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1-50 Web Traffic Analysis (ASP) scripts (listed after popularity)

Scripts are listed afer popularity.       To display the scripts in alphabetical order please click here

1)   Open Tracker
Open Tracker is an online tracker that allows webmasters to view their websites regular traffic report. It tracks unique visitor and their entire information.

2)   ASP Hyperlink Tracker
ASP Hyperlink Tracker is an online tracking tool used to track the website. It gives reports of the hosted website on clickthroughs. It gives real time report of the website accurately.

3)   ASP Count Active Users Script
This tutorial is basically for the web developers which gives them several tips about how to find active users on their website and count them. This article has given code snippets for the users.

4)   VU Visitor
This is a web traffic analyser program which is used for tracking the website and to display the reports about the site visitors on the screen and it requires no database.

5)   Implementing a Statistics Server with ASP
This site is for the webmasters that guides them for making their site statistics reporter on their web page to track and view their sites regular traffic report.

6)   IpLookUp
IpLookUp is an advanced Active Server Component that enables you to resolve IP addresses to a visitor's City, State & Country.

7)   404 ASP Tracker
This script is used for tracking the 404 page. Webmasters can use this script on their website to count how many error pages found in the website and report it to the administrator.

8)   w3 Hitcount
w3 Hitcount keeps track on the number of visitors per day, number of visitors coming back, which OS and web browser they use.

9)   ASP Flash Counter
This script is helpful for the webmasters to count their website visitors hit report like, number of visitors online , who have visited before etc., and those reports are displayed in flash animated form.

10)   Count Click Throughs (Without a DB)
From this tutorial the web developers can get some clearance about how to generate and to use a click throughs on their website. It has given three examples with sample codes.

11)   Web Stream
Web Stream is a website tracker which monitors the website and gives real time track report. This tool also protects the website and their properties.

12)   Hit Counter for ASP using Session
This is an useful section for the webmasters to read and to get guidance for generating a powerful session based hit counter on their own website.

13)   ASP Application: Site Statistics
This tutorial is helpful for every webmaster which guides them to create their own web traffic analysing program. It helps them to view their sites web traffic report.

14)   Hits Link
Hits Link is a counter tool which is used on the website by the web owners to monitor their websites regular track report and also it can analyse the visitors behaviour.

15)   Textfile hit counter
This section is for the webmasters to refer and to get ideas about coding in ASP for generating hit counter on their website.

16)   NedStat Pro
Nedstat Pro is a website counter which is used for analyzing the website traffic and provides the report. It tracks their site and site visitors information.

17)   Smart Referrer
Give those important pages of your site individual attention (e.g. those you have been promoting recently). Smart Referrer is a compact product that consists of only one optimized ASP page for all funtions including administration panel, comprehensive reports and help section.

18)   MetaTraffic
MetaTraffic is a web statistics application that logs activity on your web site and generates live traffic reports.

19)   Tracking and Reporting 404 Error
This tutorial is helpful for the users that gives them information about website tracking and reporting. Webmasters can learn easily and use this script on their webpage for tracking their 404 error page.

20)   Amstats
Amstats is an ASP based script which is used for tracking the website traffic accurately and regularly and gives the entire report up to date about the web users in statistical mode. It also transmits the information to mobile WAP systems.

If the web developers or learners wish to know about the main responsibilities of Active Users they can refer this page. It teaches and helps them to generate their own web traffic analysis tool on their web page.

22)   SiteLog
Professional and affordable Website statistics and traffic analysis tool. Access your statistics from anywhere, anytime. All your statistics are compiled and presented in a very nice, and easy-to-use, standard web interface.

23)   Calculate the webpage loading time
This article is basically for the webmasters which allows them to refer about how to create their own application to calculate the loading speed of their ASP pages.

24)   Server Variables
This is an online tutorial that helps the webmasters to know about the functions of server variables and it allows them to track web users server variables.

25)   CrazyBeavers Hitcounter
CrazyBeavers Hitcounter is a program based on ASP with which webmasters can obtain a website counter for website analysis.

26)   DPL-WebTracker
DPL- Web Tracker script is developed in ASP which can be used by private firms to manage their companies internet usage and it provides real time picture of every employees internet usage.

27)   Total Hits with Database
This is an article through which the learners can read and know easily about the main functionalities and create a hit counter on their websites. This is a text file based counter program.

28)   Displaying Real Time Statistics on your Web Site
This site provides several tips about the functionalities of website traffic analysis. Small hints has been provided to help the learners to understand about the usage of this script.

29)   CodeAve's Daily Hit Counter
This article gives instruction about the generation of Daily Hit counter on the website. Webmasters can refer this article and get help for their hit counter development.

30) - Product tracking
This tool is used for tracking the product and it helps webmasters to get the information about which product is selling good and also it helps them to receive feed back from the site customers.

31)   WebTracker Gold
A Web site statistics program. Features: configurable DSN name; ability to personalize the web tracking panel; No limits on shown data, you can configure the amount of entries you like to see displayed.

32)   ActiveX/ASP Logging system
Hi-performance text file logging for ASP/VBS/VBA applications. Lets you create daily/weekly/monthly log files with variable number of logged values and extra timing and performance info.

33)   Click Tracker
Click tracker is a simple website tracker which is built in ASP program. It tracks number of visitors currently online and whoever visited earlier, clicks to products on your website etc.,

34)   Log Analyser
This tool is used for analysing the websites regular traffic and also it tracks the visitors information and displays those information on the screen in a graphical mode.

35)   ScreenRes
ScreenRes is an ASP script that allows you to check and analyze the screen resolution of your visitors. It writes the results to a text file. So you don't need a database.

36)   dbHitMe Site traffic logger
dbHitMe Site traffic logger is an article that discusses about generating a hit counter for better website anlysis.

37)   Simple Page Counter
This article offers an ASP based code snippets for the web developers by which they can create a simple page counter on their website.

38)   Loki Counter
Loki counter is a simple online counter which counts number of visitors visited your website and who is online at present. Its easy and simple to work.

39)   Hit-O-Meter
This is an website tracker that allows web owners to track and view their website traffic report perfectly on their website in a statistical mode. It tracks complete information about the site visitor.

40)   Sessions
This articles gives detailed information about how to generate session counter. It tracks visitors entry and visitors exit from the website.

41)   NedStat Basic
This script is helpful for the webmasters to view their sites regular track report and their sites visitors information. This script is basically built in ASP.

42)   Teraway LinkTracker
Teraway LinkTracker is a program based on ASP that comes with the ability to track the entire links, banners and purchases on a website. This powerful program can be also used to track site affiliates, email campaigns, refferals and site visitors.

43)   Website File System Report
This tutorial helps the web developers to find the solution about how to generate a website file system report on their website. It gives them clear guidance in step by step method.

44)   Power-Stats
Power-Stats is a program built on ASP that is capable of tracking and reporting real time visitors on the websites. This will be useful for the webmasters to gather their website statistics.

45)   State & Session Management COM Intro
This article gives introduction about state and session management with COM layer. It gives several followups in four different stages and also it describes about both merits and demerits of such function.

46)   Seeing current connections
This is a tutorial for reading and for knowing about whois currently connected with the website. Webmasters can use this for their reference.

47)   XAgent (browser detection)
XAgent is a set of ASP scripts to perform browser, crawler and plugin detection on web site visitors.

48)   Page Counter Component
When the webmaster want to clarify and need guidance for making their own web page counter on their website this tutorial really helps them for such kind.

49)   Simple Site Rating System
This script is used for rating the website and the reports are displayed like bar graph. It displays records in four tables like, grade, category, rating and CategoryGradeDesc.

50)   Real Tracker
Real Tracker is a website counter script used for counting total number of visitors ever visited the website and their system information. This tool is helpful for the webmasters to view their sites track report.

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