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1-50 Server Management (ASP) scripts (listed after popularity)

Scripts are listed afer popularity.       To display the scripts in alphabetical order please click here

1)   Getting Information from Another Web Page Without Using a Third-Party Component
This is a tutorial that guides users to retrieve the information from other ASP web pages. Here the author uses MS Internet Transfer Control to succeed this process

2)   Site Search using Microsoft Indexing Services (Index Server)
This is an article that guides users to use Microsoft Indexing Services (Index Server) to create search functionality for their websites. This tutorial elaborately discusses every thing for a better understanding.

3)   How to Ping Using ASP
This is an article that deals with pinging the IP address and thereby to obtain the results of the ping with the help of ASP.

4)   Designing an Account Unlock Application
This is an article that will be of much use for an intranet environment to build an account unlock application. The author makes it possible with the help of DCOM, ADSI, ASP and SQL.

5)   Introduction to Windows and Active Directory Services Interface (ADSI)
From this online tutorial users can gather knowledge about Active Directory Services Interface. The author covers this subject elaborately for better reference.

6)   Creating a Push Server with ASP
This article deals with generating push server using ASP. The author makes it possible by creating a code snippet to control HTTP headers to convert the server as a push server.

7)   EventViewer
EventViewer is a simple and useful utility that can be used to monitor the event viewer entries of Windows 2000 servers.

8)   WinDNSMan
This is a browser based DNS administration tool that helps system administrators to control their DNS records remotely. Users can also use it for DNS lookup and they add and delete the lookup zones.

9)   SQL Server Data Transformation Services (DTS) Best Practices
This is an article that comes with more information about Microsoft's SQL server 7.0 and its function in performing Data Transformation Services (DTS).

10)   Server header
This is a tutorial that provides some tips about server headers. In this tutorial users can find information about how to use IPsec to lockdown the IIS webserver and about how to remove ASP session and server headers in IIS.

11)   Configuring IIS 5.0 to host your Intranet, Extranet or Website (Windows 2000)
This is an easy to understand tutorial that covers on configuring Intranet, Website or Extranet with the help of Microsoft Internet Information Services 5.0.

12)   AspEventViewer Component
AspEventViewer Component is a program which provide functionality for the users to read the event log. The users can remove the event log entries with this component.

13)   ActiveX RegEdit
ActiveX RegEdit is a comprehensive COM interface to read/enumerate/modify windows registry keys and values from ASP, VBS and T-SQL. This script lets you logon to required user account and work with remote registry.

14)   Simple MSMQ from ASP
Simple MSMQ from ASP is a tutorial that deals with posting a simple MSMQ message from ASP. This is an easy to understand article.

15)   IIS Cron for ASP
IIS Cron for ASP is a program which allow the programmers and the webmaster to handle external services or codings for running jobs such as retreiving data, mailing list, monitoring site etc.

16)   ActiveX/ASP windows registry editor
Complette COM interface to read/enumerate/modify windows registry keys and values from ASP, VBS and T-SQL. Lets you logon to required user account and work with remote registry.

17)   IIS 5 Architecture Overview
IIS 5 Architecture Overview is an online article where users can find some fundamental architectural theory on IIS and its function. This tutorial can be used as a reference guide to learn about IIS.

18)   NTUtils
NTUtils is a server program which allows the users to write and to read from windows NT event log. This program have an option to add new users and change their properties.

19)   ASPEval inline code execution
ASPEval inline code execution is a tutorial that will be of much use for the programmers to implement any ASP code through a web service.

20)   desSysControl
desSysControl is a program which allows the users to restart the server by enabling the ASP application. This program has the ability to logoff users.

21)   smartUptime
smartUptime is a program and a component which displays the server uptime to the users. An useful script for server administrator.

22)   ASP, XML IP Monitor Grabber
This tool is used for monitoring the status of server which is helpful for the web hosting resellers who can provide their customers the facility to view their service provider's server status without disturbing the service providers.

23)   ABCEventLog
ABCEventLog is a server program which allows the users to log events on their database server from their web server.

24)   IIS 5.0 Administrative Architecture
IIS 5.0 Administrative Architecture is an article that discusses about IIS 5.0's administrative architecture. The author covers this concept with all needed topics for a better understanding.

25)   Using Sets with SQL Server
Users can gather more information about utilizing set with SQL server from this tutorial. This tutorial elaborates on set and its function with appropriate illustrations.

26)   What is N-Tier?
What is N-Tier? is a tutorial that discusses about N-Tier. This article defines that N-tier is an architecture which distributes processing and logic with 'tiers'.

27)   TurboIIS
TurboIIS is a program which has the ability to increase the website speed which is hosted under IIS server. This program is useful for the users and the webmasters.

28)   Web Check
This is an useful server management tool that helps webmasters to monitor their website status regularly. It gives them an alert message or sound when their website goes down.

29)   Remote Scripting Made Easy
This is an article that guides users on retrieving details from the server quickly with the help of remote scripting. This will be essential one for commercial websites.

30)   Identifying Users in IIS using Exchange and LDAP
This is a tutorial that guides administrators to identify their users in IIS on their intranet environment. This will be useful for the companies or organizations to allow their users to access the resources by scheduling events.

31)   Installed Objects Scanner
Installed Objects Scanner is a program which allows the users to test their IIS webserver for the components that have been installed.

32)   Using ASP to View Site Server Search Catalog Properties
This is an online tutorial that guides users to view the properties of the site server search catalog. This will be useful for the users who to monitor their contents on several websites.

33)   Using the sysobjects Table
Using the sysobjects Table is a tutorial that covers on querying the sysobjects a table of the SQL database. The author demonstrates each and every thing by providing examples.

34)   Domainbase - The Domain Name Manager
This component is used for managing the domain name status whether the domain is in service or not by managing that accounts system and if it is found to be expired it will send an email message to the specific domain owner.

35)   Using Index Server to Search
This is an article that covers on using Index Server in the place of database to search through their MP3 files. Author says that users are required to have Windows NT to succeed this process of building search functionality.

36)   How To Configure REMOTE_HOST to Perform a Reverse DNS Lookup in IIS
This tutorial enables users to let the REMOTE_HOST to achieve a DNS look up in reverse manner by configuring it. The author describes elaborately by providing exact sample codes.

37)   Developing IIS Applications
Developing IIS Applications is a tutorial that deals with IIS application development. Here the author details on different levels of architecture offered by the IIS 5.0 and specially about the architecture which are involved in application development.

38)   AbyssLabs.Settings
Provides some methods to save/restore/enumerate/delete application settings in the Windows registry.

39)   desSystemInfo
desSystemInfo is a server program which permit the users to enable the ASP application for specifying the systems operating system and virtual memory.

40)   RRAS server component
RRAS server component is a server based program which is capable to control RAS access and dial-in enabled ports that runs on windows NT server using RAS.

41)   ADEX Connect
ADEX Connect is a program where the developers can establish and disable connections to share on network with various operating system. The users can map and disconnect network drives.

42)   SocketWrench
SocketWrench is a general purpose TCP/IP component and library which provides network communication services for Windows applications.

43)   Choosing the right hosting service for your site
This is an article that deals with guiding users to select best hosting service for their websites. This tutorial can be used by both beginning level and advanced level users.

44)   Grab Access data online
Grab Access data online is a tutorial that details on downloading data from an Access table by using IIS or PWS to provide them in HTML format.

45)   Chili!Soft ASP Windows Administration Console
Chili!Soft ASP Windows Administration Console is a tool that allows Sun ONE Active Server Pages to administrate the software under the Windows framework.

46)   Optimizing Microsoft SQL Server Analysis Services : Optimization Tools: Partition Wizard
This tutorial covers optimizing MS SQL server analysis services, its optimization tool and especially in here discusses about partition wizard, an optimization tool.

47)   Desregedit
Desregedit is a program built on ASP with which users can allow an ASP application to read and write the server registry details.

48)   DDNSServ
DDNSServ is not a DNS client application. DDNSServ is a fully featured server suite that allows you to run your own DDNS or Dynamic DNS service. Our server suite is fully featured with support for MX, CNAME and even NS records.

49)   Restarting PWS
Users can gather information about restarting PWS without disturbing their systems. This is an easy to understand tutorial.

50)   Mask Your Web Server for Enhanced Security
Users can learn how to remove the identifying information to stop intruders in using them to find out the operating system or webserver vendor and version.

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