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1-50 User Management (ASP) scripts (listed after popularity)

Scripts are listed afer popularity.       To display the scripts in alphabetical order please click here

1)   ASP User Manager
This is a script to manage "members", "visitors", "customers", or any other user types. If your existing site is .asp based you can also enable page level security.

2)   Free Frontpage Logon ASP script
Free Frontpage Logon ASP script is a program which permit the users to protect their frontpage developed websites by providing password. This program is useful for the system admins and the users.

3)   ASP Password-Protected Pages with Secure Login ASP script
ASP Password-Protected Pages with Secure Login ASP script is a program that enables webmasters to keep their files or folders in a secured manner.

4)   Member Area
Member Area is a membership system that acts as a gateway for the members or clients who wish to place orders and access contents on your website.

5)   Detecting disabled cookies
It is an article in which author describes about the method for detecting the disabled cookies of the site visitors web browsers.

6)   MembersPro
MembersPro is a program which permit the users to generate a password protected members division with security on their website. This program provide three levels of membership option to the users.

7)   Gold Membership.asp
Gold Membership.asp is a Flexible user management system that allows you to password protect individual pages and/or folders.

8)   ClanMan ASP Login
ClanMan ASP Login is a user management program where the user can secure their entire website. This program provides unlimited securities for the users websites.

9)   Profiles Database By Smo
The Profiles Database By Smo will allow users to maintain a profile on your web site. The profile can consist of work information, home information, personal information, custom form one (10 custom fields), custom form 2 (10 custom fields), and photo.

10)   Secure Login Manager
Secure Login Manager is a program where the users can access the password protected webpages on their website. This program avoids unauthorized access by the users on webpage.

11)   Session Based Login
It is an ASP article in which the author deals with methods involved to protect the users website by password. This article will be helpful for the developers and ASP programmers.

12)   User Management Module
User Management Module is Dreamweaver MX friendly. The files can be opened and edited using dreamweaver.

13)   NetLogin
NetLogin is an Active Server application that brings security and user management to your website. Possible usages include: To secure sensitive areas or individual pages, For membership websites, and General user management.

14)   MembersPro PayPal
Plug and Play membership script now supports 3 Levels of membership! Recurring subscriptions or one time 'lifetime' payment option. You can concentrate on getting clients and providing content while PayPal takes care of all the subscription payment transactions.(PayPal IPN enabled).

15)   Preventing Multi-User Concurrency Problems
It is an ASP article in which author discusses about various problems of multi-user concurency. In this article author gives various method to solve this problem.

16)   PmForumReg
PmForumReg was written to be used in an upcoming project called "PM Forums". As the name implies, this is a user-registration script. It allows adding, editing and deleting members with support for a variety of form-input types (like radio buttons, drop menus and date selects).

17)   Advanced Password Protection
Advanced Password Protection is a program which allows the users to protect their websites with passwords. The users account can expire by date.

18)   ActiveX Windows group and user account Manager
Contains simple objects for creating, deleting, managing and enumerating user accounts, groups, servers and domains. You can change any of the user or group properties. Works with VB/VBA (excel, word), IE, ASP, JS, VBS and T-SQL.

19)   Db Multi Level Protection w/ Free Newsletter
A system to protect your asp pages with four different level of access. Very customizable. Very easy to implement. Includes a web configuration utility. Plus you get a newsletter system free. The newsletter system uses a free componet - AspEmail.

20)   Determining if your Visitors have JavaScript and Cookies Enabled
This is an article which specifically concentrates on how to generate the login forms and how to allow those members enabled javascript and cookies.

21)   E-User Pro
Application with web based screens that allow you to easily manage users and their access. Any pages you want to protect simply need one server side include at the top of the page.

22)   D2 Sitelock
D2 sitelock is an ASP based complete user management system. Compiles statistics on your users site useage, IP's and types of browsers accessing your site. Multiple levels of security access, gives you complete control over your site security. Email a newsletter and more.

23)   Lookup Country by IP Address
The script allows you to lookup the country of the user by using his/her IP address.

24)   Cookies with Keys
It is an article in which author discribes about how to generate a cookie inorder to store informations of multiple users. Here are few examples and various keys that can be used by the users to execute the above said process.

25)   AspID Password system
AspID Password system is a program where the webmasters can have control over users entries into a certain webpages. This program uses MS Access as database.

26)   Simple Browser Detection
It is an article in which author offers some useful tips for the webmasters to retrieve the information of users browser.

27)   iSimpleAuth
iSimpleAuth is a filter which allows the users to protect their members directory within IIS server. This program permits the user to access their members directory by setting cookie to a determined value.

28)   Padlock Web Site
Padlock website is a program which permit the users to securely get registered with your website to access protected areas of the site. This is efficient and cost effective security application.

29)   eUser
eUser is a user management program which helps the users to alter their website as a members only site. This program allows the users to update their profile.

30)   COM Based IIS Authentication-with AuthentiX
It is an article which deals with the Authentication of users website or webpages. In this article author concentrates about how to provide password protection in the users website. This article will be helpful for the webmasters and ASP programmers.

31)   Write cookies
It is an tutorial through which users can get information about what are cookies and how the browser store the information of the loaded page in the server with the help of cookies.

32)   AJLogin
AJLogin allows users to register for membership to your website and then login. By putting a simple file include at the top of any ASP page you want protected, you can deny access to that page if the person is not a registered member and is logged in.

33)   Spider Catching in ASP
It is an article in which author deals with advanced content cloaking algoritham. This article will be helpful for the ASP programmers for providing spider catching in their ASP pages to get listed in more search engines.

34)   Intranet App
This script is helpful for small and large organizations to manage their company employees and their firms events and discussion forms through intranet.

35)   Redirect User
It is a simple tutorial through which users can learn to redirect their site visitors from one page to another page.

36)   Storing Non-Durable Data for Cookie-less Sessions
Storing Non-Durable Data for Cookie-less Sessions is an article in which author discusses about how to track the activities of the users and to store the information of the users without using cookies.

37)   User Engine Lite
User Engine Lite is a user authentication program that stores usernames and passwords in a MS Access database before allowing the users to access their website.

38)   SubscriptiX
SubscriptiX is a program which permit the users to access secured webpages by subscribing the admin using credit card. The users can make their website as a business site through this program.

39)   Password Manager for IIS
Password Manager for IIS is a program which permit the users to modify their windows passwords through a web based interface. This program is capable of working with any browser.

40)   Chocolate Chip Cookies
This is a tutorial in which author concentrates on explaining about what are cookies, how can the users can write cookies, read cookies, how to track the cookie path and how to set the expire date of the cookies.

41)   IP Address Filtering and Restriction System
It is an article in ASP in which author gives detailed description about IP address filtering and restriction system. In this article author discusses about the features, installation instruction, version information, etc regards with IP address filtering.

42)   Subscription kit
This is an ASP based program that helps users and webmasters to put a user subscription facility on their website. Subscriptioning could be for an online journal, newsletter or any other purpose, this program helps to manage subscribed users effeciently.

43)   ASP Tip : Cookie Security
This is a tutorial which deals with how to secure the cookies that have been created in the site visitors computers. Here there are few discussion about why you have to secure the ASP cookies and what are the method you have to take to secure the cookies in your site.

44)   IISGate
IISGate is a program which allows the users to access and mange their websites. The users can perform validation process through window and cookie based authentication.

45)   Enabling Client Updates
It is an ASP article in which author gives few tips for the users to enable the visitors to update their information to the database or to text file.

46)   SecurityMaster
SecurityMaster is a program which helps the developers to administer, maintain and protect web based programs using centralized control.

47)   How To Use Cookies in an ASP Page
This is an article that specifically deals with how to retrieve and store data of the site visitors through cookies from the ASP pages.

48)   Making a Cookie with ASP
It is an article which discusses about how to generate cookie with the help of the code that the author offers in this article using ASP application. This article is very useful for the ASP programmers.

49)   To delete an existing cookie
This is an FAQ in cookies in which author concentrates on answering various questions related to how to delete existing cookies.

50)   Login Management
This is a session-based Login System. You can log in and run around all the protected area until you close the browser.

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