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1-50 User Authentication (ASP) scripts (listed after popularity)

Scripts are listed afer popularity.       To display the scripts in alphabetical order please click here

1)   Force a User to Login to a Web Page
This is an ASP tutorial where the author discusses about how to validate the visitors username, password, and valid domain before they enter into the secured ASP pages.

2)   Login with sessions
It is an ASP authentication tutorial in which author decribes about how to protect the users websites by pass word protection system and how to manage this system through admin section.

3)   ScriptMate Secure
For any ASP site, ScriptMate Secure is a basic password protection system. ScriptMate Secure includes a web administration interface and comes with a access database.

4)   Log In System
This is a full-featured password protected login system. This application is basically an improvement to our Password Protection script.

5)   How To Use ASP to Retrieve Authentication Information About Web Users in IIS
This is an tutorial which helps the learners by providing various information about how to retrive user authentication information from IIS by using ASP application.

6)   Forgot Password Page
This is an ASP application through which users can send the forgotten username and password of the site visitors. This application collects the stored information of the visitors from the MS Access database.

7)   My ASP Page Lock
My ASP Page Lock is an easy and fast way to restrict access to any page in your site. Completely idiot proof, you should have no trouble installing and using it within a matter of minutes.

8)   Login Using Cookies
This is an article which will be helpful for those users whose sites are very busy. This artilce offers code by which users can construct login system through cookies.

9)   Creating a Database-Driven Login Page
It is a tutorial in which author provides various codes about login and tracking process which can be installed in the users website.

10)   Custom Security, Authentication #2
In this tutorial author offers various code to construct custom security in the users website through database. This source code can be utilized by the ASP programmers and webmasters.

11)   VideoGuard
You want to protect your valuable media contents from illicit users access ? VideoGuard is the solution for you. It is very easy to integrated the authentication of streaming media files with your existing web server, streaming services and database system.

12)   WebLogin PRO with Computer Activation KEY (ASP)
Several users using one and the same account? Hackers stealing and posting your passwords?

13)   Protecting pages with include files
It is an article in which author concentrates on how to authenticate site visitors of the users website by getting permission from the users. He offers various files to secure the users ASP pages.

14)   Registration Form
This is a web based article in which author gives few tips to generate registration form for their site vistors and stores the details about them in MS Access database.

15)   Password Protected Webs
iland's password protection software allows you to restrict access to specific pages on your website by simply including a line of ASP code to your web pages.

16)   PacLog
With Login system you can Password protect all or part of your site in less than ten minutes. This has a complete admin area and lost password retrieval via email. It is well documented and easy to follow setup instructions.

17)   Restricting Web Access by an IP Address
It is a web based aplication for authentication through which users can restrict the visitors to access the users website by validating visitors IP address.

18)   Website Membership & Password Protected Pages V 3.0
Website Membership & Password Protected Pages Application V 3.0 allows you to enhance your website by capturing user information on a Microsoft Access Database.

19)   Simple ASP Authentication System
This is an ASP article in which author discusses about various steps that have to be followed to secure the users ASP application. ASP programmers and webmasters can utilize this article for integrating user authentication on their websites.

20)   NetLogin ASP User Mgmt
NetLogin is an ASP based user management system for your website or intranet.

21)   asp password protection
asp password protection is an artcile which deals with password protection of webpages. Here author offers few codes in ASP for password protection which can be integrated into users website.

22)   Site Membership Script
This script will allow you to restrict access to some of your pages by allotting a password to your users. Users can join themselves via another page, or you may add them yourself.

23)   How to Integrate Login with a Master/Details Application
It is an ASP article in which author deals with how to generate login page and how to integrate this page along with the existing ASP application.

24)   Forgot password! Don't worry
This is an ASP script which helps to send forgotten password to the users through email with the help of CDONT's.

25)   Password Quality Checker
It is an ASP script which deals with the validation of the visitors password and provides codes to analyse how good the password is.

26)   Web-user Authentication for IIS
This is an tutorial in ASP through which users can gather knowledge about user authentication and what are all the steps involved in setting IIS authentication in the users website.

27)   Verify your members
This is an article in which author offers various steps to validate users and block visitors with fake email accounts.

28) Password Login Protection
This is an ASP and Access solution to password protect pages on your website. It allows you to add as many users and passwords as you would like with ease.

29)   ActiveX UserManager
ActiveX UserManager helps you to create, delete and manage user accounts, groups, servers and domains in the Windows NT environment. It also allows work with user accounts and groups from VBS/JS, ASP and T-SQL.

30)   Nutty Password
This is an ASP article which deals with password protection. Auhtor offers a code which uses file name as a user password and this code searches the current dirtectory in the server.

31)   Login Deluxe 2000
Login Deluxe 2000 is designed for password protection and is written in ASP and HTML. It is provided with administrative capabilities that can view, update, delete, and send MAIL to all users who sign up using the sign up form.

32)   ASP User Engine
ASP User Engine is a signup and login solution for you site.

33)   AspUser
AspUser is a complete user and permission management component. It supplies you with an object-oriented programming interface to NT user and group accounts as well as access control lists of files.

34)   Simple User Validation
It is a ASP script which helps the users by providing codes for them to generate login system in their website.

35)   Website Membership & Password Protected Pages
Website Membership & Password Protected Pages Application allows you to enhance your website by capturing user information on a Microsoft Access Database.

36)   I-Secure
I-Secure is a complete password protection component designed to secure any ASP page within your Internet or Intranet web site.

37)   I need to log a user's action
It is a collection of tips given by the author for user auhtentication on websites. In this article author describes how to create the login system on users website.

38)   Clarification on Random Numbers
This is an article in which the author gives detailed description of generating numbers with the help of random function. In this article author offers random syntax, random statement and various solutions for generating random numbers in the users website.

39)   Simple Password Protection
Simple Password Protection lets you password protect a single page or a series of pages.

40)   LoginNow
LoginNow is an ASP script that permits to log a user into the web site either by cookies or form data by validating UserName and password against a database.

41)   SiteSecurity
SiteSecurity allows user authentication and management for websites running on Internet Information Server (4.0+). SiteSecurity can also be used in along with SSL to transmit user credentials securely.

42)   CyberOffice Club
CyberOffice Club (CyberClub) is a universal, multi-purpose database-driven online membership module. It can work standalone or as an add-on to CyberShop or CyberBuild.

43)   Password
Password is a very simple password script that does not use any database.

44)   E-User
Simple free user management system created with dreamweaver MX. With a simple code you can convert your website into a members only site.

45)   Restricted Access - database authentication
This script allows you to filter unwanted visitors out of any ASP file in your web site. It does not allow unwanted users from viewing any part of your web site. This is done by using a database to authenticate the user names and passwords of authorized viewers.

46)   A Simplified Password Protection Tutorial (IDC)
It is an ASP tutorial in which the author concentrates on describing about various methods involved in constructing a security system in the users website.

47)   Random Password Function
It is an article in which author details about few functions that can be utilized while installing a password system in the users website to generate password for the site visitors.

48)   ASPLogin 2000
ASPLogin provides user authentication and management for Active Server Page (ASP) based web sites and applications. ASPLogin uses an ActiveX server component to automatically send users to a login page, and then checks their authentication information and document permissions from a database.

49)   ASP LaunchPaD
ASP LanuchPad allows you to have a global login system for your website, and protect any no. of pages on your website.

50)   PacLog w/Cookies
Description: This Login System uses cookies. Comes with admin area for adding and removing users.

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