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1-50 Site Navigation (ASP) scripts (listed after popularity)

Scripts are listed afer popularity.       To display the scripts in alphabetical order please click here

1)   ASP TreeView
Component to generate TreeView with single simple method. Easy change styles: Classic, MSDN, XP, Iconless, etc. Can dynamically load nodes. Lots of example code.

2)   ASP Breadcrumb class
You can build breadcrumb trails using ASP breadcrumb class. The breadcrumb class provides an easy to use API to do this.

3)   Drop Down menu with the months between two dates
This script is based on ASP that helps the webmasters to create a combo box on their web page to get input from the website visitors. It redirects them to other link.

4)   Dynamic Tree Menu of your site
This program is used for creating a tree view menu list with frames on your website. Without moving from the current location users can view their required data in the same page.

5)   Deep Tree
This is an ASP based navigation tool helps the users to create a tree like menu list with checkbox facility. It can be used on any webpage to navigate users easily.

6)   Disable the Back Button Hack
This tutorial has provided a code snippet to help the web developers for disabling the back button on their web page.

7)   iNavigate
iNavigate is an ASP program, by using which webmasters can build navigation menu on their websites. It has several enhanced features for the webmasters to create an easy to use menu on their websites.

8)   Animated Fade In Fade Out Menu (ASP)
Animated Fade In/Fade Out Menu (ASP) is a program using which webmasters can build menus with a fade effect to help their visitors navigate on their websites. It is an easy to use program.

9)   WebTab
WebTab is a program which webmasters can use as a tool to create the web interface on their websites. They can facilitate the created web page to suit the visitors needs using this program.

10)   Databound Animated Slide In Drop Down Menu (ASP)
Databound Animated Slide In/Drop Down Menu (ASP) is a program that lets the webmasters to build menus with sub menus on their websites. They can use this program for their site navigation.

11)   ASP Tree View
ASP Tree View is a program built on ASP which can be utilized to display the data content in a tree menu. It can be used by the users for creating navigation menu in a similar way as the tree structure used in Windows files, document containing pages, MS folders etc.,

12)   Opening Windows: _new or _blank?
This tutorial elaborates on the difference between the 'new' and 'blank' links to users when they create links to open a new window. This tutorial differentiates the characteristics of these links with examples.

13)   ASP tListe
ASP tListe has a fully functional ASP script and is a nice ASP treeview program.

14)   ASP & ASP.NET TreeView from VisualASP
ASP & ASP.NET TreeView from VisualASP provides you 8 Different TreeStyles and 2 LineStyles to choose from. You can also add your own StyleSheet to the TreeView for a unique look and feel.

15)   DataBound Collapsible Menu (ASP)
This program is used for creating a navigation menu list in frames view. It helps the users to generate a tree view menu list.

16)   Display Page Numbers as Links
This program is used for creating a page navigation on the website. It helps the website visitors to navigate easily to other web pages by clicking the page numbers that are highlighted in colors.

17)   DataBound Dynamic Dropdown Menu (ASP)
This is a site navigation program which is used by webmasters on their website to navigate their site visitors. It helps them to create drop down menu list on their website.

18)   Recursive Navigation
This tutorial describes about recursive navigation bar. This articles instructs the users about navigation tool briefly in an easy way.

19)   Text2Tree
Text2Tree is a flexible and dynamic, tool to display hierarchical structures in the Web Browser in the style of the Windows Explorer. According to users input Text2Tree expands and collapses tree nodes.

20)   webNav
webNav is a program built on ASP using which users can build menu for navigation purpose on their websites. It is an easy to use navigation system.

21)   Web navigation with a ComboBox
This program is used for creating combo box that allows the web visitors to redirect to other link according to their selection.

22)   ASP SlideMenu
ASP SlideMenu is an ASP based program using which webmasters can build a slide navigation menu on their websites. They can create any number of menus with the help of this program.

23)   Web Tree Builder
Web tree builder is an ASP based program, by using which users can display webpage content in a tree structure. This can be used by the users for website navigation purpose.

24)   Slide Menu
Slide Menu is a navigation program that helps webmasters to build menus on their websites. They can create slide menus by using this program and make their site more interactive.

25)   Quicktab
Quicktab is a program built on ASP which can be used by the webmasters in creating tab menus for their website navigation.

26)   Web Menu Builder
Web Menu Builder is a program built on ASP which can be used by the webmasters to generate the menus for their website navigation. This tool lets the webmasters to build a menu in quick manner.

27)   pinNavigator
pinNavigator is a program which will provide webmasters a navigation bar for their websites. This can be used by the webmasters for site navigation purpose.

28)   Frames View - No Frames View
This site provides ASP code which helps the web developers to make link to a common navigation area within their website.

29)   ActiveNavigator
ActiveNavigator provides professional navigation to your ASP web applications. This does not require complicated client-side Javascript or DHTML programming. This gives quick, professional results.

30)   Coalesys WebMenu for ASP
WebMenu is an ASP component for creating a hierarchical browser-based Popup Menu. It is 100% DHTML and requires no plug-ins. WebMenu works for IE 4.x-5.x and NN 4.x-6.x. Down level compatibility mode. Includes Visual Editor utility.

31)   AJDDM
AJDDM script provides a dynamic jump menu using ASP and JavaScript.

32)   XMLMenus
XMLMenus is a program which can be used by the webmasters to generate different types of menus for their websites. Webmasters can build menus with sub menus by using this program.

33)   ASP and Flash Menu
ASP and Flash Menu is a program in which webmasters can find an XML to meetout their needs in creating their own flash menus on their websites. They can customize this provided XML with their own menu items and links to build menus for their web navigation purpose.

34)   PanelBar for ASP
PanelBar for ASP is a professional server component that generates an advanced DHTML navigator, programmatically configured with ASP code. This does not need client-side plugins.

35)   iisTAB
iisTAB is an ASP based program which can be used by the users to create tab navigation on their websites. Users can set their own texts and also images on the tabs.

36)   ASP Driven DHTML Slider Menus
This article gives you the hints for creating slick DHTML menu on your website. It works like a outlook express menu. It is an useful article for the ASP beginners.

37)   DataBound Index style menu (ASP)
This program is helpful for the webmasters to create menu list on their website. It uses database to store data. It can be used for both top level to child and child to child format.

38)   Web Navigator
Web Navigator is a program that helps webmasters for navigating their websites. By using this tool they can build a full featured and flexible navigating system on their websites.

39)   dgTree
dgTree creates hierarchy diagram for display on a web site. This is not a simple expanding list but a true tree. You can have unrestricted number of branches, levels, nodes, and leaves.

40)   Friendly Addressing
This article gives several tips about how to query a page using ID number. It guides them to create a separate ID number for each page that allows the users to query their required data easily.

41)   Menuj
Menuj is an ASP based online utility by using which users can build any type of pop out menus for navigation on their websites. It is a simple and effective tool to be used for menu building.

42)   iisTREE
iisTREE is a powerful tree generation and site navigation component which will allow you to generate cross browser compatible tree structures quickly and easily.

43)   TabToy
TabToy is an ASP based program that lets the webmasters to create tab menu for their websites. It is an easy to use program that helps webmasters for their site navigation.

44)   Active WebMenu
Active WebMenu is a program built on ASP using which webmasters can create enhanced menus on their websites. This will be useful for site navigation.

45)   TreeView Generator
Use the TreeView Generator to create a professional treeview navigation menu for your website, absolutely with no charge.

46)   Context menu Script
This tutorial describes the users about the creation of context menu on their webpage. It opens a pop-up custom menu when the user right clicks their mouse on the webpage.

47)   QuickList
QuickList is a program which helps users in creating a selection list on the websites for navigation purpose. This built list can be tracked upto 5 levels in depth.

48)   COMobjects.NET Deep Tree
COMobjects.NET Deep Tree script implements dynamic treeview. The page doesn't need reload because it does not require roundtrip. It loads only necessary expanded nodes. It permits you to create treeview with 1000s of nodes.

49)   w3 Sitetree
w3 SiteTree lets you create a tree structure just like the tree structure in windows Explorer and it is also fully customizable. w3 Sitetree is a web-based navigator based on a tree structure, which gives you an interactive sitemap directly on your web page.

50)   Style Tags Resource Center
This article helps the webdevelopers to get an idea about the generation of hyperlink in different styles, mouse over style tip and how to change the background color of a web page.

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