers to harvest the email address.

39)   EncryptCC
EncryptCC is a COM Object to Encrypt and Decrypt credit card numbers for Active Server Pages.

40)   ASPPGP
ASPPGP is a program which permit the users to perform file, email, and text encryption process on their web server. This program keeps track of sensitive datas and documents.

41)   Eliminating Some Credit Card Risk for E-Business
This is an article in which users can learn more about how to avoid fake credit cards in the e-commerce business. This article will be helpful for the e-merchants and those users who include their site for e-business.

42)   Creating Secure Documents on the Net
This is a tutorial which offers information about how to secure the documents in the internet. This article discusses about storing the files in the non-web accessible folder to secure them from the site visitors.

43)   Security
It is an article in which author discusses about securing the server component using getthreadtoken and setthreadtoken methods in the session objects.

44)   ipMonitor
ipMonitor is a simple and useful network monitoring software designed to help webmasters in tracking the performance of their online applications with SNMP tools.

45)   Protecting Your IIS Server and Web Application
This is an article which deals with the methods that have to be included in securing the users IIS server and their web application with the help of instruction that the author offers for them.

46)   Encoding your script files
This is an article in which author offers script encoder program which helps in encoding scripts of the users to provide security to the users intellectual property.

47)   UploadEncrypt
Easy to use web file encyption components.

48)   HOW TO: Use Database and ASP Sessions to Implement ASP Security
It is an article which deals with information of implemeting the form based security for the ASP applications. This article discusses about the method involved in performing the above said process.

49)   MailBee SSL Plugin
MailBee SSL enables your ASP and Windows applications to communicate to SMTP, POP3 and IMAP4 servers over secure TLS and SSL connections.

50)   Cast 128 ActiveX
Cast 128 ActiveX acts as a encryption and decryption component where the users can encrypt and decrypt datas on websites.

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