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1-50 String & Variables (ASP) scripts (listed after popularity)

Scripts are listed afer popularity.       To display the scripts in alphabetical order please click here

1)   Manipulation of String
This String manipulation tutorial describes the basic and advanced functions in ASP strings. More useful for the ASP learners to understand the functions quickly but also easily.

2)   SPLIT String Function by Charles Carroll
From this ASP article, you can develop your knowledge in ASP/VBS string functions and this article explains the usage of SPLIT function to filter sub strings from a string.

3)   Passing Variables Between ASP Pages using POST
Passing several values from one web page to another page using ASP is clearly explained in this ASP study module where 'POST' method is described to perform the data transfer.

4)   Strings and Arrays
An ASP article that deals with string handling functions and describes how a string can be splitted to generate an array and tells the ways to filter a word from a sentence string.

5)   Variables, Values, and Arrays in VBScript
A clear explanation about arrays in VBScript is provided with this tutorial that teaches how it works together with ASP to handle single and multi-dimensional arrays in web applications.

6)   Dynamic Arrays Made Easy
The benefits and functions of dynamic array class to resize the arrays on the fly is given in detail in this ASP study material which is more useful for the developers in ASP.

7)   The Len() Function
How to calculate the length of the string is taught on this online ASP article and the provided example lets you grab the points on LEN() string function quickly and easily.

8)   Check a number is in a valid range
You will be capable of creating a number verification program for ASP applications by studying this online ASP learning source.

9)   Remove item from array
A smaller ASP article that assists you to delete an item from an array. Explains how to use DIM, ReDIM and PRESERVE function to remove a content in array.

10)   How To Parse Strings in ASP or VBScript
The string functions used to manipulate the data are taught through this ASP article that provides individual example for each function.

11)   Removing duplicates in a string list
Through this online ASP article, developers in ASP can create their own system to keep the string list with true data by eliminating the duplicate and fake strings.

12)   Variable Scope
This is a web based ASP learning source that teaches about the scope of variables such as local and global variables. Explains the limitations and usage of variable scope in JScript.

13)   Mid Function
It is very easy to understand the string functions through this ASP tutorial that particularly describes the Mid() Function in strings.

14)   Use Local Variables
This web based ASP article defines the benefits of local variables with sub-routines instead of using global variables. This article says that using local variables results in cleaner codes that are easy to debug.

15)   Exploring the Request Object
With the help GET and POST methods, the server variables can be passed to ASP pages / forms and this tutorial describes how to use Request variables to obtain information.

16)   Extract String
Extract String is a tutorial which is provided with a function that will be useful for the readers to eliminate substring’s occurrences in a string.

17)   Creating an Dynamic Array of Dictionary Objects
This ASP article deals with dynamic array for creating Dictionary Objects together with ASP which comes with sample source code.

18)   LTrim; RTrim; and Trim Functions
The needed string functions to seperate the first or last characters from a given text is explained with detailed description in this ASP tutorial.

19)   isAlpha for ASP
An useful tutorial for learners in ASP to learn the ways to generate an ASP program to check if a certain string has only alphabets.

20)   Generic Title Case
Converting a text sentence into title case using ASP can be learnt easily with the help of this online ASP learning source which demonstrates on how to do that.

21)   Reading a File into an Array
An useful tip on array functions is available for the ASP developers on this online ASP resource. Reading the text file contents and storing them into array is taught in detail.

22)   ASP FAQS : Convert the contents of an array into a string
Both the simple and complex way to convert the array elements into string values can be got from this ASP based string and array tutorial.

23)   Passing Variables from Page to Page
An ASP tutorial that educates you on how to send form values to another page with hidden fields. Gives more suggestions to access the hidden values without storing it.

24)   UBound Function
A smaller online ASP article from which the beginners in ASP programming can get detailed information about the benefits of UBound Function.

25)   How to Use Dictionary Object
This string functions are used to store the values given in a form with a dictionary Object which is clearly demonstrated through this online ASP tutorial.

26)   Using the QueryString
This web based ASP article helps the ASP developers to advance their knowledge about querystring - the ASP technique used in transmitting data between web pages / forms etc.,

27)   SQL string processing
A more easier way to send an array which contains the items seperated by comma into the SQL server can be acquired from this online ASP tutorial.

28)   ASP FAQS : Arrays
With this ASP article, ASP developers can gain more information about strings and arrays which lets them develop their string manipulation modules in ASP applications.

29)   Find an Element In an Array
The element in an array can be found using looping structure, the process is shown with a sample snippet in this online ASP tutorial.

30)   Encoding and decoding strings using the ROT13 method
This is a simple article that explains users in encoding and decoding a line of text using the ROT13 method. This is a very simple encoding method and does not encrypts the text and so cannot be used to encode sensitive informations like passwords etc.

31)   Trace your referrer
This smaller online ASP article will be more useful for novice programmers in ASP to track the statistics with referrer details in ASP pages.

32)   StrCat.Catter - An Efficient String Concatenation Component
This ASP tutorial eliminates the disadvantages with VBScript's concatenation process and provides you the StrCat.Catter component to join two text strings in ASP programs.

33)   ActiveX ByteArray object for ASP
Object to work with safearray binary data (bytearray) and string data in VBScript/ASP. Lets you read and write binary data from disk, convert the binary to a string/hexstring, Base64, codepage/charset (including Unicode/utf-8) and punycode/idn conversion

34)   Post binary data to URL from WSH/ASP/VBA/VBS
An ASP learning resource through which you can obtain the needed steps to transmit a binary coded documents to any server by several methods.

35)   Formating Numbers and Digits
How to format the numbers in a desired format can be learnt easily through this online ASP based string manipulation educational module.

36)   Arrays How To Part 1 : The Basics
The basic aspects of array module are taught in this ASP tutorial that tells about several ways to create array structure to store the unique type of values.

37)   Validation example string length
Verifying the length of given input can be performed using ASP and VBS string functions and this ASP tutorial provides the required functions within a sample snippet.

38)   Case Conversion
Case Conversion is a smaller ASP article using which the beginners in ASP will learn the ASP and VBS string functions to format text in desired case easily and quickly.

39)   Dynamic Arrays
Dynamic Arrays is a tutorial in which the author describes about declaring the array with the help of the Dim statement and passing the same into a parameter for determining the maximum number of items that the array can have.

40)   Filtering Arrays with Filter
It has an detail demonstration about filtering particular words in a single dimensional array using ASP snippet through VBScript array and string functions.

41)   How to get the server variables
All server variables that provide the details such as server software, browser type the user uses, and still lot of information can be gathered using ASP function which is explained in this ASP article.

42)   Create Convert Http strings into Clickable links
A web based string manipulation ASP tutorial with which you can convert the text string that contains the 'http' to hyperlink by using the ASP string functions.

43)   Four Ways to Send and Get Information
Four useful methods are demonstrated in this ASP article to pass information from one ASP or HTML page to other ASP page. Also, provides more information about session variables used to transmit data between ASP pages.

44)   Determine the position of a particular string in an Array
This array article in ASP shows a simple way to check if an item exists in an array and teaches how to retrive the position of an array element.

45)   Is Prime Function
How to find the prime numbers using string functions is elaborately explained on this web based ASP learning tool that tells their usage with encryption algorithms.

46)   Dividing a long string to "pages"
With the help of this online ASP tutorial, you will get the solutions to split a long string into pages. Comes with the source code that lets you learn the needed string functions easily.

47)   Beginner's Guide to Effective use of Arrays in ASP
A full featured online ASP tutorial that would be of great use for the novice programmers in ASP language who can develop their knowledge on arrays in ASP.

48)   Converting to upper and lower case
The several ways to implement the lower case and upper case functionalities in strings are taught in detail through this online ASP article.

49)   Arrays in plain English
This tutorial clearly explaians all the functions and usage of arrays. Defining arrays, storing values into it and outputting array items are some of the functions used to manipulate the text data which are taught in this online ASP tutorial.

50)   Unicode to punycode online decoder and encoder
An useful ASP tutorial that educates you to learn how to encode and decode data / URL online. More information are available for Unicode and Punycode.

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