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1-50 Software (ASP) scripts (listed after popularity)

Scripts are listed afer popularity.       To display the scripts in alphabetical order please click here

1)   PageXchanger
PageXchanger is a program that performs content negotiation for allowing the webmasters to use cleaner URLs on their websites. This will keep web applications and websites in a secured manner.

2)   AccessDUMP
It is a comparing software with graphical user interface for transferring the content of the MS Access database into the MY SQL database by creating a dumb files for performing the above said process.

3)   PopChart Server
PopChart Server is one of the popular chart software which has a capable to produce effective charts and graphs. It can generate dynamic images on FLASH, EPS, PDF etc.

4)   EasyASP
EasyASP is a scripting environment and is a ASP based program that can be used to create ASP codes. This program can be used by both experienced users and novice.

5)   NetCharts Pro
NetCharts Pro chart is capable of creating larger images in various format like JOG, PNG and WBMP. It is a server side chart supported by JSP and Servlets.

6)   Web Menu Builder
Web Menu Builder is a menu generating software that helps users to create drop down menus on the websites. This program supports more than 80 parameters such as, flash animations, images etc.

7)   ASPMaker
It is an ASP based software through which the user can develop ASP with the help of Microsoft Access through which the user or members can add, delete, view and delete data in the remote server.

8)   Caspio Bridge Service
This is an effective tool that helps users to generate various types of database driven web pages and forms without writing code. Users can customize forms according to their needs.

9)   xpdoffice
Easy to use online timesheets with components for expense reporting, hr, purchasing, contracting, invoicing and project management.

10)   IIS Log Manager
This tool is helpful for the webmasters to monitor and calculate their monthly bandwidth and store those information into a database. Users can query their bandwidth report easily via this application.

11)   SQL LiteSpeed
This is an ASP based software that provides zip technology for the user to integrate in their website. This provides backup storage, compression of server files and bit encryption for securing data stored in the backup memory.

12)   20 20 Auto Gallery
20/20 Auto Gallery provides car dealers, car collectors, even marine and RV sales agencies with the ability to add vehicles to their web site using powerful forms that are easy to use and provides web site visitors with the ability to browse or search those listings.

13)   AspEmail
AspEmail is free mail component for an ASP environment.

14)   IIS Export Utility
You can use this software to transfer websites either to an IIS server or to a database and to copy the whole content of the site on a ODBC database.

15)   URL Rewrite-ISAPI Filter
This powerful ASP software offers custom solution for all site owners to index their site on all major search engine rankings by manipulating the respective static URL's.

16)   APGen
APGen is a program which can be used by the users to generate any content and to pre-render the web pages. This will be of much use for the users in generating ASP.

17)   SurgeMail
This is an ASP based mailing solution. This program supports users existing databases and could be administered anywhere through a web based browser.

18)   File Approval Manangement System
CoVisible's FAMS - a workflow enabled web-based Document Management software with biometrics, scanning & contents search facility.Web-based online storage for document and record management. Scanning software for knowledge management.

19)   ASP Express
ASP Express is a scripting environment and is a code editor that can be used to modify HTML tags and ASP codes. This program comes with two versions such as, standard edition without ASP.Net and dotnet edition with ASP.Net.

20)   ISAPI Rewrite
This is a software for creating your own URL schemes based on regular expressions and to develop authorization schemes for those files with specified access levels.

21)   HandyHTML Studio
Webmasters would be able to create web based applications by using development languages such as Javascript, ASP, HTML etc. They can also generate and administer all types of online projects easily.

22)   MidiCart
Using this software you can create the database for the cart from your desktop and then upload it with FTP to implement your own shopping cart on the net.

23)   CartGenie Enterprise Edition
This is a powerful e-commerce software using which you can setup online malls with unlimited number of store fronts to promote and sell products online.

24)   HTTP Log ISAPI Filter
This program is used for logging the http raw data, http header and document data and stores it in a separate file. IIS service outputs are also monitored by this program.

25)   ecSED
ecSED is an ASP based content management software that can be used to generate and administer contents dynamically on static web pages. This program also works with existing single folder static web pages.

26)   BarChartBS
BarChartBS is a type of chart by which can be created using the information in the database. There are number of ways to create a bar chart using HTML.

27)   IIS Tracer web site monitoring tool
IIS Tracer website monitoring tool is a program using which users can view real time status of the IIS servers immediately. It displays status such as outgoing or incoming bytes, http headers etc.,

28)   ASP to ASP.NET Conversion
ASP to ASP.NET Conversion imgrates from ASP to ASP.NET in VB.NET or C#.

29)   Wireless Admin
Wireless Admin can be implemented with any windows based system and it acts as a WAP server. User are allowed to receive the required data from www.

30)   eQuercus Pro
This is an ASP tool that helps users to create websites in different languages and manage the contents in them. This program performs both content management and site management solutions.

31)   PCS WebCharts
PCS WebCharts is an ASP based component chart which helps to creat bars and column charts in a HTML page. It is a good charting solution for the webmasters to represent datas.

32)   Apex SQL Clean
It is an ASP based database driven software which helps in deleting irrelavent objects like tables, procedures and views from the database.

33)   AboutFace
AboutFace is a simple and easy to use ASP software using which you can publish directories with employee face books containing white and yellow pages.

34)   ASPRunner Professional
ASPrunnerPro is a database management tool that provides easy access and manipulation possibilities for any database on the Web. ASPRunnerPro creates Active Server Pages enabling users to search, edit, delete and add data to any database.

35)   WebWatchBot
WebWatchBot is a powerful utility that can be used by the webmasters to view and analyze IP devices on their websites. They can view the watch items after graphing and charting them well.

36)   SpreadsheetConverter to ASP & ASP.NET
Good-looking calculating ASP-page from Excel. 190 functions. No Excel on server.

37)   iisPROTECTcc
It is an ASP based software with the solution for processing and real time billing. It has an interface for providing billing solution. It has several features.

38)   EMS MS SQL Manager
It is an ASP based graphical tool that helps in managing and developing MSSQL server. This tool helps in editing and generating the data from the database objects. This program offers various attractive features.

39)   XP Crypt
You can use this software to encrypt all the records of oracle, MS SQL server and MSDE database using the server side encrytpion algorithms.

40)   PCS WebCharts Pro
PCS WebCharts Pro is a good charting solution for the webmasters to create dynamic bar and column charts. It enables the webmaster to add graphial charts to their webpages.

41)   Apex SQL Diff
This is an ASP based comparison software which analyze the content of two MYSQL Server databases and display it's differance side by side. It has several attractive features.

42)   Codejay - Code Generator Tool For Asp, Coldfusion,, Php
Multi functional code generator.Choose among ASP, PHP, COLDFUSION, ASP.NET.

43)   ItemAction
ItemAction is a full featured action software designed with all essential features of task management, timesheet, help desk and bug tracking solutions.

44)   VideoQuota
This is an ASP protection software through which user can protect their video and audio streaming files through password and also protect IIS directory from the integrated application control panel.

45)   E-Store Kit Pro PayPal Edition
You can sell all type of tangible products from your cart with several options in colour and size through the secured paypal payment processor.

46)   SSW Access Reporter .NET for IIS
SSW Access Reporter .NET for IIS is a tool that help the developers in converting MS Access database. It helps converting existing Access database in no time.

47)   Puntex Classic® - Low Cost P2P Betting Exchange Platform
Puntex Classic® is a complete Internet management and delivery platform for operating a Person-to-Person (P2P) betting exchange. Puntex® handles all standard and special bet types to run a successful Internet P2P betting exchange.

48)   TurboCMS
TurboCMS is a content management system and is written in ASP that can be used to create and manage contents on the websites. This program is intended for chinese language.

49)   Access DUMP
It is an ASP based database driven software which has batch processing method with the help of line support for migrating the content of the MS Access database into the MSSQL server.

50)   WebChecker
WebChecker is a program that comes with the ability to verify the websites in a periodic interval. It verifies whether the internet connections https, http, ftp and ghopher are functioning properly or not.

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